***Important!!!*** Please you guys, I am really needing some help!

Okay so I have a girlfriend who lives in Texas, which isn’t too far from where I live in Arkansas but it is still an 8-9 hour drive. I met her through mutual follows on Instagram and we just happened to cosplay one of our OTPs so we just sorta started talking, beginning with this roleplay. Well over time of talking for days we became close very quickly, which doesn’t happen often with me. Both of us found ourselves with feelings for each other and so she asked me to be her girlfriend.. It’s been a while now and since then we have been dying to meet each other, but with homophobic parents and no drivers licenses of our own, it’s nearly impossible. So after a few stories to my parents on how I have this “friend” I want to have visit, I decided I would crochet beanies, gloves, wrist bands, scarves, head bands, etc. all custom made so I can raise money to buy a plane ticket for her to come visit me for a week while we are out of school. 
Beanies will be sold for $10 if it’s a solid color, $12 for 2 colors, or $15 for 3 or more colors. Gloves (as seen in picture) will be sold for $7 each. Wrist bands (pictures to come soon) will be $5 each. Scarves are $20-$25 depending on the amount of colors (same as beanies) All payments will need to be made through Paypal and of course I’ll need you to be willing to give me your mailing address. Thank you all for your help~! Send me a message if you’re interested so we can get everything figured out!! ^~^ (I’ll also accept donations happily and I will have something in return for those who donate!) I hate asking for money and ways to get money, but she means the world to me and I really want to see her! Thanks again everyone! <3