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On his last day of combat, Air Force Capt. Joseph C. McConnell, Jr. flies two sorties in which he shoots down three MiG-15 fighters, bringing his total to 16 aerial victories. McConnell becomes the leading American ace of the Korean War.
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I’m not sure where this came from but I was feeling like I needed to take all of this asexual frustration and turn it into a picture. The bottom two hands I think are there for obvious reasons, I don’t want people to see or touch me there ever. The hands over the eyes are more purely related to sex-repulsion, me not wanting to see anyone else unclothed. Anyways, do with it what you will. 

Honestly I’m so fucking frustrated right now. I’m so sick of my friends being obsessed with constantly trying to find a new romantic partner. I always get put on the backburner when someone they want to date comes around. Because a person you just met but want to sleep with is waaaaay more important than your friend you’ve know for 6 years. Everyone is just so obsessed with sex and romance and I don’t get it at all and it pisses me off!!


Yesterday’s Air Force: Eddie Rickenbacker

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OK so… I don’t think I’ve been more offended on the internet in my life.
I made a post on reddit explaining why I don’t read THAT much Young Adult fiction. I sited my asexuality as a big reason for not relating to the characters their ideas and their values.
It was up on the site for around 6 or 7 hours I think and I had received a lot of really fantastic recommendations of books which would be more relatable to me, and it was all going really well.
Until someone basically called me out on my sexual orientation. Or rather my lack of.
They called me out and basically said that because I am a teenager I do not really have enough experience to know what my sexual orientation is. And in fact that “now is the time when sex and relationships are the most important thing in your life!”
And I for one call bullplop on that. Now is the time when discovering yourself and learning who you are is the most important, weather you’re gay, straight, bisexual or indeed asexual.
It pisses me off so so so much that people assume that every teen is craving sex all of the time.

I. Do. Not. And I’m pretty much 100℅ sure of that statement right now and that is all that matters! Its through life that we develop as people and our experiences form our opinions and shape our psyches!

So I’m not saying that I’ll never be interested in sex or relationships. I’m just saying that I’m not right now it also really annoyed me that through saying that sex happens to every teen they basically brought through the old saying and the idea that “you do not know unless you try”

I do not want to force myself and my lifestyle to conforming with the majority of my peers I tried that for the 5 years I was in school and it led me to feel isolated, depressed and just generally sure that I was a completely defective human being.

So thanks for the advice…. But no thanks.

(Okay, rant over)