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hellooo, i saw your post where you said "historical accuracy = no creator accountability" and it was smthg you said you always referred to--can you please expand or point me to your other posts? i'd like to understand more about this! thanks :D

So, say someone makes a show set in Victorian London. There are no characters of color on the show.

Someone watches the show and says, “Hey, why is everyone on this show white?”

The creators of the show, rather than accepting responsibility for 1. choosing the setting of the show in the first place or 2. their own casting choices, say, “Hey! That’s just historically accurate, there WERE no PoC ‘back then’!!” 

Basically, it’s about trying to pass the buck onto “history” for creative choices they made. Like: “OH, I didn’t WANT to exclude anyone, but I HAVE to be loyal and accurate to the true history!”

And everyone just accepts that as if it’s true, and as if that is a good reason to make a show that consists entirely of white people. 

This is about dodging accountability in that they chose a setting they assumed would have only white people in it, and then made that true. And that has happened so many times that the myth just keeps perpetuating itself. Rather than consulting actual history or demographics, they base this idea on TV shows, books and movies that have already recreated some version of “Victorian London” that contains nothing but white citizens (in much the same way the citizens of supposed “New York City” in countless sitcoms are inexplicably white); media from ten years ago, 20 years, 50 years, and so on.

That establishes the context. Now, the facts.

London is one of the most diverse cities on Earth, and it didn’t get that way in the last ten minutes.

Black London: Life Before Emancipation by Gretchen Gerzina (1995)

A glimpse into the lives of the thousands of Africans living in eighteenth century London. 

The UCL Equiano Centre has an Interactive Map with information about various Black Londoners 1800-1900.

Photograph of John Archer, Mayor of Battersea, South London. England, 1913

When he was elected Mayor of Battersea, John replied to press speculation about where he might have come from with the remark that he had been born - “in a little obscure village in England probably never heard of until now - the city of Liverpool”. He went on to declare - “I am a Lancastrian bred and born”.

Characteristically pugnacious, but he had been stung by reports which, guessing wildly, said that he had been born in Rangoon or somewhere in India. He was actually part of the already well-established black population in Liverpool.

[more about Peter Jackson]

Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta, goddaughter to Queen Victoria herself.

London is and was a vastly multicultural and diverse city. Even before the 1800s and photography, surviving artworks depict a massively diverse populace:

[The Royal Sport, Pit Ticket]

Here’s a link to the British Library’s resources on people of Asian descent living in Britain. The history of the Chinese community in London goes back for centuries. 

You also have:

Sailors of South Asian origin (known as Lascars) based out of London, for the most part:

I could keep going.

But the point I’m making here is that claiming your whitewashed media is somehow “historically accurate” is total bunk.

If someone creates something that has nothing but white characters, it is that way because they CHOSE to make it that way. There is every opportunity and every reason to create media with characters of color in it, and trying to blame history for whitewashing is about dodging accountability.


5.4.15 - 4.25pm // set up my study spot at my grandfather’s desk this Easter weekend, which means I have a giant screen at my disposal to write my paper on! Also, my grandma keeps bringing me little snacks. Now I have a small bowl of nuts to nom while working on my paper.

When I write papers (especially complicated, multilayered research papers like this one) I write most of my first draft by hand. So far I’ve used up one brand new pen…

i mean lets think about this for a second

you have non-black PoC activists writing, giving workshops, ect on antiblackness theory & anti-oppression praxis

making their bread & butter off what now? black intellectual/cultural productions

so if non-black poc are able to present about antiblackness, utilize it to build careers & status why can’t you have a public convo when you mess up?

what changes from “i can present/write about antiblackness in public” to “i can’t talk in public when i’ve made an antiblack mistake”?

why do you all of a sudden need to have a private convo about something you were just wielding to show how conscious you are to people?

lets face it, folks want the ability to utilize antiblacknessto their benefit but when it comes time to being accountable are nowhere to be found

People on the internet need to remember

Words can be dangerous. Words thrown around carelessly and cruelly can have power. How often do you read of teens or people committing suicide now days due to cyber bullying? More than I’d like to see. Just because you make a comment online doesn’t mean you aren’t accountable for it, especially if it’s directed at someone.

