just wanna give a bigshout out to all my followers regardless if we talk or not, happy thanksgiving to you and your fams..hope your spending this day with people you love and cherish <3 

also just wanna take a quick minute to say what im thankful for : my family, friends, my bf, health, and making it to senior year & graduation in june..i have alot of support in my life, so many people genuinely happy for me & pushing me to graduate and making my dreams of becoming a doctor a reality..

everyday im thankful, just expressing it a little more on this day since this is the designated day lol 

but umm if you feel like you don’t have anything to be thankful thankful that your still alive..that you can wake up each morning and breath, and move about, that you have all your arms and legs cause some ppl in this world dont even have that..

just a reminder to count your matter how small <3