ac lyman


haven’t been able to actually sit down and draw for a while so i did a few quick drawings of the smug and jock villagers in my new leaf town. i am also trying to find a good watercolour brush and i think i might have got it.

decided to use both bear types in the end. my current bears (and the only permanent residents of arazorn so far)

headcanon lyman is a little mechanics guy who makes weapons from junk, nate is a rebel punky teenager who ran away from home and grizzly is an expert on outdoor living 


FINALLY got around to drawing something. I’ve been in a slump lately, so I decided to take it easy and just edit a koala base eight times. But, I think they look really nice so, yay!

The only koalas I actually have in my town are Eugene and Lyman, but I thought a post would look pretty wimpy with only two of ‘em. It was pretty fun anyway!