Prosperity Game - Day 3

Sorry I missed Day 2!

Money process - Day 3: $3000

This process was created by Abraham. Susanne Gustavsson is posting this prosperity game process in a Facebook group called Blissapline. Feel free to join that group and follow along.

As you settle down to increase your prosperity feeling by playing this very real game, gently remember that the more airtime you give to something… the more time you spend thinking or feeling about something, focusing on it, talking about it, writing about it…. the more you will get of it.

So, choose to give lots of airtime to the high vibration manifestations that you want.

Today, give more airtime to all the things you would just love to have, or experience - by doing this money process.

In the process of listing all the things you want to acquire with today’s money, you’ll be spending much more than 17 or 68 seconds being focused on things that you love to do or have - effortlessly creating positive momentum :0)

Be easy about it, and above all: Have fun, and find the feeling place of easily facilitating these things that you want in your life.


Today, you have received $3000 from one or more of your many sources of abundance. 

What are you going to spend $3000 on today?

This morning in Immy’s kitchen/patio: Minty Blueberry Layered Smoothie 🍇❤️
Layer 1: blended blueberries, dates, almond milk
Layer 2: oats
Layer 3: more blueberries
Playing with layers doesn’t only make the smoothie pretty and instaworthy, it gives it an amazing texture. Sometimes you get bored of just slurping blended fruit through a straw and you wanna chew something. This does it.
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The Chikukwa Ecological Land Trust

The achievements of permaculture teacher, designer and conflict facilitator, Julious Piti, are almost too incredible to sum up in a few short sentences. 

Over 80% of the population of Chikukwa villages now practice permaculture, meeting their own needs with a surplus to share from the abundant mountainsides, formerly afflicted by deforestation and erosion.

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I’m a big believer in gratitude because it puts everything into perspective, and it enables you to be in the moment. It’s amazing how when you’re grateful the Universe continues to provide you with more happiness and gratitude.
—  Layne Beachley

🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 NICE CREAM 💕 Literally just frozen bananas and it tastes so good and creamy 💕 I read a comment the other day saying “I’d go vegan but I couldn’t live without ice cream”. On a plantbased vegan lifestyle, you could literally eat a whole bowl of nice cream for breakfast, lunch or even dinner - all the delicious nutritious slimming creamy goodness you want and no guilt! 💪🍌 You could also add toppings like berries, crushed walnuts, coconut flakes etc.. Traditional dairy ice cream is loaded with hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol and saturated fats making dairy a major cause of acne, weight gain, heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer (check out Forks Over Knives, The China Study). Plus at the end of the day, milk is for little baby cows 🐮 We are the only species that drinks milk / dairy in our adult lives - let alone from another species 🙈 Moreover, the treatment of these beautiful animals is devastating, shakes me up to the core and it’s so unnecessary (check out Earthlings). Healthy, compassionate, vibrant living is the way forward!! 💪💕🍌👯🌿🍓🌎✌️🍉☀️🍠🐮✌️ Photo credit: @therawboy Follow him for amazing healthy raw vegan food! #plantsforthewin #highcarb #lowfat #vegan #plantbased #rawtill4 #chooselove #choosehealth #compassion #nicecream #abundance

Voncel’s Reflection
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Happy beltane! Beltane is celebrated on the first day of May. Beltane is a fire festival from a word for bright fire. Some observe this festival on the Eve with a bonfire or on May 1st at noon with the spring time sun serving as the fire.
Beltane focuses on abundance, fertility and love. If you need to bring more money, love, health into your life. You can plant a May bush or use an existing buh, tie ribbons on it to symbolize the things you wish to increase in your life and dance with love and joy in your heart! #beltane #mayday #abundance #dance #love #health #healing #wicca #spiritual #spiritualhealing #spirituality #happybeltane