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// S E T T L E D O W N - C O V E R //

omg okay I don’t know why I decided to film myself this time but my facial expressions are terrible don’t look at me. 
I’m sitting in my bathroom hehe. 
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You know that feeling you get when you torture yourself because you’re not doing anything creative, even though you’re an ARTIST and making art is your lifeblood, what keeps you going, and you feel like ripping your own skin off?

 Finally, a new song! This one isn’t a fansong - I usually don’t post my non-fansongs on here, so count this as a special treat. Hope you enjoy.

Stand by your easel, paintbrush in hand
and stare into the deep sea of white
the greenhouse is cluttered, there’s nowhere to stand
and the colors are dripping, and growing to plants
and the windows are fogged with the heat of the moment
so don’t hesitate – if you do, you will lose it
and you stare, and you stare, and you stare, and you stare
to the beat of the clock that is ticking there.

Paint with the blood of the days gone by, paint with the blood of the days.

Stare at your notebook, a page new and crisp
and as blank as a stagnating mind.
Your pen is a fairy to grant you one wish
but the words keep repeating, “You’re better than this,”
and your hand is shaking with unrested eyesight
and you’re bending the spine that you use to stay upright
and you care and you care and you care and you care
too much to see the words that are written there.

Write with the tears of the time you’ve lost, write with the tears of the time.

Hold your guitar like a promise to keep
and wait for the strings to break.
A sweet lullaby – now you’re falling asleep
which is not all that different from staying awake
and you’re soon woken up by the dream of the moment
but you hesitated and now you have lost it
and you stare and you stare and you stare and you stare
into the past to see what you’re missing there.

Play with the guilt of a wistful sigh, play with the guilt of a sigh…
and watch your inkwell run dry.

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love u ok


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I don’t want to be here anymore acoustic (National Post Session)