That’s F*cked Up: A Cop Tasers & Pepper Sprays An Unresponsive Driver!

‘A Fredericksburg Police officer used of a Taser and pepper spray on a suspected hit-and-run driver, that was unwarranted. The whole incident was captured on the responding officers’ body cameras.Investigators say on the afternoon of May 4, 34-year-old David Washington was driving a silver Hyundai the wrong way on Jefferson Davis Highway when he struck a Jeep and kept on going. The Hyundai had previously run over the median on Route 1 and also knocked down a city road sign.A short time later, the Hyundai stopped at the intersection of Cowan Boulevard and Powhatan Street. The driver of the Jeep and a witness followed and remained on scene as Fredericksburg Police officers arrived to investigate.

The first two officers on the scene, Corporal Matt Deschenes and Sergeant Crystal Hill, held Washington at gunpoint and ordered him out of his car, but he did not comply. A few minutes later, a third officer, Shaun Jurgens, arrived on the scene. As the Hyundai driver remained unresponsive in his vehicle, Officer Jurgens used his Taser on the man in an effort to gain his compliance.

One of the Taser prongs apparently did not make a proper connection and the Taser use was ineffective. Jurgens then used pepper spray on Washington, and he then removed the driver from the car, with the help of Corporal Deschenes. An ambulance was called to the scene to treat Washington for the pepper spraying and to remove the Taser prong still attached to his skin…’


U know what? That’s fucked up! This is one of those cases that make me scared to leave the house, cops trying to kill you, even when you already dying and in need of urgent assistance. They do not removed the taser until the ambulance arrived! What an assholes! That’s fucked up! It’s like what is fucking wrong about this country?

That’s because he’s black? Or just the cops were so incompetent? Or stupid? what?

#DavidWashington #PoliceAbuse #PoliceBrutality #PoliceViolence #BlackLivesMatter

[H]e hates the idea that composers, or geniuses generally, have any special claim on mental anguish, that it’s a part of their talent, something the non‑genius isn’t burdened with. “I find it hysterical, the notion that there is anyone who isn’t fucked up, musician or not. I hate, with a passion, this idea that somehow you have to suffer for art, or that musicians, especially classical ones, are damaged and fragile. Bollocks to that – everyone’s damaged, we are a world of wounded people, trying the best we can.”

Above is the disturbing image of 29-year-old Kevin Davies, taken from a video, after he had been kept as a prisoner for six weeks by Amanda Baggus, David Lehane, and their accomplice Scott Andrews. Emaciated, barefoot, malnourished and weighing less than 7st, Davies was imprisoned in a small windowless shed in the couple’s garden. Davies, who suffered from epilepsy, was abducted and used as a slave. He was tortured and humiliated for their own sadistic pleasure. The pair carved a crucifix into his buttocks, broke his ribs and burned his genitals and thighs with corrosive acid, among other things.

They made videos of the horrific torture until his death. Unfortunately, because no exact cause of death could be determined, they escaped a murder charge and were jailed for 10 years for false imprisonment.

Arrested for not walking fast enough

“You’re under arrest,” the deputy says.

“For what,” Shimek asks.

“For obstructing,” the deputy says.

“I was walking away,” Shimek says.

“You didn’t walk away fast enough,” the deputy says. “Now get down on your knees.”

quick shoutout to emotional abuse survivors who still struggle with the idea that they didn’t deserve it

it’s hard to accept that fact when the abuse itself has you convinced of the opposite

but here’s your daily reminder that you didn’t deserve it, no matter what reasons you or your abuser have come up with to justify the abuse, it was undeserved

i hope you’re healing up okay

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When you're scared to share yourself with others/post pictures of yourself/have a facebook or any type of social media because you know you will be stalked. You're not allowed to have these things or share yourself with others. It's always considered betrayal.


Not much footage in this video but the youtube summary sounds pretty crazy if true. Hopefully the other camera is released and has more to the story.

On April 12, 2015, my cousin Bajram, my sister Liri and I were pulled over by WPPD for no obviously apparent reason. We all had our seatbelts on and my cousin was driving the speed limit and made sure to signal before turning left and getting pulled over. Almost immediately, about 7 officers began surrounding the car. The officer on the driver’s side started rudely screaming for our documents, followed by Bajram asking him “Sir, may I ask what I am being pulled over for?” He refused to tell us what we were getting pulled over for and when we told him that it was OUR RIGHT to know, he replied with “FUCK YOUR RIGHTS!” At that point I started recording the incident on my cell phone (and Bajram’s phone) as the police officer reached into the opening of the driver’s side window and unlocked and opened the car door. After he already forcefully unlocked and opened the door, he asked Bajram to get out of the car to which Bajram responds “Can I please be treated like a human being?” From there, the officer eventually forces Bajram out of the car- punching and grabbing him- and throws him on to the floor, where 6 other officers start to punch, kick and stop him. Right after this particular video ends, the officer reaches back into the car and punches me in the lip. At this point, I was terrified for our lives, so I closed and locked the doors and opened my window to ask the officers on my side of the car what was going on. I was told that I have no right to know and that I was also under arrest and should step out of the car. Actually, the words were “Get out of the car bitch, before I tase you!” (As a Taser gun was pointed at my face through the opening in my window) I put my hands up and told them I was complying as I opened the door and stepped out. Immediately, they slammed me against the fence and told me to stop resisting. They were pushing me and roughing me up and in this process they tore the ligaments in my shoulder. As soon as I was out of the car, another officer grabbed my phone and Bajrams. I screamed for them to put our phones down and stop tampering with evidence and that I was a female and shouldn’t have been hit or roughed up by males like that. It was then that I saw officers still punching Bajram in the face, even though he was already cuffed and in the cop car.

They put me in a separate car and brought us both to the station. On the way, they were trying to crack the code on my cell phone as I screamed, again, for them to stop tampering with evidence. At the station, they were laughing and making fun of us while trying to get into our phones for hours to see the videos. They also took my sister’s phone (even though she wasn’t arrested) and held it until about 2 weeks ago. That’s what this video is from. They still have my phone and my cousin’s phone (which I know have way better footage) over a month later. From what I understand, the videos were extracted from our phones even though their application for a search warrant is still pending.

Bajram was bleeding from his lip and nose at the station, his shirt was ripped and he had scrapes up his back. There were bruises all over his face and strangulation marks on his neck. His hand was so swollen and discolored, it was concerning and I cried when I saw him. They refused us both medical attention after many requests and held us in jail overnight. We still didn’t understand why we were being arrested until 4pm the next day, when they handed us pages of charges and threw us in front of a judge. They arrested me for interfering w an arrest (OGA) for “lunging at and striking an officer of the law.” I had to read it many times to even believe what it said. Bajram was arrested for DWI, resisting arrest, and a bunch of other things.. they said he refused field sobriety tests… does this look like he was offered tests? My sister (who slept in the waiting room since she was left with no phone and was still waiting on information about it and us) bailed me out shortly after but Bajram’s bail was so high that we couldnt get him out until late that night, around 1AM.

Now we’re dealing with court and these charges, but I plan to stand up for myself and everyone else who was treated unfairly by the police. They are supposed to be here to protect us, not scare us and hurt us. Cops like this, who think they are above the law, should be stripped of their badges. We need to make a change. Every effort counts.

I think it’s so horrible that if one person or one group says, “This is a problem for me/us,” some people react with the attitude of “This is not actually a problem because of this and that” and/or “You’re overreacting; it’s not that big of a deal” and/or “Other people have it a lot worse.”

If someone says they have a problem, it is abusive to tell them it doesn’t matter because it’s false or irrelevant.