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oh my gosh i love the non-sexual intimate acts thing so i'm going to give you a lot of options. ziam, back scratches? nouis reacting to the other crying about something orrrr ziall falling asleep in the other's lap. boom pick whatever strikes your fancy, will love anything, thank you I BELIEVE IN YOU

{nonsexual acts of intimacy}

oooooh okay so h…aahahha i’m gonna cheat here and give you a rough edit bit of a V Sad nouis i’ve been working on. it’s not my fault haha! love u! bye! (i’m sorry)


"I don’t want you to fucking love me because I want you to. I want you to love me because you want to."

Louis stills, mid-motion, mid-thought. He wishes his chest didn’t feel like it was collapsing, gravity pulling in on itself rapidly, exponentially. It’s really painful and distracting.

Niall’s face twists like he knows and he doesn’t know how to do a fucking thing about it. His arms come up shakily, to hug himself. It’s possibly the worst thing Louis has ever seen.

The black hole in his chest expands into his lungs.

"I -"

"Don’t." Niall’s voice is cracked, split at the seams, harsh. "Don’t if, if you’re gonna, just."

"Niall," Louis thinks he sounds frozen. A hollow oasis of ache inside the turmoil of this conversation, this pain, this whole fucking situation he never meant to happen to spiral like this, to collapse out of his control, to hurt Niall like this, to hurt Niall at all.

The room, before so open, so gentle with the matching blue walls and quilts and soft table lamps, feels like a mockery, like the world’s biggest joke played straight on him - only for the first time, he wasn’t in on it. It’s a new, tacky, ugly feeling.

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Yeah~~~ Asce in digital XDD~ Found a lot of mistakes in the sketch and had to edit many things LMAO~ WRY your hair so hard to draw, Asce? OTL 

Don’t know but I think I’m gonna coloring this tomorrow~ Won’t up the colored ver on dA since I have to be fair with the free sketches *sigh*~

But I want to color this OTL~ Cause this’s how I imagine Asce in my head XDD~ Yeah seme - since Lily said that I can’t draw him with uke’s aura LMAO~ 

The tempurature here’s 17 Cencius now. So cold, I want a hug :((~

I’m going to sleep now ; w ; *rush to bed*

Acelet (c) lily-kat

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narry slow dancing

{nonsexual acts of intimacy} this is extremely belated half bc im trash and half bc tumblr is even more trash. but thanks for your patience babe <3


"I can’t believe you don’t have faith in my abilities." Harry sounds like he’s working up to a right strop.

It’s 8 pm on a lone golden day off for 3 weeks and Harry is working himself up to a right strop.

Niall looks down at his carefully arranged calm evening: bottles are poured, blankets are fluffed, his phone is on vibrate. And Harry is working himself up to a right strop. Over slow dancing.

Briefly, he considers texting Zayn a photo of Harry pacing across the floor in front of the telly, arms crossed and pout on full force. He could use a giggle buddy.

"Here, I’ll even put on Bublé.” Harry’s voice draws out nasally.

Niall laughs, can’t help it. “Not even your 10th choice there, Haz. You trying to butter me up?”

"Yes." Harry says, unbothered.

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♗: One falling asleep with their head in the other's lap. (liam/niall i'm--)

{nonsexual acts of intimacy} thanksies baaabsies ❤


The flight’s at least 40 hours long.

It’s endless. They’re gonna be flying 12 years from now. They’ll have to do their reunion tour from the air, just holograph themselves in. If they even have holographs, who knows, Back To the Future has lied about so much already.

"Fucking hell, you’re a fucking grump tonight aren’t you." Louis digs his fingers into Niall’s ribs. He ignores it.

Niall’s putting an embargo on evening flights. No fucking more. He’s gonna have jetlag for a week.

"C’mon, don’t be a baby. Quit whining about everything. You’re thinking so loud I can hear it down the aisle." Louis sing-songs, poking Niall’s cheek now.

"How can you possible know if you can hear me down the aisle when you’re right fucking beside me, Lou, huh?" Niall slaps at Louis’ hand ineffectively.

"Wow. Look who’s prissy even louder now." Louis says, pinching Niall’s wrist.

Niall hisses, jerking back. He knows Louis’ had just as rough a day, probably even more since he got the morning recording slot today, but that’s no excuse to be a flaming, absolute dick. He clenches his shaking fingers, opens his mouth to say something he’ll no doubt regret in 40 hours when they finally land - when a hand pulls him up and out of his chair easily.

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