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Brooklyn glanced back at the person behind him cautiously, his tail swinging left to right anxiously in the shadows. Of course he stayed close to the wall where the shadows blanketed him comfortingly, away from the judging light from the street light above them.

"You okay?" He asked tentatively after a moment of neither of them moving. Of course this would be the perfect time for him to safe someone, per usual on his patrols through the city, but this person called him back and for this one odd moment, he couldn’t find it in himself to escape. It was odd because once he made the heroic move, he would always be the first to dart into the shadows and away from the person he just helped.

And it had to be right after the Phoenix Gate deposited him only God knows where.


abysus0m3ga-deactivated20130716 said:

How exactly did you and Darren meet? And who made the first move?


“Darren and I met because my Aunt Annabella and his mom, Raquel Taylor, are best friends and the original owners of the Sleep Tight. When my parents got sent out to the help the military in the Ishbal War in 1907, I had to be sent to the next closest relative. Auntie Annabella was the closest relative so I moved over to Liore to stay with her and Miss Raquel.” She sighed softly. “That hot and sunny day when I arrived, I saw Auntie Annabella and Darren standing right next to her. He seemed a little upset when I first saw him. I don’t know why. It took me a little while to become friends with him because he’s always been so quiet and reserved. That’s how I met Darren!”