The Dreamy Town of North- North’s Dreamy Update

The newly updated dreamy town of North by floatingpresents Rae is absolutely beautiful. A great deal of time and effort has gone into the recreation of this quaint and rustic forest town, and it is clearly evident throughout. Set now amongst the backdrop of an incredible sunrise, North retains it’s calmingly peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The houses are impeccably decorated with themes chosen to reflect the rustic woodland theme. The subtle hacks are used perfectly, and both reflect and aid in North’s abundant natural forest. North remains one of the most beautiful and incredible towns I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, if anything, it is more beautiful than it was before, and it is still, as I am sure it will always be, one of my absolutely favourites. A town everyone should visit, and I can’t possibly recommend it enough! Thank you Rae!

i’m not going to be very active over the next 4 weeks, i’m back at uni and it’s the last month before my final hand in so i’ve gotta crack on with my work. i’ll still reply to asks and maybe post a few drawings bc god only knows what a procrastinator i am. i’ll see you in a little while friends.