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One thing.
You just need to
find one thing that
you are grateful for
and focus on it
to get yourself to a
better feeling place.
& once you are in a
better feeling place,
you will begin to see
the endless, infinite
amount of things
you have to be
grateful for & this
will bring you
comfort & bliss.
& to think,
it all started with
being grateful for
one thing.
—  l.i.u.
Things I should remember to always be thankful for & never take for granted

1. Family & Friends

2. A home

3. A bed

4. Pillows

5. Blankets

6. Food

7. Water

8. Clothing/Shoes

9. Warm Showers

10. Etc.

Things that you have in your life that you may take for granted because you have always had it may seem like a luxury to someone else who doesn’t have it & wishes they did. Treat everything that you have as a luxury, be eternally grateful, & always remember how abundant you really are. <3

Sharing Lughnasadh/Lammas blessings and wishes for an abundant harvest to everyone who sees this image! Let the magic ripple out, the more it’s shared, the more there is for everyone. The universe is full of bounty for everyone. So mote it be! #Lughnasadh #Lammas #pagan #witch #wiccan #abundance #blessings (at Mickie Mueller studio)