Grumpy is kind of a jerk sometimes. Sometimes he is not the nicest guy, the way he says things but because it’s because he has a broken heart you accept it. YOU KNOW THAT HE IS CRANKY, YOU KNOW, BECAUSE HE LOST AMY ACKER TO PERSON OF INTEREST.

Lee Arenberg about why his character on Once Upon a Time is still loved when Grumpy sometimes is a jerk.

I completely agree with his reasoning… I would be pissed too if I had Amy Acker as my love interest and then she was gone xp

As a fan though… Sorry but thank god she is now on Person of Interest… ROOT AND SHAW!!!

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itinerantpoet asked:

amy acker played fred burkle on Angel: The Series and is now on Person Of Interest. she also did a Much Ado About Nothing adaption and a bunch of other stuff, but those are her biggest roles that i know offhand. tho checking imdb, she's done a lot of other stuff, including 3 eps of Wishbone which i now vaguely remember.