#Windows8.1 on #AcerS7 2013 is a Winner

Acer combines style and quality with fabulous features. The company has outdone itself with the new Acer S7 2013 version. It has everything a user could appreciate in earlier models and more.

How it Looks

The Acer Ultrabook is both stylish and functional in its design. It is lightweight so you don’t mind carrying it around with you. Plus, it feels durable, which is a hard combination to create. Not only that, but certain features have been included to make sure it continues to look this good even with regular use. For instance, it is resistant to scratches and fingerprints, which keeps it looking like new.

The corners are curved and edges are blunt, making it comfortable in your hand. Acer knows first impressions are important, and it has done a great job making you feel like you’re getting a top-of-the-line product right away.


One of the biggest improvements on the new S7 is the touchpad. Now, you can pinch and zoom with it and use the regular gestures for Windows 8. It has also improved its single-finger navigation.

Another feature that will appreciated by all kinds of users is the quality of the screen. Not only does it have a full HD screen with 1080p, but it allows you to enjoy the full colors at all angles. It doesn’t matter if you are looking from the side or if the screen is tipped forward or backward, you’ll still enjoy the full saturation. This is great regardless of whether you are watching videos or reading documents.

The improvements don’t just stop at the cool features but continues on into the heart of the machine. The write speed has improved considerably over earlier models with the solid state drive. Read speeds have also gotten faster with this new model. Everything you do seems to move along at lightning speed, such as launching apps and switching between them, and managing other tasks.

Battery Life

As with all portable devices, battery life is a primary concern for many users. The Acer doesn’t surpass every other laptop, but it has improved over previous models and is certainly a solid feature on the S7. It provides over seven hours of video playback, which is the most taxing of uses. This means that the seven hours is the minimum you can expect and with regular use, you can enjoy it all day.

There are two models of this device. One is the entry-level choice with plenty of features for the average personal user and costs $1,450. The higher-end model is priced slightly higher at $1,700 and features a slightly better processor and more storage. Otherwise, the specs stay the same. Either option is a solid choice for someone who is looking for a fast, lightweight Ultrabook that provides what they need for everyday tasks.

The new Acer S7 2013 model is what the other brands wish they could be. It offers style without sacrificing functionality and makes a great laptop for work or play.