Reasons I love my OTP

Because Athena Justice sounds so much better than Athena Cykes.

Because their children would have the senses of a hawk.

Because their children could have brown hair and blue eyes.

Because Apollo’s finally found someone that he can really, fully trust.

Because they argue like a married couple about folding ladders.

Because they can always make the other laugh.

Because Apollo’s just one inch taller.

Because Athena would never steal Apollo from Juniper, meaning that for the pairing to exist, Juniper had to fall in love with someone else. 

Because they shout, “I’m fine!” at the top of their lungs before a trial starts and they don’t care who’s listening.

Because they’re always there for each other.

Because their job resume practically reads, “Work with your co-worker until you either kill each other or get married”. 

Because their signature colors make orange together, and Athena loves orange juice like nothing else. 

Because Athena’s strengths start where Apollo’s strengths end, and vice versa.

Because they’re so different but so fundamentally the same. 

Because they work together to help people in need.

Because Klavier and Clay, Apollo’s only friends, both ship it.

And most importantly…

Because they met when Athena threw a police officer at him.
Happy Justicykes Day!

Imagine Adewale Caring After You

      “Adé, I’m fine. Really.” She lied, gripping onto Adéwalé’s shoulders as he carried her below deck. Blood from a deep slice in her side soaked her shirt. She had been doing her best to hide the pain but with each step he took, she involuntarily winced.
     Adé gently placed her on the bed and smoothed back the hair that had begun to stick to her damp forehead. “Let me get the box. Stay here,” he said, blatantly ignoring her fibs.
      She gave a weak nod to him as he slipped through the doorway. While she waited she tried mentally preparing herself for the pain that was to come. It’ll be short lived. She thought to herself, trying to calm down.
      Once Adé came back, he set to work cleaning the wound with what rum her could find before threading the needle through her skin. At first she squirmed but Adé was patient with her “Y/N, you must be still,” his voice low and sweet. He rubbed her arm, forcing a smile before slipping the needle through once again. He dabbed the cut again, numbing it ever so slightly before he picked up again.
      After some time he stopped and she looked over at him confused, “All finished.” He said as he wiped the wound once more before sitting her up to wrap a bandage around her ribs.
      “Thank you.” She said as smile curved her lips.
      “Of course.” Adé stood up and tossed a blanket on top of her before handing her a cup of water, “Get some rest.”
      As he turned to leave she reached out to grab his hand, he looked almost shocked at the sudden contact, “Stay with me, just until I fall asleep? Please?” He smiled at her before nodding yes and sitting down beside her. “Tell me a story.”
      “Hmm…” He shifted himself until he sat with his back against the wall facing her, lightly holding her hand in his as he thought for a moment. He focused his eyes on her bruised knuckles as he spoke. He talked of the isles of Spain, of the market, of the smell of spices, the people bustling about the streets and of the goods the merchants were selling; how he had dreamed of one day buying some. A busy picture was painted in her mind as she began drifting away, a pleasant floating sensation flowed through her body. She dreamt of living in Spain that night and Adéwalé’s voice still hummed in her ears.

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if ACWU happens, cuz HHD is technically AC Gen 4.1, mbbe only the mayor has to talk to Rover, and their villager's skin tone is determined based on the master Mii's color, but future residents don't see Rover on the train, but rather they see Digby or Lyle, who's scouting for potential tenants for Nook, and after asking some questions, knowing you're willing to move in, he hands you a clipboard with a tenant's application. There, you can put name, gender, birthday, hair/skin color, species, etc.


Assassin’s Creed