The group of Character’s that has kept me away from playing New Leaf!
Another group is on the way, so stay tuned! All of these were orders which have been sent out. These take time to make, so if you are interested patience is key.

Yes, Mr. Nook has magnetic feet. Just in case you dont like the base glued to the feet, like Joey is. I prefer magnetic feet just in case I want to play with him or something:] teehee.

(biskit, tom nook, nook earrings, Joey, and Harriet)

get yours here



Just learned about this cool sweepstakes Nintendo & Channel One News are doing. Basically you submit your favorite ACNL room design and they’ll choose one winner and send them real life furniture to match it!

Click for contest info

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EDIT: Just learned that only those who are at least 13 years of age and no older than 18 years of age by September 12, 2013 are eligible to enter. D:

Name: Tea

Age: 20

Birthday: 03/30

AC games owned: Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk

Favorite Flowers/Bug/Fish: White Tulip/Pink Roses, Honeybee, Squid!

Copper or Booker?: Copper

Blog Content: Personal w/ occasional reblog

Favorite Neighbor: Bob, Ruby

Favorite K.K. Song: probably some soul, man.

Favorite Hourly Music: those upbeat morningtime jams!

If given a chance, would you drink coffee with pigeon milk?: Not me, I’ll be keepin it vegan please.

What do you think about the fandom?:  I don’t know them at all. Guys, be my friend. :(

How are you playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf?: ON A POPTART. 

What is your Friend Code?: when it comes out! ask me!