Imagine Skinny Dipping in the Caribbean with Edward under a Blanket of Stars

She looked to Edward and found him pulling his shirt up over his head, revealing a steady path of skin, marked by tattoos. Nothing too out of the ordinary… He always seemed to ripping off his shirt, what with the Caribbean sun constantly beating down against him. She’d heard him complain about the heat on more than one occasion so this was nothing new.

What was out of the ordinary, was the fact that it was a few hours after dusk and the sun was no longer bearing down on them. She watched him as his hands moved to his trousers.

"What are you doing?!" She hissed, turning her head to search for onlookers.

He halted his actions and looked to her, smirking wickedly, “Fancy a swim, love?”

Her eyes widened and fell to his waistline. “You mean…?”

He nodded.

Oh…” She was unsure even though she knew they were the only two out there. It was just her, Edward, and the stars as they glinted over the dark water. Where was the harm? “Okay.”

Edward stepped forward and held out his hand to help her up off the sand. He effortlessly hauled her to her feet where she proceeded to head for the shore but he quickly yanked her back and bent his head toward her dress. “Lose the skirt, sweetheart. I don’t bite.”

"Promise?" She smirked as her fingers started plucking at the ties to her corset.

"I promise.”

"I’ll take that as a challenge, then."