Remember you don’t know peoples struggles, issues or what they have on their place. One kind action could literally be the deal maker for someone struggling and trying to be positive instead of the deal breaker down a darker path.

Writing is a tool for self-excavation and self-care. And that’s maybe an approach that some artists may not feel, but we also see a whole lot of writers who sort of wave the courage flag and then go out and live fucked up, unaccountable lives. And I don’t want to be that. I want to use my writing to explore the things that make me scared about myself, my world, and my family, but also move out in the world with intention, naming those things, and trying to be a whole person.
—  Adam Falkner, interviewed by Hanif Abdurraqib for Union Station

WIM: 03.30.2015

SW: 131.8
CW: 129.4

Judging by the fact that I couldn’t get out of bed or walk down the stairs this morning, I’d say I’ve got a good 1-2 pounds of water weight in my muscles while they protect and repair today. I’ve seen 128 a couple of times this week and have been on point 100%.

Here’s some strategies that are working for me right now:

1. Accountability: I roped eatteachwodrepeat into being an AA sponsor of sorts. We both committed to 30 days of honest MFP tracking and exchanged digits for late night “OMG help – there’s cake” texting.

2. Set mini goals: 30 days is a long time, so I’ve also created micro goals for myself. I accomplished the first one today: 7/7 days under 130. Normally, I see sub-130 and immediately sabotage.

3. Eating on a schedule: I put my meals as a “ToDo List” on my calendar and check them off as I go. This is helping me curb the grazing (for now – and when it doesn’t, I’ll find another way, then another one, then another one).

4. I stopped buying peanut butter. Harder than it sounds.

5. Tumfit helped me re-establish a healthy morning routine (coffee, stretching, then walk). Starting my day out with positive activity sets me up for a successful day every time. If I start my day out lazily, it continues all day.

6. I put my kid’s snacks in a box in the back of the pantry where I can’t see them. Amazing how effective “out of sight, out if mind” really is.

I don’t ever really want many things, so I’ve never used a reward system for myself before. However, my skin has been super dry lately and I had a hotel sample of that lotion pictured above. Used it once and fell in love with it. Ordered the biggest bottle I could find and set it on my desk where I could see it all week. I’ve been dying to push that pump, and today I get to!

My next reward will be some pens I’ve been wanting. The mini goal will be 7/7 days within acceptable calorie range in MFP. I get to buy them today, but can’t use them until the 7/7 streak is achieved. One bad day means I have to start over.

“We neither confirm nor deny that the records you requested exist. We are, however, advising you, as required by paragraph 10(1)(b) of the Act, that such records, if they existed, could reasonably be expected to be exempted.”

Translation: we’re not telling.

In January, VICE filed an Access to Information (ATI) request, asking for a slew of financial reports from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. The specific documents we’re after are invoices for thousands, if not millions of payments made from various law enforcement bodies to Canada’s telecommunications companies.

For a decade, up until a surprise 2014 Supreme Court ruling, Canada’s investigators made informal requests to the country’s cellphone and internet providers for their customers’ personal information. They never had to go to a judge to make those requests. As an incentive, police paid nominal amounts of money per request—$1.50 here, $10 there—that they wouldn’t normally pay for requests authorized by a warrant.

A VICE investigation published in January revealed that Canada’s federal police made hundreds of thousands of those requests, costing taxpayers some $1.6 million.

Canada’s top court shut that down in June 2014, ruling that those searches were unconstitutional and that if police want information from telecommunications companies, they need to apply to a judge.

Police and the Harper government contended that the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, or, PIPEDA, gave them the authority to do so. The court ruled that it did not. But they also argued that the searches were minimally intrusive, and that they were only ever requesting “phonebook information"—name, address, phone numbers.

However, VICE revealed last May that the searches weren’t that simple: law enforcement was obtaining users’ passwords and GPS coordinates, among other things.

CSIS was one client of the program, so VICE requested information on how much they paid out to cellphone and internet companies while citing its authority under PIPEDA.

