Almost a year ago I met this girl on Tumblr. She was like, super hot, purple hair, Star Wars fan… Perfect girl, right?

I made my move, asked her a silly thing that I thought that, being awesome and hot as she is, she wouldn’t even answer. BUT SHE DID! We started chatting a lot, trading messages and Skypes, till the fatidic day we both said “I love you”, and we meant it.

Looking at my history, I had just been dumped and I wasn’t believing in love by that time, but this girl, OH THIS GIRL, took my heart and fixed it. She kissed it and spoiled it, and there was I, brand new again.

This girl showed me that I couldn’t lose my hope, and I told her the same. I made her a promess that one day we will finally be together (we live, approximately, 13210.76 km away) and I. SHALL. KEEP IT.

And once we meet. Oh darling, it will be the best day of my entire fucking life.

I love this girl. I love you Kristen.