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D18 (Dino x Hibari)
Yoreki (Yogi x Gareki)
Shizaya (Shizuo x Izaya)
Rinharu (sharkbait)
Nezushi (Nezumi x Shion)
Yullen (Kanda x Allen)
Lucky (Tyki x Lavi)
Palletshipping and Originalshipping (Gary x Ash and Green x Red)
Soulsilvershipping (Silver x Lyra)
Krazyshipping (Meowth x pikachu)
Actaeonshipping (Dusknoir x Grovyle)
Tsubaki x Azusa
Fiolee (Marshall Lee x Fionna)
Finnceline (Marceline X Finn)
Gumlee (Marshall Lee X Prince Gumball)
Finnshall (Marshall Lee X Finn
Kyman (Cartman x Kyle
Crenny (Kenny x Craig)
Stenny (Kenny x Stan)
Tohru x Natsuno
Yamato Hotsuin x Hibiki Kuze x Alcor

sometimes I think about my pmd otp and I just sigh because of how perfect it is but also cry because it conflicts with my other favorite pmd ship

then I remember the nonexistant fanbase for it is because of the primary reasoning behind why the ship is never considered 

and I understand smut related things but when you think about it the two never really hated each other they just got frustrated and had entirely different goals and if anything were more rivals than dire enemies

whenever grovyle would talk about dusknoir he would always refer to him as powerful and the output of primal dialga’s corruption and was wary of him of course but never spoke about him in disgust until they were actually together

and even THEN he was only outwardly subtley defiant towards him and only told him to shut up like once and understood dusknoir’s pain and lord jesus help me I’ve fallen