My dear friends of Assassin’s Creed fandom! I sincerely hope you could help to support and save Constantine! Please pardon me for my poor English. :D

The basic argument is that Matt Ryan, who plays John Constantine in NBC Constantine, is also the actor of Edward Kenway in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. The recent situation of Constantine seems to be not very good and the ratings of the remaining episodes may decide its fate. Please watch Constantine live on 8/7c Friday night on NBC. You don’t even have to actually watch it if you really have no interest at all. Just turn your TV to NBC and let it run in the background on mute. If you can’t watch it live, you can do the same on the NBC website or Hulu.

On the other hand, as being a TV series addict for years, please believe me, Constantine is a great show. The whole casting is prefect. Especially Matt Ryan, his acting is outstanding! The VFX is top level as well. The script needs to be improved but has been already decent enough to be renewed. This show is only unfortunately has been thrown into the most rubbish time slot (10/9c) on Fridays from the very beginning and thus ruined by NBC. Furthermore, Constantine is just getting better and better every week! Give it a try and you will love it!

Thanks ahead!


i just finished paying off my house in animal crossing! and i also finished my art studio! so idk if anyone would want to hang out in game or anything, but if interested, add my friend code (pls read everything before giving me your fc) and shoot me a msg over at my animal crossing sideblog! add me, too, if you want to! 

also, just as a sidenote, i am still looking for the sloppy series! so if anyone would be willing to dupe, let me know! i’ll even buy them if it’s a decent price. ok, i’m done now.

every time i see someone saying agent chad michael murray is peggy’s future husband i just facepalm so hard i nearly slap my own face

for starters, as far as i know peggy carter is so not attracted to misogynistic assholes

also the fact that so many people worry so much about who the fuck is peggy’s future husband is utterly annoying like son out of all the things you could be wondering about this show you’re focusing on the man peggy is going to marry several years in the future? get your fucking priorities in order