Bugs bite. And so does Johnny if you’re not careful.

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Gyro and Johnny are voiced by me.

RTÉ Ireland: Were you ever offered any more film work after your scene-stealing cameo in Cameron Crowe’s Singles?

Tad Doyle: I auditioned for a snow plough truck driver for the TV series Twin Peaks. I didn’t get the part. I did, however, get to do a milk commercial where I talked about different cuts of meat for a New Zealand dairy company whose name slips my mind.

Well this is a breath of fresh air.

Prepping to audition for a supporting character in a legal drama pilot which I thought was sort of cliche until I realized that the cool, level-headed, wicked-smart, powerful head of the firm is a transgender character and they are only auditioning actors who are actually transgender for that role. I kinda really, really want to be a part of this one. It’s been a long time since I auditioned for a project that I would actually be proud to put on my resume. Either way, hope it gets picked up. I’d watch it.


Bloopers and behind the scenes goofs from the second four episodes of End Times, season 2!




To date, the 1983 Oscars has been one of much debate, especially when it came down to the winning actresses. Meryl Streep was nominated for Best Actress for her role as Sophie in the heart wrenching holocaust drama, ‘Sophies Choice’, and Jessica Lange was nominated in the same category for her powerhouse performance as Frances Farmer in the drama, ‘Frances’. 

Both performances were groundbreaking, and to this day many people believed that they changed the world of cinema as many critics has never came across such defying performances. Streep went home with the Best Actress Oscar, many applauding and agreeing with the decision, but also many people believe that this was the wrong decision. Many believe the Oscar should have went to Lange, and some believe it should have been a tie like there was with Barbara Streisand and Katherine Hepburn in 1968.

Lange was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress on the same night for her role in the comedy drama, ‘Tootsie’. She walked home with the prize, and people think that this was a token of the Academys gratitude as they wanted to give her some sort of recognition for her acting that night.

"When they call her (Lange’s) name for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Tootsie’, there’s a sort of bittersweet moment. She was grateful and very happy about it, but we think she knew she wasn’t going to walk away with the big prize that night."