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All I wanna do is punch all of the stupid haters I see here in the face right now. You’re gonna tell me that guy is a horrible person who takes advantage of people? That guy who saved I don’t know how many lives with only music, or a hug? Do you have any idea how many people decided they had the strength to keep going in this shit world just because of him? Or how many people with health issues saw their dream come true cause he’s THAT guy who takes time for his fans in a real way? Yeah I don’t know him personally and I only met him once, but that was enough to see how genuine the man is.
He’s so many people’s hero and now tumblr is full of shit spreading freaking UNPROVEN rumors about him. That pisses me off so much. Get your shit together seriously. Get a life and STOP HATING. And I might get insulted or piss a lot of people off with this post but I don’t care, some things need to be said. Thank you.