Maggie-Crossing's ACNL Catalog Service!


I have set up a list of all my current orderable furniture for ACNL, and would like to extend my service to you guys of ordering/cataloging items for you. I am far from a complete list, but will update every week so you can keep checking back in to see if I have anything you need!


I will only charge as much as the item itself costs, plus 100 bells per item (so I can make a little profit!). So if you order 4 items totaling 10,000 bells, it’ll be 10,400 for the whole order.

Some rules to ordering:

  1. Send me an ask with your FC, stating that you would like to place an order.
  2. ONCE I REPLY TO THAT ASK, then you can send the list of the order you’d like to place
  3. We will then schedule a time that works for both of us for you to recieve the items
  4. If you have multiple asks worth of orders, please indicate this to me somehow.
  5. If you need to cancel your order for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible. 
  6. IF YOU HAVE AN ORDER OF MORE THAN 200K, I WILL REQUIRE PAYMENT BEFORE ORDERING. This is to ensure that I don’t waste my time, energy, and bells on a canceled order.
  7. If you cancel five orders, I will blacklist you unless you have valid reasons (to be determined).
  8. The items will be delivered to your town. No exceptions.

Please spread this around so that everyone can have a chance at getting items for their catalog! I’m sure there are people just like me who need more items to earn their badge.

Happy playing! Feel free to send me an ask anytime!

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