Fundraiser For Tamir Rice’s Family

As you are aware of, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was extrajudicially executed by the police in Cleveland, Ohio on November 22, 2014. His family is suffering as they remain without complete answers. His mother, Samaria Rice, is now in a homeless shelter and really needs help, as the pain of living so closely to where her son was executed is unbearable.

@FeministaJones has spoken with the family’s representative to verify a fundraising source to help. On her blog she noted:

I spoke with Adner Marcelin, Communications Manager & Law Clerk at Parks & Crump, LLC, who is representing the family in this manner. He confirmed that they are accepting donations. Anyone wishing to send cards, letters of encouragement or contributions in the form of a check (made out to ESTATE OF TAMIR RICE) may do so by mail at: 

The Estate of Tamir Rice 
c/o Parks & Crump 
LLC 240 N. Magnolia Drive 
Tallahassee, FL 32301

While checks and money orders are preferred because the mother gets ALL of the money, if you can only contribute online, there is a VERIFIED fundraising account:

(I understand how most of us feel about GoFundMe as a company; however this is where the fund was set up, outside of our choice.)

Please support (DONATE or SIGNAL BOOST via reblog/tweet/Facebook) this family as they still have to get through daily life even in pursuit of what ultimately will never make up for the loss of their child and will be non-existent or questionable justice at best. Keep them in your positive thoughts.❤

  • Marginalized Person:Why are allies such trash tbh? They never stand up for us but reap rewards from everyone else for being progressive while we're out here getting shit on by the same people.
  • Self-Proclaimed Ally:Wow thats like really rude, maybe if you aren't going to be nice you don't deserve my help. I don't have to do any of this you know. I have power over you. No one cares if I do or don't you literally don't even matter, so you better be more gracious.

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Sea fam I always see you guys advisin ppl to end toxic romantic relationships esp if the abuser threatens to kill themself if the S.O ever leaves. But what if it's not a romantic relationship but a family member who's the abuser & they live w/u

If you can leave, leave. No one owns you. No one has the right to threaten and terrify and manipulate you into staying with them.

If you can’t leave, then survive. Save money where you can, save resources when you can, plan out where you can and can’t go, and prepare yourself to survive. Keep reminding yourself that there is hope, that you can keep going. That you deserve to keep going, you deserve a future and you deserve freedom. You can do it.

-Lou the Lobster

Aplus writes:

The year is 2015.  But some archaic laws and bills aimed at controlling women’s bodies and reproductive rights might have us believing we’re in medieval times.

In a response to these kinds of laws, and to victim-blaming and slut-shaming rhetoric, Arizona-based photographer and activist Liora K created the “Feminist Shoots.” She says:

“The models are predominantly half nude because the issues get under my skin – they’re close to me, they affect me, and they are, in a sense, a part of me. Showing people shirtless also insinuates vulnerability – these attacks on women’s rights affect us all in big ways and make us vulnerable in bigger ways. I know that these are provocative images may strike fear into some who would rather see women at the mercy of others when it comes to their reproductive health, while empowering others who see it as a hopeful image of a woman in control of her life and decisions.  “

Read the whole story and see more powerful photos here!

In addition to what’s mentioned in this link, we have some info to help folks make a plan to stay safe when leaving an abusive relationship, and when they can’t leave just yet: The Scarleteen Safety Plan

alright, i’m pissed.

i wouldn’t dislike otherkin so much if they didn’t take their pretend identities so fucking seriously. otherkin and people who claim to have “headmates”.

like, if you wanna draw yourself as a wolf or pretend to be a wolf or wear exclusively wolf-themed clothing or whatever, i don’t give a shit. you’re basically just a furry who wants to be extra special, but that’s your thing.

it becomes absolutely 100% not acceptable when you start using your kinshit and headmates as excuses for unacceptable behavior

i’ve seen so many fucking people with about pages with shit like “my hyena kinself/headmate comes out when i’m threatened or angry, so don’t blame me for anything i say when i’m in that state!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uwu”



no, you are a piece of shit child who’s too fucking immature to face the consequences of your actions. you think it’s acceptable to throw temper tantrums and blame it on your imaginary friend. you’re fucking four years old mentally.

if you think it’s acceptable to pull that shit, hopefully one day you’ll grow the fuck up and realize what an insufferable abusive little cunt you were when you were a dumbass teenager.

