Lysandre’s taken by surprise how a power could just appear like that… His eyes widen and he reaches up to touch it before glancing around. How… bizarre. “Bonjour?” He called, still glancing around. “Is anyone there?”

                                 Acelet just rushes over to the girl and chitters whilst nuzzling her leg.

Fern jumps back and tries to shush the Pokemon as gently as possible. "I’m not here, shh," the teen whispers, glancing around and hoping nobody else is there to see her. She continues to back out of the man’s sight.

Meanwhile, the flower opens up a bit, magic swiftly fading to turn it into a normal rose, albeit a very pretty one.

Yeah~~~ Asce in digital XDD~ Found a lot of mistakes in the sketch and had to edit many things LMAO~ WRY your hair so hard to draw, Asce? OTL 

Don’t know but I think I’m gonna coloring this tomorrow~ Won’t up the colored ver on dA since I have to be fair with the free sketches *sigh*~

But I want to color this OTL~ Cause this’s how I imagine Asce in my head XDD~ Yeah seme - since Lily said that I can’t draw him with uke’s aura LMAO~ 

The tempurature here’s 17 Cencius now. So cold, I want a hug :((~

I’m going to sleep now ; w ; *rush to bed*

Acelet (c) lily-kat