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♥ ziall (ace stuff yayyyy!)

same anon same :’))

ziall ♥: reacting to the other one crying about something

consider this an ambiguous grungy local venue au. written to sunray by rosie brown. alSO i’m so sorry but this came out having like v little, outside personal headcanon, to do at all with ace stuff????/ the hell

tw for anxiety, mentions of panic attacks, ot5 infighting, angst. iM SORRY


Zayn finds him out the back alley, afterwards.

November has settled in for good and when he breathes in too deep, it’s a knife to the chest. The cig butts on the ground out here have a coating of frost, like a children’s hols advert against the dangers of lighting up. It’s pretty, in a dirty plastic kinda way.

"Hey." Zayn’s voice is rough, after the set, after the drinks, after the fight.

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Yeah~~~ Asce in digital XDD~ Found a lot of mistakes in the sketch and had to edit many things LMAO~ WRY your hair so hard to draw, Asce? OTL 

Don’t know but I think I’m gonna coloring this tomorrow~ Won’t up the colored ver on dA since I have to be fair with the free sketches *sigh*~

But I want to color this OTL~ Cause this’s how I imagine Asce in my head XDD~ Yeah seme - since Lily said that I can’t draw him with uke’s aura LMAO~ 

The tempurature here’s 17 Cencius now. So cold, I want a hug :((~

I’m going to sleep now ; w ; *rush to bed*

Acelet (c) lily-kat