Pensamos, no soy un tonto hoy. He aprendido la lección. Era un tonto ayer, pero no esta mañana. Al día siguiente nos enteramos de que, sí, fuimos unos idiotas hoy también. Creo que la única manera en que podemos crecer y salir adelante en este mundo es aceptar el hecho de que no somos perfectos y vivir como corresponde.
—  Ray Bradbury
 umm hi! i've been on tumblr for years but i've never made a follow forever. ive deicded it's time! here are some cool blogs i ffollow nyaa:3c


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Reminder that FCKH8 is transphobic, acephobic, and panphobic, pretends to support anything to make money, steals people’s artwork, and generally are just shitty people, and by reblogging their F-Bombs for Feminism video or any gifs of it and not pointing out how shitty they are, you are essentially saying that you support a business that is perfectly okay with exploiting people, and slamming, oppressing and otherwise hurting those who are part of the causes they are supposedly “supporting”

nerdengel said:

I just have to get out some emotions. I have an "Asexual Pride" badge on my backpack and today I met with a group of acquaintances and one of them pointed at my badge, laughing and said "Are you walking around with one of the worst swearwords you can be called". I tried to explain that it was a sexuality and what it meant, but she just countered with "It was good to be that for women before, but not now". I tried to tell her it wasn't about being percieved at "good", but that it is what [1/2]

I am and that I think asexuality is misunderstood and I want it to be more recognized, which is one of the reasons I wear the badge, but she just didn’t seem to get it. I’ve earlier also told that I’m not a girl nor a man and most accept it, so when she called me a women, I felt hurt by that too. So right now I just feel angry, attacked and hurt. I just want to break something or cry, but if I do, she will have won and I don’t want that. Thanks for listening. [2/2]

I am so sorry that happened to you, and so proud of you for standing your ground against such an ignorant, invalidating individual. I hope you’ve cut them off completely for being an intolerant assface - you don’t need that kind of acquaintance in your life at all. 

I understand the reasoning that she was using - it used to be that women were supposed to “lie back and think of England” when it came to sex - it was just a duty they had and they weren’t supposed to enjoy it or have sexual feelings or anything. But “supposed to” and “actually had” are two totally different things. Yes, we’ve shifted our position on women and sexuality - to the polar opposite. Now, women are supposed to be fully sexual and available and interested and (from the perspective of cishet men) up for sex with any man but only having sex with the right man because otherwise the woman is a worthless slut. The hypocrisy is astounding and just as damaging in a different way as the notion that women aren’t into sex at all. 

Your acquaintance has some serious learning to do because she’s so out of touch with the reality of the world. If you’re up for trying to educate her, you can - but you do not have to put yourself through this crap. You can cut her off and if she asks why, you can just say “Because you’re an ignorant assface who said really hurtful things to me and I don’t want that kind of a person in my life.” 


AceLu For Riley

YOU’RE ALIVE HECK YEAH FRIEND YOU DID IT -throws confetti for revolutionaryskullcrusher -


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