Mwa ahahahaha...

So fucking happy.

Running is one of the very few things that make me happy lately! Everyone was right, it is like therapy. Goddamn awesome free therapy.

So my first time running 5k last weekend, I did it in 32 minutes. The second time on Tuesday, 31 minutes. 

Today’s only goal, to be third time lucky and do it in under 30 minutes.


I have no idea how. I guess I just fucking legged it. I’M SO HAPPY!


So for those of you who are taking an online class, you’ll know it can either be 1. really easy, or 2. really hard. Here’s a few times to make even the most difficult online class easy - although it will still be time consuming (sorry!)

1. Don’t Leave it Until The End: Since you don’t have a physical class to go to, it can be hard to schedule your 2 to 5 hours a day to do your class, and stick to it. This causes a lot of people to put off the studying, or wait a few days before starting – DON’T. The only thing this will do is make you more stressed later for no good reason. 

2. Schedule Your Time Ahead of Time: When your teacher posts the syllabus, look through it, look through your textbook chapters, and look through the age lengths and topics. Are they topics that should be easy for you,? Are they ones that might take more research? Are the chapters only 10 pages, or are they 40? These are all things to consider when allowing time for each module/lesson. Plan your time ahead of the class starting, and give yourself the doubt that things will take longer than told. That way you don’t end up in the middle without having time. If possible, allow yourself a set time, on set days : Ex: 3-4pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and stick to it.

3. Make A Schedule of Your Assignments: These two get separate points because they’re equally important. Make a schedule of your assignments and due dates. It can be easy to forget to do an assignment, or when an essay is due, or hell even that you have an essay due!! Make a schedule and a timetable for when they’re due, and time you’ll spend working on them. AGAIN, overestimate time needed! Put the list somewhere you’ll look frequently - it will substitute for your professor mentioning things in class reminding you to do it that night! 

4. Connect With Your Professors: Your teachers are not scary, they’re there to help. Even if you don’t see your teacher in class every day, they are still there for you to ask questions, clarify concepts, get help, and be as helpful as possible. Make use of them - they get paid to do this and help you succeed. 

5. Stay Organized: As in every class, organization is always an asset. Keeping your notes in order, your books in order, and your time scheduled will keep you on track. Not only will it save you study time now and later, it’s proven an organized space helps keep you motivated - so go organize some stuff! 

6. Break Things Down: As we’re always told, breaking tasks down into smaller, more achievable, goals really does help get things done. Say you have a test, break down studying from “study for test” to “study chapter 3″ or to “learn ___ concept”…. this may at first look like “more” to do, but really it’s the same amount. It will seem less overwhelming and you’ll get a wonderful feeling getting things done and checking them off along the way! 

7. Find a Method That Works For You! As far as notes organization, find a method that works for you. Whether it’s using the Cornell System, Mind Mapping, or Outlines… Do one, or many, that work best for you. This may take a while to figure out, so explore, but online classes are great for this because they require a lot of notes. 

7a. Decide Media of Notes: You can choose to do notes online, by voice recorder, hand written, or otherwise. .here’s some resources for good technology tools: Online:

 Dropbox for note storage

Evernote for online and offline note organization

Ubernote for basic web-based notes

Offline on Tablet:

Notibility or Notes Plus

7. Have Fun! This one can be easily forgotten when you’re stressed with multiple classes,  or tight deadlines. Really, it’s one class, don’t let it take over your whole life - you deserve to be happy and have fun as well. If you’re not happy and having fun with what you’re studying/doing, you won’t do well 

Don’t be a chicken baby, let me see your peacock…💞💞

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