genderfluidlapis asked:

Triplets (and anyone else thatbwants to answer) what hogwarts houses are you all in?

“Well, obviously, Hank’s Hufflepuff, Will’s Ravenclaw, and I’m Gryffindor.”

“Actually Acacia, Willow and I were talking about it, and we think you’d be a good Slytherin.”

“WHAT? No way! Hank, that is such bullshit.”

“Acacia, you’re turning a really alarming shade of puce, you need to calm down.”

“But…but….Slytherin is the bad house!”

“Acacia, that is a really limited reading of Harry Potter you know. There’s nothing wrong with being cunning or ambitious-”

“Hank Pines, I will have you know that I am not ambitious-”

“-but you are cunning. And you lie the best of the three of us.”

Betrayed! I’ve been betrayed by my siblings!!!”

“Acacia, you’re taking this a little too seriously, also I feel like I’m less a Ravenclaw and more-”

There is no such thing as taking Harry Potter too seriously-”

anonymous asked:

Hey guys! Do you know what became of Quentin Trembly after the Transcendence happened?

“He became the 49th President of the United States, DUH, everyone knows that!”

“Acacia, be nice.”

“But Daaaad, they’re asking dumb que-Daddy’s giving me the Look, gotta go.”

So I did a shot in the dark and decided to create my own Dreamscaper from rebornica​‘s Night Terror game.

Acacia is still under huge character construction, but I’ll probably post more drawings once I manage to figure out her personality. Also, her dresses design will change as well because I pretty much based (to even copy, which I apologies) on some design on this website because I’m too lazy and bad at making dresses. (I will change those, do not worry)

Night Terror’s characters belongs to rebornica

Acacia belongs to me