Sorry sweetie, but if your choice kills a harmless baby then I guess maybe men should make choices about your pregnancy for you. Our emotions won’t get in the way of giving life to an innocent baby. Just go eat some pickles and ice cream, hun. We’ll make the tough decisions.
—  Senior Political Science Major

So my dad has taken away all of my masculine/male clothing.  Everything.  My shirts, pants, binders, even my underwear.  I’m literally back to where I was a year and a half ago.  Life is getting harder again and I’m continuing to get triggered daily.  My dysphoria is bad and I’m pissed that I’m stuck where I am.  If anyone wants to donate clothing of any kind, or even small things like male deodorant/body wash/cologne, it would be much appreciated.  Unfortunately, I can’t pay for anything, my parents aren’t giving me access to my money right now (yes, it’s illegal, but I can’t do anything about that right now).

For those who don’t know my living situation, my parents are extremely homophobic and transphobic.  Since coming out to them as pansexual and trans male, they have gotten abusive verbally, emotionally, and mentally.  They have cut off my access to money and have taken away personal items after going into my room while I was gone at school.  I can’t move out and I’m stuck at a college that my dad works at, so I’m around him all the time.  I’m hoping to move out in a year to live with my girlfriend (who is incredibly amazing), but for now I’m stuck at home where my parents intentionally trigger my dysphoria and depression.  The clothing I had before my parents took it away was the only thing that was keeping me semi-okay.  I knew that I could be myself even in the harmful situation I have been in.  So now that I don’t even have the basic clothing one needs that I am comfortable wearing, I’m falling into depression.  So if you are able to donate anything, please message me!  And if you’re not able to, please pass this on so others can see this.

Thank you so much!

Family members grieve the death of Maria Pilco, allegedly beaten to death by her husband. Bolivia is trying to curb one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the region. Story on Al Jazeera America.

Image by Noah Friedman-Rudovsky, via Instagram. Bolivia, 2015.

Read more from Friedman-Rudovsky and Sara Shahriari: Critical State: Violence Against Women and Impunity in Bolivia.

@ all my other abuse victims: every abuser calls the victim the abuser out of disgust for themselves as a way to manipulate the situation and make the people around you believe they are the victim instead of the abuser. you know who you are. your abuse is real, it’s valid, and it will continue to get better.

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I'm pretty sure I developed bpd from being in an abusive relationship but they also had mental health problems and it sometimes really scares me and make me feel like what I went through wasn't valid as abuse and that I'm the bad person

I know that feeling anon! I too survived an abusive relationship, and while I refuse to armchair diagnose my ex, he certainly was struggling mental health wise. While we were together, his mother and I would beg him to go see a therapist because he always felt unhappy, anxious, lost, angry, empty and volatile. 

Because of this, he behaved dangerously. He would emotionally and mentally terrorize those around him, me worst of all. He’d manipulate people to treat me like garbage and would gaslight me to get what he wanted. He’d break things, and yell and scream and threaten and a bunch of other terrible terrible things that I don’t really want to get into.

The trauma of the relationship triggered my symptoms to the point of me no longer being able to function at a “normal” level, which lead me to getting a BPD diagnosis. I was always struggling, but after that, my mental health became way worse.

The important thing here is to remember that symptoms are not the same thing as behaviour. Symptoms lead to behaviours, but they don’t make a specific behaviour(in this case, abuse) happen - there’s still a choice. I may experience an intense fear of abandonment, but that doesn’t make me isolate people and and react possessively in a violent manner. Just because my ex was afraid of the same thing doesn’t mean he had the right to abuse and hurt me.

People with mental illnesses can’t control their symptoms. What we can control is the behaviour that follows. And while you may not be able to ever control it completely, and any control at all takes a ton of work, there’s a huge difference between allowing your behaviour to remain abusive and excusing all the hurt and pain you cause or trying your best to make yourself safe, even if you mess up along the way. 

