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// S E T T L E D O W N - C O V E R //

omg okay I don’t know why I decided to film myself this time but my facial expressions are terrible don’t look at me. 
I’m sitting in my bathroom hehe. 
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this song is called I’m Sick and I really hope you like it


New Toy Alert!  

Actually this is more of a “mini” New Toy Alert.  :D 

I picked up this tiny and inexpensive new Epiphone Casino Coupé today.  I am leaving on holiday shortly and this lovely little P-90-equipped 5 pound hollow body will be perfect for the road…no amp required (which means I PROBABLY won’t get thrown out of my hotel room due to noise complaints this time)!  More to come on this cute little Epi…

In photo #1 you can also see that I bought my reading material for the evening - it’s a history of Gibson flat top acoustics, of which I know almost nothing.  And that lovely leather strap, made for Folkway Music of Waterloo Canada, is currently holding up my 1961 Les Paul SG Junior.


Carnivores Tour- Tinley Park

I nearly died…


My cover of We’re Fighting Again by Flatsound

Its relatively close to the original but for some reason I can never stick to the tune properly so um yeah. I hope y’all like this and stuff

please ignore my weird little laugh at the end i don’t know what that was

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I don’t want to be here anymore acoustic (National Post Session)