Roman Lace Detail Bodycon Dress

I’ve seen so many stupid damn arguments as to why “the dress” is being seen one way or the other. It varies from “this camp obviously has bad eyesight” to age to color theory to the weird lighting and saturation of the photo to display brightness and contrast settings to gods forfend whatever the latest theory of the second is. I’m not seeing other colors than what I first saw, and I don’t know if that’s my brain being stubborn, my light sensitivity, or just consistent monitor settings. Who knows? Who really cares? It’s likely some optical illusion trick (discovered by accident in this case) like those old hidden image posters from the 90s that folk are getting worked up over?

That said, I’ve seen a lot of “the real color is” hand waving because someone found an Amazon listing for the blue version of the dress and that the version that was purchased by OP’s friend was blue. A quick bit of smart searching turns up that the dress as available from the label does actually exist in Ivory, Scarlet, Pink, and Royal Blue, so who knows which version the in-store photo was taken of — so at least that declaration or right and wrong is a bit of bunk.


¡Manolo Escobar y AC/DC porque si!

Reconstruct The Mind Gap Or How Nixon Popped My Cherry On The Cosby Show

If you are going to wear a hat, make sure to calculate every second of the
day. This is due to the recourse’s your actions could take. i.e they might
take the wrong train while you speed along on a bike made of clams. If that
happens you can always poke holes into brick walls using a sharpened No.
3,000 pencil. I have had many successful hole pokings with a No. 45 pencil
but not as many as No. 3,000. You can buy them at any novelty shop in the
greater downtown area of Nutterbutterburg. Great place. Fell in love with a
statue of a statue of a tree there. Sadly it was torn down to make way for
a real tree, who turned out to be a real bastard. I loathe bastards, mainly
because I am one. Haha JK as John F. Kennedy liked to say. But I would
seriously suggest going to Nutterbutterburg and checking it out. They have
a wig shop if you are not into hats, though I might add, you should still
calculate every second of the day, since you can’t be to sure of when a
bird might call out your name to the founding members of Congress. What a
nightmare that would be! Do you sometimes yell at objects for not being
alive. Notions like that can really get me down, but thankfully I found a
cure in cold turkey. Ice cold and forty days old. Make sure it has some
hair on it’s chest like Avril Lavigne. What happened to her? I heard she
went to Moscow to ride a mule into the new generational dinosaur exhibit.
Most likely because she did not wear a hat. Either that or she didn’t
calculate every second of the day. Speaking of. What second am I on?
Nevermind, let’s get lunch.

Today in english class we were discussing Othello and the teacher was telling us about the origins of the name Iago. After a couple minutes of clarifying some stuff, one of the kids gets up, says “well, this has been fun,” and just walks out the door.

He didn’t come back.

yarnyfan ha contestado tu pregunta “Hello, yes, grammar question: “He wishes the blade on his hand were a…”

weirdly I learned the answer to this by learning Spanish. It’s subjunctive mood - the blade isn’t different and can’t be - so it’s “were”. People will often say “was”, though, even though it’s not technically correct.

oh, okay, thank you very much! :D I didn’t know it worked the same as in Spanish, but now that I do it’s pretty clear, so yeah, thank you ^^

pathsofpassion ha respondido a tu publicación “Hello, yes, grammar question: “He wishes the blade on his hand were a…”

I want to say were bc its a theoretical question? But i am not sure

I’m gonna add your reply here too so that you can see the explanation above :)