Our significant others, truest friends, most loving family members, and best co-workers/partners etc. hold us to our higher selves and the promises that we should keep.  It’s not always fun to be held accountable but we are ALWAYS better people because of it.  THANK YOU to the people in my life that love me enough to hold me accountable and push me to my potential. 


New patch. That’s a dude’s hand in there, ps. And yeah, it’s detached from his body. Know why? On accounta he was all “yeah let’s put this wild animal in a zoo, I know what’s good for animals better than they do”. Teach a lesson out there! Via your backpatch, hoodie, or whatever kids wear these days!

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ok so I share a room with my brother and recently I’ve been getting some stuff packed to move in to my dorm for the semester and so I tend to put stuff on my brother’s bed for the moment just because it’s there and the stuff won’t get in the way of my walking so yeah. anyway, any time my dad sees this he asks “where’s your brother going to sleep” like… I really don’t get how this man’s mind works because like, my bed is usually covered with stuff too and I go to bed before my brother does (on accounta work), does he think I’m gonna cuddle up with a crate full of records? well yeah but seriously. and he gets so irritated like today he was like “can you at least make a walk way through here” I can maneuver it just fine, no one else needs to get through here right now, find something real to worry about

i changed my email for this accounta dn i couldnt figure out what it was and i digned into like 5 different blogs on accident and im crying

fatboy90love said:

do you have skype or do you only use kik ? and have you though about joining grommr ?

I only use kik, & I’ve made grommr accounta but I don’t really know how to use it & I don’t like it.

i have a new job babysitting every weekday evening (gonna save up to buy a laptop so i can actually have one again hollaaaa) and one of the kids is like six weeks old but he’s the most impressive belcher i’ve ever met all y’all pop drinkers out there have some competition let me tell you

also i’m almost done with parks and rec season five and i’m reeeeally taking my time now on accounta netflix doesn’t have season six yet but it’s still a delight

but that’s my life right now \m/