Bazen gözüme birini kestiyorum, diyorum ki aha aynı ben, bu beni anlar diyorum, tanımaya kalmadan gidiyor, neden? Neden kaçar insanlar doğru olandan, gidip neden seçer en gereksizini ve neden bu kadar üzülüyorum her şeye, neyse bilmesem daha iyi, bilmek acı çektirir insana, cahillerdir mutlu olan.


The two idiots on the sides are Shane’s oc, guy in the middle is mine.

Had to really work on him, I’ve had him for the past few years and he’s been such a bitch to develope but I’m starting to like him the more and more I work on him.

Ian, Ace, Noel.

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I had a conversation with a guy the other day about his thoughts on lgbtqa, and he was like "oh yea, I'm the A in that!" And I was like no way you're asexual that's awesome! And he was like "oh no, I'm an Ally!" And I said "oh well cool, but we kinda like the A to stand for asexual, so they get some sort of recognition." And he was like "yea, but I like it to stand for Ally, since I'm a part of it too." 😑😑😑 like no. You can support, but you really aren't a part of this...

allies are ridiculous lmfao. the A stands for ace/aro spectrum people not for non-intersex cis str8ies who want to feel ~included~



Assassins (and a templar) kindergarten AU ! 

drag a character and see what you get ~

best friend -
teacher -
share lunch with -
enemy -
steals your crayon -
picks on you -
play with -
crush - 
cry baby -

It is so unpleasant to feel bad about oneself, that guilt becomes a motivator to look away from injustice, to avoid questions of morality. We feel so bad about ourselves when we think about the injustices and tragedies to which we are likely to be contributing to with our actions or omissions that we prefer not to think about it, and distract our attention with more pleasant matters. In morality, there are few obstacles so difficult to tackle as actively wanting to ignore injustice. Guilt makes people associate morality with negative emotions, and these do not draw us closer to ethical behaviour, they distance us from it. If we associate everything that has to do with ethics with negative emotions, it is not surprising that so many people seem to feel aversion to any speech or argument that mentions ethics. Morality can be pleasurable, it can draw us closer to others, and it can contribute to having a more meaningful and happy life, but for this to be possible we must learn how to enjoy it, and feeling bad about ourselves will not help.