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I Was Ready To Be Offended By This ‘Ray Rice Makeup Tutorial,’ Until She Put On Her Foundation

The footage of former Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée in the face started a much-needed conversation about domestic violence. This comedian took a completely different approach with a “Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial” that could’ve gone so incredibly wrong but instead gets it so so right.

Anti-snuffbomb campaign cause we clearly need one at this point

Yes the Creepypasta fandom and the victims of Snuffbomb are in desperate need of an anti-Snuffbomb campaign. From all the stories and evidences presented by the many, many victims of snuffbomb, he needs to be removed from this fandom permanently and swiftly. Emotional, physical, and mental abusers have no place here. Habitual Cheaters and liars have no place here. Sexual predators have no place here. And we as a fandom and community should make this known. Because this actually affects all of us whether it be directly or indirectly. As a community we cannot allow him to waltz around and hurt, and damage anyone he pleases because he thinks he can get away with it.  There are many children and many young girls in the creepypasta community, we all come here to enjoy horror stories and make friends. To be among like-minded individuals…for some of us this place is like a safe haven, a place we come to for an escape from life’s hardships. No matter how we got here, no matter the circumstance that brought us to the creepypasta community I’m pretty sure some of us can say this place is akin to a home. A home of horror story lovers, and for some it’s like a family. 

The reason we cannot allow someone like Snuffbomb to parade around this fandom any longer simply because of all the toxicity and negativity that he will spread and the more people he WILL hurt as time goes on. And believe me when I say that a guy like snuffbomb will not cease his behavior, he will only continue.  The way for him to stop is to MAKE him stop. This entire situation is much like the incidents regarding Superpsyguy. 

And I know what you are thinking: “What the hell does Superpsyguy have anything to do with this? Who is that even?”

Let me tell you since the incidents regarding superpsyguy are pretty similar and relevant to this one the creepypasta community is experiencing right now. Psyguy is another internet personality who was recently called out on his manipulative, behavior, his frequent lies, and being a sexual predator. Psyguy has been known to prey on underage girls and try to pressure them into sex, if they didn’t comply they were harassed and shamed throughout the internet. He would get his minions to send hate to the girls and pretty much try to silence anyone that spoke up against him. That’s just the short version of the entire ordeal. There’s an entire call out post regarding that man.

A variety of things on that entire call out post is very similar to the stories of the victims of Snuffbomb have.

Bullies and abusers only make the fandom worse, they do not have any lasting positive impacts on a community. They do not care for the people they destroy or step on to further their goals. They have no sympathy for their fellow human beings. They want mindless sheep to follow them and enable their awful behavior. And the more fans or followers they have the worse they become. They become full-blown monsters, ones that are far more evil then any fairytale could ever conjure up.

If you are friends of Snuffbomb and decide to stand by his behavior and enable him. STOP you are not helping! If you are his true friends you would point out to him that his behavior is wrong and does more harm then good.

If you are a victim of Snuffbomb’s actions then I extend my sincerest apologizes and I can empathize with your plight.

dean’s early childhood interests me so much because even though the writing is scattered and generally shallow, what little we do have about dean’s EC is so rich and reflective of how a traumatized child might actually develop in an abusive/neglectful environment. everything from the way he reacts to john’s presence to his apathy in academic education is right there. 

ok e.g. dean was only four years old when mary died (heavily implied that he knew the horrific nature of her death so much that he could envision it (i don’t know that he actually saw it but i imagine he would have dreamt of it plenty afterwards)) and i know that adults underestimate the effect trauma has on little minds and bodies or even dismiss it altogether bc a) it’s hard to understand when children just don’t have the vocab or experience to explain how something effects them and b) there’s this misplaced idk validation of the idea that “kids are resilient” (i know ppl don’t usually mean this as a bad thing. it’s often meant to give hope or bring peace of mind from something awful). but resiliency doesn’t happen unless a kid has effective supports from adults in their life and if they don’t have that. see resiliency is basically the ability to adapt to stressful situations. and if the environment in which they live is negligent or even negative after or through their traumatic experience then they’ll adapt to trauma in ways that reflect that.

john was dean’s support, and after mary’s death, an event which traumatized dean to the point where he would no longer speak. it was john’s job as dean’s father to see him through that trauma in a manner that would help dean develop his arsenal of coping mechanisms. he did not; he placed inappropriate burden on a four year old child and immediately enlisted him in a war against vicious, murderous monsters. in other words, he gave dean a massive responsibility — take care of your brother (lest he end up like mary) — and immerse yourself in the violence and aggression and paranoia that goes hand in hand with hunting monsters.

and that — along with john’s devaluing the importance of dean’s education where he explores his interests (this is from jw’s journal so it is fringe canon where dean comes home excited about school and john is unenthused/confused, takes dean out shooting like a week later as if to make a point) — puts dean in extremely high stress mode. he’s a child, he knows that he has a child smaller than him to take care of at “home” and his dad’s out killing monsters that hide in plain sight.

but john has supported certain coping behaviours and condemned others by now, so dean can in fact “bounce back” in the ways he’s been shown how to by his father; repression, deflection, momentum are all favoured. if something upset you, don’t talk about it, or talk about something else, or just keep moving and if you move fast enough maybe you can outrun it, but definitely definitely don’t stop to examine it.

and so stress gets reduced to a humming in the background and trauma a dull clanging that dean finds ways to shut out.

Some of us like school because we can get away from the loud noise of our parents fighting that echoes up the stairs.
Some of us like school because we escape that tempting razor on the sink or that bottle of pills calling our names.
Some of us like school because we have time to forget about the sting that’s left behind by the back of our parent’s hand.
Some of us like school because we don’t have to stare at the bottles that are piling quickly on the coffee table.
Some of us like school because we hope that maybe, just maybe, mom will forget to pick us up today.
And some of us just like school.
—  We’re Not Nerds, We’re Survivors // Cicatrice

Update that has nothing to do with humor, but my brain is messy and I need to get it out. 

Touch feels ruined for me. I haven’t really hugged someone in over a decade. Until tonight that is… Everyone knows, you don’t touch Emily at all. You stay a certain distance and don’t reach for her suddenly. 

I met a guy recently who I’ve been dating some. I’ve told him about my health and my mental health and he’s super cool about it. Tonight, after a serious talk, he hugged me. Super super embarrassing- I burst into tears. I wasn’t emotional before, just nervous. He hugged me and it was sweet and kind and those are things that are so fucking unfamiliar to me. I just didn’t know how to react, and started crying. 

I tell myself all the time that I could touch if I wanted to and that my PTSD doesn’t control it. It does. It hit me just how in charge it is. It’s not my choice, I just tell myself I don’t like touch. I don’t like the touch I’m used to. I don’t like what my abusers turned touch into. The concept that touch can be kind and comforting is hard to wrap my mind around. 

I’ve been doing trauma therapy for a while, and this week I’m finally bringing up the thing I never wanted to work on. I’m going to work on touch. I’m doing it because I’m NOT in control. I don’t control the churning in my stomach and the shaking that happens when a hand comes towards me. That’s not my preference, that’s something someone did to me. I don’t want them controlling me. If touch is nice I want to find out for myself. I’m learning this at an older age than many, but it’s never too late. 

I’m handling my shit

these young men are so angry and violent

i fear for the women that fall for them

who look at them as damaged people who they can fix with their love

only to end up battered and bruised by men who have no business being in a relationship with anyone

A woman is most likely to be killed by her husband or boyfriend. This is because of men’s jealousy, and they are taking away the woman’s ability to reproduce when they suspect her of cheating.
—  Psychology Professor