You aren’t a bad person. Your ex had mental health issues and they abused you. Just because you’re both mentally ill doesn’t erase your experiences and doesn’t mean that you’re a liar.


• “I’ll kill myself and make sure everyone knows it’s because of you”
• “who are you talking to? you never give me your full attention. everyone else you talk to is bad for you.”
• “you’re mine and no one else’s.”
• “I can deal with your psychotic outbursts but not when they’re aimed at
me. you’re insane and need help.”
• “who are you? I’ve never met you before.”
• “I had sex last week.”
• “look at my nudes”
• “all you’re doing is making me angry today. go away.”
• “you hate me and you want me to die! I will, just to make you happy”
• “I’m gonna cut myself because you threatened to leave me”
• “I’m not pretending not to know you. I seriously don’t know you.”
• “your misunderstandings have nothing to do with autism. you’re a fucking child.”
• “stop throwing a temper tantrum you stupid bitch”
• “you made up with him? you’re
so fucking pathetic.”
• “nobody cares about you like I do. not your best friend, not your parents.”
• “I hate you.”
• “I didn’t mean it”
• “I love you.”
• “Fuck you.”
• “You don’t care if I die.”
• “You deserve to suffer and live with my
blood on your hands”

specific things that have been said to me during an abusive relationship. Hear anything like this? Leave. Don’t offer an explanation. Leave.

What was the point in telling me you had fallen in love with me if you were just going to tell me I was too much to handle the first time I was hospitalized?

What was the point in telling me you had fallen in love with me if you were just going to spit it my face?

What was the point in telling me you had fallen in love with me if you were just going to scream at the top of your lungs over and over again “I’m going to fucking kill you” in front of all those people?

What was the point in telling me you had fallen in love with me if you were just going to call me and tell me you wanted me to kill myself?

What was the point in telling me you had fallen in love with me if you were just going to leave me for someone else?

What was the point in telling me you had fallen in love with me if you were just going to tell me you wish you’d never met me?

What was the point?

What was the point in breaking my heart?

—  I thought you loved me but it turns you you hated me just as much as I hated myself

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I want to say first of all I'm sorry for that stupid anon. But I also wanted to ask you seem very protective of Maria (I think that's her name apologies if I got it wrong) and I was just wondering what happened to her? Because I might be going through something similar but idk and she to,d me to ask you if I really wanted to know and I'm sorry this is probably really insensitive but I just ugh

(Referencing a really stupid John stan who was sending hate last night and accusing Maria of lying about her abuse.) Hi there, that’s no problem, hon, she’s told me I can share whatever details I want. My only issue is that I have cognitive problems so I might not remember everything, so sorry in advance if I get something wrong.

Two or three weeks ago Maria asked if she could text me and we started talking about her dad, because some of these John defenders had really upset her by defending behavior her father had shown her. She lives with her mom now and doesn’t see her father anymore, thankfully, but when she went to his house he would badly emotionally abuse her, call her worthless and a waste of space and say things like “you’d be dead if weren’t for me”. She says he never hit her but he had a terrible temper and he was extremely frightening, he took out his rage and frustration on her. Sometimes he would turn his anger on her younger brother and Maria has a very big heart, she would divert his attention onto her. She told me a story of a time he had locked her in her room and she was having a panic attack when she realized he was terrifying her brother and she managed to break through the door and tackle her father to the ground to keep him from hurting her brother. She says he locked them both in her closet after that.

She has very little self-worth after all the things he’s done to strip it from her, and she struggles with feeling like it’s her fault or that she deserves it. She told me that some of the things I said were the nicest things anyone had ever said to her, which makes me very sad. She’s just 15 and cares so deeply about helping others, despite how people have told her that because her dad didn’t hit her she’s ‘lucky’. 

If your dad (or mom) is emotionally or verbally abusive to you, then yes you may very well be going through something similar, and you’re welcome to talk about that with me further if you like.