Lime Green opal anyone? Fresh vertical labret by Jose @adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo with #acsteel curved barbell with #anatometal 4mm lime green opal threaded ends. @raelynnransom thanks again for always coming in.
All other piercings were NOT at Adornment or by Jose.
Jewelry in pre existing piercings was purchased @adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo. We have #neometal jewelry in all other piercings. #adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo #legitbodyjewelry #palmsprings

Healed septum and surface anchor pierced by Jose Tallon at @adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo on our great client @cindylovescash. Thanks for always coming to us Cindy :D #acsteel circular barbell in her septum and @industrialstrength anchor base and 4mm clear cz threaded end in the center of her chest. #adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo #industrialstrength #safepiercing #palmsprings #girlswithpiercings

Ok so im done with BMS but still need safe APP approved jewelry at a lower cost then other companies for my clients that just do not have the money to save. there is no reason why they shouldnt be able to get great piercings with safe jewelry. so to my clients we have #acsteel body jewelry that starts at 45$ for basic piercing but only with high polish beads (steel ball) if you want the gem or opal ends (fancy jewelry) you will have to buy #neometal #anatometal #industrialstrength titanium jewelry at #adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo (760)565-2267 
@adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo is now a fully #internallythreaded and #threadless piercing/tattoo establishment :D Always trying to step it up, and that much closer to that APP membership!! #cantstopwontstop #adornmentpiercingprivatetattoo #josetallon #ilovemyjob #wecareaboutourclients

Autoclave set up for a Labret piercing 1. Gauze for sterile drape 2. Q-tip for outer skin prep. 3. 14ga needle from @isneedles #sharpassneedles 4. Internally threaded three piece labret jewelry (shown #acsteel also use #anatometal or @industrialstrength) this is how my set up looks for a Labret piercing #researchyourpiercer remember I autoclave all jewelry just before I pierce you. #Douglasville #Georgia #atlanta (at Big Time Custom Tattoo)

Tongue piercing set up. Needle from @isneedles jewelry from #ACSteel dental bib is just a dust cover sterilization packages hold jewelry and needle until it’s used.