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Motorcyclist Crashes at High Speed, Lands Perfect Front Flip onto Roof of Moving Car


This past weekend, my best friend’s big sister got into a terrible accident. Her front tire blew out, causing her to lose control of her car and flip several times. She has brain and spinal cord injuries, among other things, and is breathing with help from a respirator.

Savannah is a kind heart, and so strong. Each day she’s getting better an improving. She’s gradually starting to respond to doctors commands. Last night her sister asked her to squeeze her hand if she knew who she was and that she was there for her and Savannah nearly cut off the circulation in her hand because she squeezed it so hard. So far, she hasn’t been able to move her legs or wiggle her toes. She has some sensation in her left leg, so we have hope she will walk again, but only time will tell.

Savannah will be going through surgery on her back tomorrow, and would really appreciate donations to help pay for her medical expenses. They have already reached over $1,000 of their $10,000 goal. If you could do anything to help Savannah, her sister, and her mother it would be so appreciated! Please consider donating to her cause!

Even just reblogging helps! Thank you!