They refused.

Citing sections of the Access to Information Act that allows departments to withhold information that they feel could be injurious to ongoing investigations and/or "the detection, prevention or suppression of subversive or hostile activities,” CSIS refused to acknowledge if the documents VICE requested even exist. […]

CSIS is the spy agency that is about to be given broad new powers by the Conservatives’ new anti-terrorism legislation, C-51. Critics of the bill have underlined the fact that there is a complete lack of adequate oversight of the spy agency. The spooks’ review body, SIRC, has frequently been frustrated by a refusal of the agency to hand over various documents. Last year’s annual report dropped words like “intolerable misrepresentation” and “disturbing,” in referring to CSIS’ refusal to provide documents to the high-security-clearance committee.

Vincent Gogolek, Executive Director of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, says that “CSIS seems to respond to everything that way right now.” […]

Gogolek points out that the RCMP is using the same excuse to avoid releasing its case files on former NDP leader Tommy Douglas, citing those documents as “operationally sensitive.” […]

Meanwhile, the minister responsible for the Access to Information regime, Tony Clement, told VICE in January that everything is a-okay.

“Canadians’ right to access is healthy right now,” Clement said.

“I’m quite willing to take credit for that. Our government is willing to take credit for that.”

When an independent group graded Canada’s ATI system, it got an F.


Oklahoma racist chants ‘disgraceful’ -

The University of Oklahoma president has called students who took part in a videotaped racist chant “disgraceful”, as he joined a pre-dawn campus rally.

“Real Sooners are not bigots,” said David Boren, referring to the nickname for University of Oklahoma students.

The video, posted online by a black student group, showed fraternity members making racist chants on a bus.

The university’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has since been closed down and its members suspended.

The short clip shows people sitting on a coach bus chanting how the fraternity would never let in a black person, using a racial slur and referencing lynchings.

On Monday, students attended a rally against racism and in support of a black student group, Unheard.

Many placed post-it notes with messages of support on the organisation’s door.

One student activist told CBS News: “We do not believe this is an isolated incident.”

Mr Boren, a former governor of Oklahoma and former US senator, promised an investigation.

“If OU students are involved, this behaviour will not be tolerated and will be addressed very quickly,” he said.

The national fraternity released a statement on Sunday saying it was “embarrassed” by the “unacceptable and racist” behaviour.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s national headquarters said the Oklahoma chapter had been closed.

The fraternity also criticised the bystanders for not intervening.

if only they had intervened, instead of filming the incident and then posting it online for all the world to undeniably see, we would have all been able to quietly sweep this under a rug, and pretend that a stern talking-to by whoever had the camera would have the same effect as a hugely embarassing national scandal, and maybe these nice young men might still be students at uo and members of a respected fraternity

oh call out culture, won’t you think of //the (implicitly white, obvs) children//

I’m not going to lie, this is difficult for me. It’s difficult to look at these photos and see how much I’ve let myself go. It’s hard to believe that I was healthy and fit just a few years ago. These photos hurt me. They remind me of my past that I try so hard to forget. All the times I’ve ever been called fat or ugly or just had someone laugh at me for the way I look. But enough is enough. I’m done with all the negativity in my life. I’m done with the excuses and just plain being lazy. I don’t want to look this way anymore. I want to look and feel beautiful. I want to surround myself with positivity and courage. Because let’s face it, changing your lifestyle and habits is hard. It takes strength and courage to make that huge change in your life. And I’m ready to make that change. I’m ready to be beautiful on the outside and inside. So these are my BEFORE photos. They are also a promise to myself that I will never look this way again. A vow to myself that I will embrace this new journey that will last a lifetime. I will trust and follow this path to wherever it takes me; beyond my dreams and goals, to transform my new life, so I can become the new and better me. If you are ready to make the change, too, I am here for you. Let’s do this together. Message me when you’re ready. I’ll be waiting. 💪💜👍 #teambeachbody #beachbody #sysof #setyoursoulonfire #coach #21dayfix #PiYo #shakeology #accountability #beforephotos #health #fitness #journey #courage #strength #icandothis #youcantoo #beauty #beautiful #challengegroup #letmehelpyou


SW: 131.8
CW: 133.6

Fuck an actual duck. The harder I try, the more I sabotage. Obviously, breakfast, lunch and dinner is not the problem. It’s the 3:30-9:30 munchies.

