Imagine Connor Finding it Difficult to Express his Feelings

Connor took a deep breath and bit the inside of his cheek before clenching his fists and staring down at her.  He’d been trying to tell her how he felt for the last half hour and had gotten nowhere. No matter what he did, he couldn’t seem to get the words out.

"Connor…" She sighed. "What are you trying to say?"

He watched quietly as she tapped her foot, waiting for him to answer. Instead of replying, he quickly pitched over her and pressed his lips to hers before wrapping his arms around her waist to gather her to his chest.

By the time he pulled away, she was breathless.

"Do you understand?" He asked.

With a smile, she hooked a finger under his chin, and replied, “I think I do.”

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Cartinelli 22 (BTW I'm probably going to flood your inbox sry)

[22: “two miserable people meeting at a wedding” au]
I’m sorry this took a little while, I hope it’s okay though!!

The thing is, Angie has always felt that weddings were a little ostentatious.

It was all very well and good wanting to proclaim your undying love for another person, but did it really need to be in front of so many other people?

She’d always felt a little like an intruder sat amongst the crowd of people watching an exchange of vows. It seemed so private, so intimate. Angie always felt as though she should look away.

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I love Peggy so much. I just watched the last episode, and I REALLY hope that it gets renewed for a second season because even though i watch agents of SHIELD, i enjoyed these 8 episodes of agent carter more than the two seasons of SHIELD. It has it flaws like many shows, and I hope it gets a second chance to fix them, anyway, here are some peggy doodles from the last ep!