lapelosa bromanceshmomance whatiwishicould honestly where do you guys get the idea that it’s totally fine to observe and analyze and form an opinion about a stranger’s gender and sexuality like y’all claim to be super great allies and advocates with your fucking rainbow heart icons and shit but none of you realize just how dehumanizing your actions are and how unsafe of a place your blogs are for lgbtqia+ people

Hi I’m Heather! I’m 20 and I hail from a small country town in Kentucky, USA.
I’ve had pen pals in the past and I’m just looking to begin again!

Likes: Cooking/baking, gardening, flowers, DIY/Crafts, reading, music, writing, Doctor Who, Star Wars, video games, cross stitching, church, the color blue, cats, Supernatural, Sherlock, Torchwood, spring weather, the smell of hot maple toddy, candles/tarts, and tons more!
Dislikes: Frogs, fishing bait, rudeness, disrespect, snakes, spiders. Okay just reptiles and amphibians in general.

What I’m looking for: Someone who loves talking about absolutely anything and everything and who is willing to put up with my ramblings and things about my life. A life long friend and someone who enjoys the same things I do, or you can enjoy the complete opposite! Somewhere along the ages of 17-26. Younger or older is welcomed. As far as location I am up from absolutely anywhere. Also form of communication can be snail mail, email, Skype, etc.

Contact: Feel free to use any or all.
Tumblr: http://feathertheheather.tumblr.com/
Email: heatherlynnblevins @ gmail.com
Kik: ahoycapnheather

Random fact: I have been to 26 states. So I guess that’s cool?

The remaining members of Monty Python are teaming up to make a new film, a sci-fi comedy entitled Absolutely Anything. It includes Robin Williams playing a talking dog.

And in the lead role is going to be none other than BENEDICT MOTHERFUCKING CUMBERBATCH. 


it’s like they’ve started making movies out of my wildest and most beautiful dreams.


She stood up for you in Crawford when Kenny wanted you gone, don’t you think you owe it to her to stand up for her now?