So 3 good meal habits are firmly established. Exercise is not a problem; I love it! Just need to demolish the other habits and replace them with good ones. I’m 100% sure it’s leftovers from when I used to smoke. I’m basically reaching for a cigarette every time I munch on crap.

Also need to keep myself busy so I’m not standing in front of the pantry all the time!

I should post the opposite foods – not the good stuff, but the crap I ate. That worked well last year. Public humiliation, FTW!

I would love this cute little tank dress, but I’m just not there yet. Confession: I’m losing a few inches, but I feel like I’m in an awkward stage with my body. Nothing fits the way I want it to :/ I shouldn’t be buying anything anyways until I drop this full size, but still :( #cantnofiltersaveme #myjourney #justbeinghonest #motivation #accountability #stillinit #curlyncurvy #notwhereiwanttobe #size14hereicome #blmgirls #natuallyme #dressingroomchronicles #doyou #confessions #gottadobetter

WIM 03.09.2015

SW: 131.8
CW: 130.2

It’s taken a few weeks, but the trend is finally in the right direction.

Reminder to myself of my good habits/what works:

• 3 main meals are always very healthy and enjoyable for me
• 1st snack is always well-timed prior to workout (usu. a banana or apple)

It’s all the grazing around those meals that is the issue. Focusing mainly on these micro-resolutions this month:

• Don’t eat after 8pm unless actually hungry. Success.

• Don’t eat off their plate : Stopped myself several times this week.

• Don’t eat garbage : Actually caught myself in this one last night – I started eating on the leftovers from dinner as I was putting them in the trash – after I had stopped eating my own meal because I was stuffed!

• Don’t eat in secret : It’s usually rest days where I fall apart. The first thing I tend to go for is tortillas with honey and nuts (weird, I know). After the first one, it spirals downhill into 2 or 3, and then I just Hoover vacuum my way through the kitchen for the rest of the day. The only reason I buy them is because Max likes to have a cheese quesadilla for lunch once a week. Found a solution: My mom gave me just enough to make his lunch so I don’t have a whole package of them in the fridge. If she can’t do that any week in the future, I’ve got a neighbor I could give the rest to if needed – or a garbage can (after I soak them in water so I don’t go digging them out).


Workouts I seem to have been just going through the motions lately. Last week I decided to change things up, so I went online and got some new workout ideas. I’ve added some crossfit exercises, HIIT workouts and just changed my mindset to push myself harder during a workout.

So far things have been going well, I write my workout down the night before so I’m not flying by the seat of my pants at the gym and it’s been a big help. I’m also more energized during the day and feeling better about myself overall. Above is one of my new ab workouts I’m doing (it’s painful to get through but totally energized when I’m done) the other is called the 1000 rep igniter, I’m going to try that tomorrow, the goal is to get it done in 30 mins.


#latepost Spring Cleaning 4 Week #Detox Challenge Day 5 of Week 3
2.47 Miles 434 Cals Where’s my #fitfam at! On Instagram shaninicole and gethealthyfitmotivated #followme #shanivids #runnersworld #fitlife #fitness #health #healthyliving #running #hearthealth #refusetofail #itsmyrunday #teamfit #teamhealthy #fastingcardio #run #detox #cardio5daysaweek #fitspiration #cardio #gymtime #workouts #momfit #gymmotivation #getfit #fitmom #themarketingmistress #shaninicole #accountability

Definition of crazy?

I remember 4 years ago when my son was a high school senior, I wanted to be thinner for pictures. He is now in his senior college baseball season and I am still sad because I want to be happy in the pictures. I know I need life long change, I’m using the weight watchers app to get going after our week in Florida. I have to acknowledge my crazy, be prepared, be honest with myself every day, every minute.