This is my roleplay blog and I have no right asking this of anyone. Before I do anything I’m going to give you the story of why I’m doing so.

I went to my grandmothers to clean her floor today because she can’t bend down and do it herself and while I was taking out the garbage I heard mewing inside the dumpster and me having a motherly instinct with anything. I climbed into the dumpster and found this kitten caked in garbage, her eyes glued shut and crust coming out of her nose. As to how she got there, I’m not sure if she climbed in herself (doubtful) or if someone threw her in there. I pulled her out to no other kittens or mother in sight and trust me, I’ve had mother cats around here if she was around I’d of gotten my ass kicked.

I brought her home and my mother cleaned out the crust and the glue to the point she can open one eye and she’s got some sort of scab across her nose. She’s sniffling so bad and I’m worried as hell that she won’t make it through the night. I would love to say in this instance I live in New Mexico but I don’t, I live in a place where it’s getting so cold at night because winter is coming. No that’s not a Game of Thrones reference. It rained for a full week and this kitten is about 4 to 5 weeks old.

I don’t have a job and I couldn’t just leave her there, she cried and cried and no one came for her. I dumpster dived to save her life. She’s barely bigger than my hand. I’m short and skinny so you can imagine how tiny my hands are. 

In good news, she’s eating, she’s drinking and she’s not shivering. I’ve named her “Minnie” after the iconic Disney Mouse. 

I can’t afford to even take her into the vet, I’ve begged my father but he’s refusing to because he doesn’t want to pay it. I hate asking, I hate doing this but even a dollar will help me, if there’s money left over when I take her it will be used specifically on her even after that. Whether it’s food or formula, things she needs. I have cats already but not cats this young.

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I just don’t want to lose her without a fight.

Fat & Perfect: I'm a Survivor But I'm Still Learning How to Thrive.


“It’s just a couple of comments, don’t worry about it!”

“You care too much, we all have haters!”

“It gets better, be the bigger person.”

“Don’t worry! What goes around comes around!”

No. It doesn’t always come around. And it hasn’t gotten better. It’s only gotten worse. Because now as adults we’ve figured out how to wield the most hateful and strategically wounding comments we can when we want to hurt someone. Bullying is not something that you just get over. Bullying baits internalized hatred that eats you alive. Bullying pushes you to the darkest corner of loneliness where the light of love from your family and friends is dimmed. Bullying drives your insecurity to new heights of paranoia. Bullying kills. Bullying is not something that you just get over. Bullying is not solved by focusing on the victim ignoring it. Bullying is an acceptable form of sadistic power that society institutionalizes as a rite of passage. Bullying gets attention in hindsight but only if someone gets hurt.

We’re tricked into believing that everyone’s status and identity in society is on equal level so it’s seemingly a fair fight between those born with oppressive power and those who live dis-empowered institutionally. And in my case, people don’t understand that this is not the first time I’ve been severely bullied because of my size, race, and weight. This is one out of thousands of incidents where people have found ways to specifically target me for my fatness. Yes, thousands. Because it starts to add up when you’ve been fat since 3rd grade. It starts to add up in cuts when you self-harm. It starts to add up in bad thoughts and bad head space when you’ve previously considered suicide. To the people who dehumanize other people for that temporary laugh, it’s just a penny. But the people who are on the receiving end of that dehumanization have a piggy bank full of pennies, full of shame. And eventually, you’re rich in self-hate, self-doubt, and sadness.

I’ve been verbally harassed my entire life. If it’s not someone yelling “fat ass” from a car window as they drive by, it’s someone pointing and laughing at me in public spaces. I’ve had adults approach me to discuss my weight as if a.) my body is any of their business, b.) my health is any of their business, and c.) I asked for their unwarranted opinion. I’ve had people compliment parts of my being strategically in order to avoid ever giving me an all-encompassing flattering remark that might include my fatness.

I’ve had my privacy constantly invaded without an afterthought. A girl who wanted to record a fat person dancing so badly followed and harassed me around a club. I’ve caught people taking pictures of me while I’m eating. I caught a woman taking a picture of my ass because my dress was accidentally hiked up. She thought it was more important to document a fat person experiencing a commonality for most people who wear skirts and dresses than to tell me that my dress was hiked up so I could fix it.

