Costco Get Together with CeruleanTrafficLights

Us after we finally got together to exchange gifts. Monocles were a-showing! 

Then, Ceri went to Shampoodle to get a new ‘do’, and a quick visit to MugenKao’s museum as a follow up, but suddenly….

DAT RUMP (This is when people started staring at us in Costco, note to self, don’t exclaim “Dat rump” in public (-_-;))

Then this happened after coming out of Nook’s Homes. I came out to see her, and she came in to see me, but it didn’t really work out.


After that, we went diving, but that is when the invisible jellyfish started to attack.



But karma was out to get me…

Then I started to go on a 8onking rampage >:D

After that, we had a pondering session with our dear monocles.

And then we went back to my place.

Well that was fun!


Got this cool sweets door, derped around a little bit, went to the Island, went to some towns. Pretty boring and usual.

Diary Days are from the PREVIOUS day.

i love my mother. she’s the best thing ever. she’s the one that’s taught me to always dream. the one who’s always had my back and believed in me. even when people would manipulate her to tell me to live the normal life because it’s safe, she would tell them that she’d rather have me be myself and reach as far as possible.

i’ve watched her struggle through so much. working different jobs. dealing with abusive relationships. bouncing from projects to projects all over boston with four children. before that she lived in the slums of Dominican Republic and now she has bought her own house and a very good job. 

i love her so much. i want to give her more than she has ever given me, because she deserves it. and she’s gonna get it. 

love you mother!