This guy gets some mad props for his cosplay.  I mean, come on, The Brave Little Toaster complete with every main character?!  And they all look super awesome!  Seriously thought this dude did a great job.  

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My mom heard about Dramatical Murder from the Acen facebook page because someone was posting about it, so she comes into my room and she sees that im lookin at Dramatical Murder art(luckily not the porn ones) and shes like “Oh i know that” my heart fucking stopped. I THOUGHT SHE KNEW I WAS PLAYING A BL PORN GAME. Then shes like “a guy on the Acen page said it was like the x-men of anime” so i’m just like “YUP EXACTLY WHAT THAT IS”she can believe whatever she wants as long as she doesnt find out its gay porn


Attack on Titan at ACEN 2014

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Mikasa/Ilse/Armin/Levi/Eren/Titan Eren?/

Marco/Jean/Irvin?/ Reiner/ Keith?

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