[RECOMMENDED SHOW] Finally, this show is here!(!!) Parafora Presents & Tiny Waves are so far two-for-two on their collab showcases. With Memoryhouse, Emily Reo, Maximino, and newly discovered Orlando-based; Acoqui all in one night, you really can’t go wrong. Hope everyone makes it out tonight! It should be packed at Will’s Pub. [Facebook Event]

mp3//Memoryhouse — Nightswimming

mp3//Maximino — Stable Minds Awry

mp3//Emily Reo — Paper Books

Digimixtape 11


1. Canned Heat - Poor Moon
2. Rolling Stones - Surprise, Surprise
3. Lotus Plaza - Where I’m Going
4. Atlas Sound - Praying Man
5. Happy End - Natsu Nandesu
6. Jerry Williams - If You Ask Me (Because I Love You)
7. Zoo Kid - Out Getting Ribs
8. The Byrds - Artificial Energy
9. Deerhunter - Cum Horizon
10. Daughters of Eve - Hey Lover
11. Broadcast - Echo’s Answer


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Charles Bergquist's High Speed Real 2011 shot at 2000fps. Simply amazing.



Acoqui is the solo moniker for Alberto Coquí (Viernes, Young Brother). He uses loops to explore instruments, compositions and ideas. What I enjoy about Acoqui is his willingness to explore these ideas. While sometimes I wish these excerpts were to be fleshed out, he seems to be enjoying making music for the sake of exploration. 

Mash Beat (Idea) by Acoqui

Bone Folder (Demo Idea) by Acoqui

photo: Synchrodogs

2 Videos from My First Solo Show

…sorry for the poor image quality (dark, intimate, candlelit set) but the audio quality is pretty good.  Headphones deep and 720p are recommended.

"Adults, Puppets"


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…a song/video from the last Father Figure reunion show.

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💀 #acoqui

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new idea, first take, real quick, could be cool

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couldn’t sleep the other night, wrote and recorded this song idea in like 15 minutes, put on headphones if you wanna
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With sweetness comes suffering.  I won’t rest ‘til I can’t breathe.  I can’t breathe with you looking at me.

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…holy shit this song just blew me away, all 9 minutes of it.  Stoked for my friend Brian Foote (who I plan on recording my solo record with this year)  He has worked with two of my favorite artists Atlas Sound and Lotus Plaza, and is releasing this special 10” for the latter on his label, Audraglint.  Pre-order it HERE.

Watch on acoqui.tumblr.com

💀 #acoqui #studioteasers

Watch on acoqui.tumblr.com

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