I’ve been physically assaulted and spit on for being fat. More often than not, men have justified hurting or punishing me for speaking up or being vocal about my opinion because I’m fat. The invalidation of my gender as a fat woman in addition to the invalidation of my femininity and womanhood as a black woman leads to the justification of my dehumanization in society. I’m often seen as aggressive and hostile because of the negative stereotyping surrounding fat people and black women, and that allows people to find justification in bullying me and in the idea that I’m perpetually the aggressor and never a victim.

I was raped when I was 18 by a man who subsequently told me that I should feel grateful that anyone would want to touch me. “You should feel so lucky, you fat bitch,” he said. I never told anyone because why would anyone believe that a girl like me could be assaulted? When I finally decided to open up to someone about it, their first response was, “You’re pretty big though, why didn’t you overpower him?” Because, apparently, being fat means that you have the physical strength to overpower everyone. Because, apparently, being fat also means that your reaction to sexual assault and rape is to immediately fight and be fully mentally present during your assault. Because as a fat black woman, I should’ve been capable to escape that situation because it’s “in my nature” to fight, to use my weight as a means of strength, and to dominate my rapist.

These experiences have shaped who I am today. The persecution I’ve suffered for just existing as a fat black woman has taught me to never stop looking over my shoulder. The oppressive institutionalized premise that I’m not worthy of beauty, autonomy, choice in how I sexualize my body, or the right to EXIST has taught me nothing but internalized hatred for myself. I’ve been treated so horribly and it hurts, even after the scar tissue has made me tougher. I cry alone in my room more often than anyone would ever know, because I’m too afraid no one will take my pain seriously… because people truly believe that hating fat people is normal. So when I have a peer at my university take a picture of me to post on the internet because my body is so disgusting and hilarious to look at, I’m not okay. When I find out that there is an entire 350+ comment thread on a Facebook Group page discussing how disgusting my body is, how “whoreish” my outfit is, and how my weight is something to laugh at and publicly discuss, I’m not okay.

 Even when you’re at the point of truly accepting and loving yourself, it is so easy for assholes to make you question your existence and self-love in a matter of seconds.

I work really hard at being a confident fat black girl in a world that has made me feel so uncomfortable that I’ve tried killing myself twice. I struggle with waking up in the morning and putting on a smile. I cringe at the thought of hearing roars of laughter because I automatically think they’re about me. I make sure to stay strong for my little sister, my friends, and the people who find inspiration in the work I do in my community. But people don’t know how hard that is when society is constantly telling me to hate myself. People don’t know how hard it is when society has codified my body, my skin, my sexuality, and my gender as less than worthy. It’s that much harder to be strong. It’s that much harder to exist.

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So I left an abusive adoptive family around May. I had been living with a single wealthy woman who provided food and clothes but she was emotionally, psychologically and verbally abusive. She’d yell at me until I started hyperventilating or cutting myself, knowing damn well I have a 12+ year history of being abused and have bipolar disorder (she’s a doctor, graduated from Duke, big medical doctor in her field). When I complained she’d just say I was defiant and ask how I’d handle a boss if I couldn’t handle her, or sneer that at least she had never hit me.

She got engaged to this guy in Feb. He’d lie to CPS about staying overnight (he wasn’t supposed to be there overnight but would be there for weeks) and refuses to get fingerprinted. When he moved in, she kicked me off the cell phone bill, stopped buying anything for me (including food) and he was going to bring his rifles into the house. This scares me because I have a history of suicide attempts and I felt unsafe with him, and her, because I dealt with the abuse so I could be financially ok. Now I had neither. 

I left in May and got emergency campus housing. Unfortunately, my scholarships didn’t cover it, and I was denied loans because it was summer term. I have been paying everything with a cc since March, and even though I work, I have traded food for money, borrowed from friends and sold clothes and books, it isn’t enough. The school put me with an anti-violence resource center but they can’t pay my cc bill off, or provide honestly anything besides therapy.

Literally any amount will help, I’m just so damn overwhelmed and crying and I’ve exhausted EVERY option (I’m at 100% of COA so all student loans will end up denied) 

i told you - if you don’t behave, i’m taking your ass to goodwill.

8 Ways You’re Perpetuating Bullying Without Realizing It

Making Rude Comments About Someone Else’s Appearance: We’ve all made a rude comment about someone’s outfit because we thought that we were being funny. None of us has been appointed the fashion police and the age old saying that if we don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything all still applies.

A one-click unsubscribe button for 25 accused YouTube abusers.

