Put your iPod/itunes/phone/musicjawn on shuffle and write down the first ten and tag 10 people.

  1. Winter- Marquette
  2. Blues to Black- Owen
  3. Constant Nothing- Joyce Manor
  4. Monuments- Park Jefferson
  5. Clever Hands- Prawn
  6. Funhouse- Red House Painters
  7. Pensylvannia Dutch Free Throw
  8. Could Be Better Forever- Snowing
  9. A Bunch of Things I Don’t Know- Osoosooso
  10. I Don’t Love You Anymore- Real Friends

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acccy said:

what time does the ttr playtiome thing reset?

It usually resets once your time is up, so three hours after your PlayTime begins. What the TTR staff mentioned in that post that got my curious is if they are going to allow extra time to make up for people losing time to play because of TTR’s servers and website being down to future PlayTime/PlayLines as they stated this:


acccy said:

Awh :/ Well that sucks dude, best of luck finding it

thanks. im really regretting forgetting to set up find my iphone on it. it would’ve made this 10x easier.

acccy said:

Hey! Good luck, i took spanish last year. got a 5, then again i am fluent in it LOL. I'm taking computer science today. Let me know how it goes yeah?

Thanks! I feel like I did alright haha! I was worried for nothing!

acccy said:

If you turned on the findmyiphone feature aka icloud you could just go online and literally see the pinpointed GPS location of it. We did the same thing for my girlfriend's iphone that was stolen and we just reported the location to the police and got it back

the phone was not connected to icloud as it was not activated and i had just gotten it so ;; Yeah. I’m really regretting that.

acccy said:

1-50 :)

1; won’t load

2; date an 18yr old? yes..

3; prefer being friends with boys/girls? boys

4; would you smile at a stranger? i always do

5; can you commit to one person? n/a

6; how do you look rn? like me

7; what are you wearing? hat, tee, floral leggings, socks

8: how often do you listen to music? too much

9; jeans or sweats more often? jeans

10; think there will be a dramatic life change before 2015? nope

11; social or anti social? anti

12; if the person you like says they like someone else, you;d say? okay

13; good at hiding feelings? yep

14; can you drive a stick? sorta

15; do you care if ppl talk bad about you? nope

16; going out of town soon? nope, just got back.

17; last time you cried? last night i think

18; ever liked someone you didn’t expect to? uh, idk, yeah probably

19; would you change your eye color? uhm, nah.

20; something you have to do tomorrow? class

21; something you dislike about today? being alive

22; ever liked a best friend of the opposite sex? no

23; are you nice to everyone? i try

24; what are you sitting on? YOUR BF’S FACE; no, a fucking couch

25; can you last 6months in a relationship and not cheat? yeah

26; ever wanted someone you couldn’t have? yep

27; who was the last person you talked to before sleeping? fernando probs

28; get a lot of colds? no *knocks on wood*

29; pants ever fallen down in public? nope

30; anyone hate you? yeah

31; do you have someone of the opp. sex you can tell everything to? yep

32; do you like scary movies? only kind i like, so yeah

33; are you a jealous person? i’d like to say no, but yes.

34; if you could delete 1 year, which one? 2012.

35; dream last night? i always dream, so yes.

36; anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to? yeah

37; will you be married in 5 years? no

38; do you think someone has feelings for you? yes, just not the right person

39; do you think someone is thinking about you rn? no

40; did you have a good yesterday? idk no

41; relationship 2 months ago? yeah

42; is your life anything like 2 years ago? no..

43; if the person you want to be with, was with you, what would you be doing? apologizing

44; best part of school? nothing at all

45; any photos on facebook? uh,..yeah who doesn’t

46; ever pass notes in school? not anymore, no

47; do you replay things in your head? all the time

48; single over the last summer? idk no i don’t think so

49; what are you supposed to be doing rn? sleeping

50; is the last person you txted attractive? sure

Converseen, manipulador masivo de imágenes

Converseen, manipulador masivo de imágenes

El escritorio Plasma de KDE proporciona tres excelentes aplicaciones para trabajar con imágenes: Gwenview, ShowPhoto y Digikam. No obstante, no está de más tener alternativas como Converseen, un convertidor y redimensionador de imágenes en lote.

Tener variedad de aplicaciones en tu sistema operativo es algo positivo, ya que si no puedes realizar alguna accción con una de ellas siempre puedes…

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