Japanese Smash Bros. GameCube controllers up for pre-order ⊟

The black Super Smash Bros-edition GameCube controller is rapidly climbing in price on Amazon and other retailers due to scarcity, according to my rigorous scientific investigation method of popping an Amazon window open just now. But don’t pay the premiums!

You can pre-order a Smash Bros. controller from Play-Asia— in black or white — for just $27, to ship December 6. Not only do you save money, but you can also get a controller nobody else has.

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Rydel’s GMA Outfit;

Nasty Gal Frilly Vanilli Dress - Black (Exact) - No Longer Available

Rhinestone Cross Choker Neckwear Set (Exact) - Price: $35.00

Free People Fidler Tall Sock (Possible Exact) - Price: $28.00

Jeffrey Campbell Legendary Neoprene Tall Boot (Exact) - Price: $200.00

November 28, 2014