The subscription counts for many of the accused YT abusers haven’t significantly changed since the allegations against them broke. By unsubscribing from their accounts, we decrease their power/reach and we send them the message that we will no longer support abusive behavior

Other resources:

what’s sad is that the nhl only suspended voynov bc of the recent domestic violence problem in the nfl and how much backlash they got. what about when drew doughty was accused of rape? what about when semyon varlamov was arrested pending charges of domestic violence and kidnapping? if the nhl actually cared, why is he still being paid?

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hi there, im kalen. me and my datefriend ascha cishawke are trans, mentally ill, and disabled and desperately trying to get out of abusive environments that are extremely affecting our health.

we are trying to move in together ASAP but to do so requires completely moving one of us across the country and that is not going to be cheap in the slightest. we also need to be able to pay first months rent and utilities and a security deposit. and that’s on top of all of our food medical necessities etc

every dollar helps us and we really need to get this circulated as much as possible. if you have any questions feel free to msg me, support is also welcome. donation buttons on our sidebars, or msg me for my PayPal email. love and good vibes to all of you

Also i actually am kind of knackered with the “jake doesnt know any better” shtick. He does. Is the thing. Jake knows how to put his friends before him and how to talk to them and help them out if they need it.

He doesnt know how to deal with overly aggressive people coming at him. He doesnt know how to deal with dirk premeditating their relationship and making him extremely uncomfortable repeatedly especially with that overtly intimate and physically taxing brobot as he stated HIMSELF (which was ignored by his friends because jane was trying to figure out her own feelings and roxy was too busy trying to sabotage dirks plans but forcing jane to date jake immediately) and giving him no choice in the matter and letting autoresponder come at jake from every angle and suffocating him with his lack of ability to trust jake ever.

And when jake tried to stand up for himself and come about it in a nonchalant way (as to avoid making dirk look like a bad person as jake often does; he tries to see the best in people even characters like caliborn) to a trusted friend she blew up on him.

He doesnt know how to deal with jane suddenly throwing tables and calling him an asshole and tearing him apart because of presumably what is one mistake - because to him it WAS just forgetting her birthday which he profusely apologized for. She said she wasnt interested in him. In his vision it was a simple mistake that blew up in his face and he felt he deserved that. He felt he deserved that explicit rage. He feels so guilty that he doesnt even stand up for himself when she repeatedly physically assaults him and then proceeds to tell him (while he is sobbing pantsless on the floor) that he is good for nothing but nookie and HAS to have sex with him.

Jake does know better. Jake knows this isnt how friends treat other friends because guess what he hasnt done? Any of that. All he did was forget someones birthday. Even running away from dirk cant be seen as “bad”; he had no other choice at that point.

He knows these things arent right but he puts his friends so above himself that he refuses to see that they might be doing something wrong. Even with dirk he chocks it up to “maybe i wasnt really in love with him” instead of “maybe i had too much pressure put on me and even if i did have feelings for him he made me feel way too nervous and wouldnt even let me exhibit them in the way i needed to”.


Original art by 梔子

Translated by sasuisgay

The permission for reprinting and translating this picture has been granted by the original artist. Please don’t reprint this anywhere else and go to the original source to bookmark and rate them 8)

T/N : Dio can also say Jojo is not The World’s partner… And I really don’t know the better wordings for partner oh my god.

sometimes people have symptoms of mental illness that result in abuse. you can’t deny that. not all emotional abuse is caused by mental illness, but ignoring the fact that yes, a lot of mental illnesses have symptoms that can result in abusive behavior is just turning the blind eye to a hard truth. calling these out as abusive isn’t ableist, its necessary. you need to let us sick people know that our behaviors hurt you or are inappropriate, even if we’re sick. you need to call them out, and you cannot excuse abuse under any circumstance.

I honestly can’t put into words how disgusted and disturbed I am about this After business. 

Domestic violence is never romantic, and if you are choosing to use After as a form of sex education, or as a template for your current/future relationship(s), I strongly encourage you to please educate yourself on domestic violence and to please seek help if this is a situation that you are currently in, or if it is a situation that someone you know is currently in. 

My judgement of your taste in literature aside, I cannot sit idly by when, statistically speaking, we know that rationalization for instances of domestic violence are usually a warning sign that domestic violence is being experienced in some way by the person who is rationalizing/making excuses.  Here are a few links you might find helpful, and if anyone else knows of more to add, please do:

Domestic violence hotlines and resources

Domestic violence education and therapy resources