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April is my favourite month. 

Although I have a dissertation deadline in under two weeks (plus a mountain of revision to get done), I definitely have a feeling that this April is going to be the best yet… I am 21 in 6 days! So, I’m currently working away on a Sir Gawain and the Green Knight medieval translation in a coffee shop (with an obligatory latte), waiting for a coach to take me back to Birmingham for a couple of days to celebrate with my family and friends. 

However, I am coming back to Cambridge to celebrate my actual 21st birthday (13th April), and I am thinking of doing a blog post about my celebrations to remind everyone that you can take time to celebrate and appreciate the really important moments in life; even during the busiest time in your academic calendar! 

An exciting week lies ahead, so I had better get back to Sir Gawain and his ‘trawþe’! 

This month’s desktop background is from: … I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! 

-Sarah xoxo 

Graduation day under the Aug-May academic calendar is June 28

      Graduation day 2015 under the August-May academic calendar is June 28, 2015, Sunday.       End of classes is May 20.       (final exams May 22-29; deadline for submission of grades June 6; deadline to submit candidates for graduation to the Registrar June 19; University Council meeting to approve list of candidates for graduation June 24;  BOR meeting to approve graduation June 25)

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anonymous asked:

For the hons. Ba psych degree requirements. The calender also says on page 16: PSYCH major requirements (min 42/max 54 credits) Elective credits (60 credits) So I'm super confused?

*****this is based off the 2013 calender because I was accepted in 2013

I wasn’t sure when you enrolled because you didn’t mention it, so that’s why I referred to the latest academic calendar and added the note.

This is the academic calendar I checked for Hons BA, and it still says 18 credits outside the major. 

You can also log into the Degree Progress Report and it will tell you how many electives you need exactly.

- H

A Quite Late and Not-So-Much-of-An-Introduction Introduction

I’m not graduating.

So well, yeah, I guess I lied being a fresh graduate on my description, but that doesn’t mean I’ll spend another semester in college! Just until this summer. Yeah, until summer only. Hopefully.

In my place, classes start in June and end in March, whether be preschool, high school, or even post-grad school. We have three vacations: a two-week sem break that starts mid-October…

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California Creatures Calendar

California Creatures Calendar (Sept-Aug)
Photography by Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™


This calendar comes in high quality, full-color, full-bleed printing. Choose from 13 unique styles for dates and holidays. Optional start and end dates. Wire-o binding in 7 different colors. Available in three sizes – Standard, Small, and Huge.

Photography by Martie Hevia:

Blue Beach Song™…

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anonymous asked:

I'm wondering when's the last day of school. Do you just leave whenever after your last finals? (And so the latest May 23?). If so, how long can we stay until thee University Kick us out?

Response from Amygdala:

Yes, the University will kick you out on noon on the Sunday after finals, I believe, so May 24 this year.

anonymous asked:

How long are breaks at NYU? For example, winter, spring, fall etc. And what day does school start in the fall this year?

x: it’s varied a bit in the past four years i’ve been here, although i think nyu has finally set the lengths in stone. fall break is usually a four-day break (two days plus the weekend), while the winter break is about a month long now. spring break is typically a weak.

this year, the fall 2013 semester starts on tuesday, september 3, 2013. you can consult the academic calendar for a full list of important dates and holidays here.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was just wondering what courses would be best to take for Children's studies? I'm totally lost. Thank you.

Which year did you enroll? I can link you to your academic calendar and it lists all the courses you need.

- H

thewavesinmyhair said: Ooh can you link me to my academic calendar? Im doing first year international studies

Here you go.

Free Printable 2015 Calendars

Like to plan ahead? Download our free printable 2015 calendars:

If you are an advanced planner like I am, you may be interested in the new free printable 2015 calendars I’m sharing in the post today. This one is a year-at-a-glance. My husband uses it to keep track of his call schedule, but it is also good for counting down the weeks to a big event, like graduation, vacation, or a new baby:

[click image to download]

The calendar I use most is this one. There…

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A Tale of Two Stories

A Tale of Two Stories

Story 1: Obstacle Race

Three weeks before the third trimester final exams, I decided to go home and take them in the University of the Philippines Visayas-Iloilo City Learning Center. Little did I know that I was up for obstacles in my race towards the end of Term 3.

Obstacle 1

I decided to focus on my Science Technology and Society paper because I felt I had to make up for my mediocre…

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anonymous asked:

Hi guys, im in the law and society program, i started sept of 2013 and i dont understand the credit requirements. I get that i need 24 gen eds, 18 credits outside my major, and 48 credits in my major but what about the other 30?

You need at least 48 credits in your major and at least 18 elective credits. So the other 30 you can divide among your major and elective requirements as you’d like.

- D