One month ago today, the-polaroidofus and I had the chance to meet and I would do absolutely anything to go back to that day. The last time I was smiling as big as I am in these pictures was when I was hugging you. taylorswift, thank you for bringing this angel into my life. She is such an incredible friend and if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have her. Even though we live 10 hours away from each other, she’s my best friend and I’m so lucky to have her. We both miss you and love you so so much❤️

Girls needed to base character off in Luke Hemmings fic

So my Contact fic is getting to the point where i have planned two female characters to intervene with the storyline. As i have not deeply summed these characters out, i thought it would be fun to let you guys have a shot at having a character based off of you.

The two characters needed are:

  1. A Nice girl, who yet is sly and will do absolutely anything to get what she wants even though it will destroy friendships in the making. 
  2. A stereotypical mean girl who is deeply haunted by loosing everyone close to her, so wants everyone to feel her pain by being a bitch basically. 

Both characters have no physical appearance nor name so this is open to everyone

If you’re interested, message me:

  • What character you would like
  • How this links to you or why you want this character
  • A description of yourself and link to face page
  • Reblog this, so other people get the chance
  •  How you like Contact so far and your thoughts on the fic. 

I will be picking the two girls tonight, so message me if you’re interested!!

dear god I would do absolutely anything to be skinny. to have a skinny perfect stomach, tiny perfect legs, and a perfectly toned butt.


I desperately need a new camera. If anyone would like to donate or gift any amount would be so incredibly appreciated. I promise every cent will go towards upgrading my current camera (Nikon D90), to…well whatever I can afford. right now I am having major issues with the shutter stopping, constant errors, both physical and software…I’m terrified that it is going to stop working any day now and I live for this, you guys on Tumblr know how important photography is to me.

I hate doing this, but with student loan and medical payments, and this being the slow season I am hurting on monies and this is the only day of the year I could vainly justify asking this of you…

Every penny is going to further my pursuit of my absolute passion…anything would help. 

(My email is joarlington1@gmail.com)

And regardless of whether or not you do, thank you for following and sharing my work with the world. You guys have always been there for me supporting my choice to pursue what makes me truly happy…nothing I have accomplished would have been possible if it weren’t for you all.

Thank you! 

Headcanon time! 

I’ve been thinking over this one for a LONG while now. But I’ve finally come up with a headcanon for Kakuzu’s obsession with money. 

 Often he claims that the only thing trust worth or dependable is money. Its the only thing that can really be counted on in this world. With that, given his background of being unfairly punished and scrutinized by his entire village for his selfless act can easily be used to conclude that the reason Kakuzu is so obsessed with money is because its a safety thing. 

  He knows for sure that people will do absolutely anything for cash. Its a necessary evil and it runs everyone. literally everyone. He is well aware that the more money you have, the safer you’ll be. The more powerful you’ll be. As long as you have cash to throw at people, or even take from people, people will do nearly anything you ask. It’s a safety thing. 

   Snatching up as much money as he can for so many decades has just pushed his obsession to unhealthy heights and now he can’t stop himself. It’s something he absolutely has to have in order to be comfortable with life itself since his trust towards anyone is so very limited. The only way trust is given is with money. 

anonymous asked:

So we went to hs together, you've actually proven through your tumblr that you're an entitled self righteous bitch and I think you should reflect on this. You're mean to your roommates that aren't exactly like you and you judge them. Well we are judging you back.

lmao, mean to my roommates? says who? i literally just spent the last hour and a half hanging out with all of my roommates. but you probably already know that since apparently you know what goes on in my apartment?

if you’re judging me from that fridge magnet post then you know nothing about me at all or my sense of humor. (and frankly take me more seriously than i take myself) i don’t care what people do with their lives. i could care less if someone i know smokes or drinks or does absolutely anything as long as they’re not putting other people at risk. since you know so much about me, then you probably also know that i had a civil discussion with one of my roommates about this and explained that she can do whatever she wants outside of the apartment, but bringing things into the apartment that could result in me or my other roommates losing our financial aid isn’t fair to us. if i’m a self righteous bitch for putting myself and everything i’ve worked my ass off for in front of someone else’s easily adjustable habit, then so be it. 

anonymous asked:

The guy who raped me last year who I see everyday and avoid at school has ignored me (thank god) but yesterday in school I heard him n his friends saying I was a piece of shit and a slut and I ran to the toilet to cry. I'm so embarrassed with myself and I haven't told anyone I feel as though no one likes me and I'm execs fly what they say

Im so so so so so so sorry to hear that sweetie pie that is horrendous. you are absolutely not anything that he says you are, dont listen to that swine pig scum. you are strong and beautiful and pure. you are clouds above him and anything he says about you. PLEASE tell somebody


I get it now.

First and foremost this is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what I remember of the dub SO THERE’S THAT.

But also take a look at this scene. Really look at it.

A kid that’s 12 years old, the same age as Amy, is apologizing for making someone worry. From what we see of his parents, that’s all they do for him. He does absolutely anything, they worry, they call, but then they forget about it. And consequently, him.

Now he’s apologizing and not only is he being told he doesn’t have to.

He’s being told it was okay to do something dumb.

Sonic’s giving him attention he’s not really gotten from anyone up to this point. Besides attention, acceptance.

We always defend Amy’s faults by saying “she’s twelve, she’s not really rationally thinking yet.”

Why do we never say the same for Chris?

Safe (danielnelsen)

Written by Ashton (danielnelsen)

Game: High School Story
Genre: Romance
Ships: Dash (Danny/Ash), Derrash (Danny/Berry/Ash)

Author’s note: I wrote this back in November 2014 and it’s just a few of my OCs. To set the scene, Danny and Ash are sleeping over at Berry’s house. It’s the first time they’ve all slept in the same house and especially in the same bed. The story is from Danny’s point of view.

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That confirmation was enough to make
the rosy tint to spread all over his face,
limbs lifting to extend them in front of
his own entity as the nervousness was
starting to become noticeable on his
sttutering and awkward gestures.

             ’ W-Wait, Romano. Are
               you sure about w-what
               you are s-saying? ‘

Sure? Yes, he was completely certain. But did he want to say it? Of course not. Romano cursed himself as he, for the first time in his life, had no idea about what to say or do now. He exposed himself in the most embarrassing, disgusting, corny way he could.  And Lovino was now unable to do absolutely anything, but to stand there, blushing from head to toe and thinking about a way to escape the uncomfortable situation. But apparently, only if a flash of lighting hit him would be the only way to avoid what he brought up on himself.


The remaining members of Monty Python are teaming up to make a new film, a sci-fi comedy entitled Absolutely Anything. It includes Robin Williams playing a talking dog.

And in the lead role is going to be none other than BENEDICT MOTHERFUCKING CUMBERBATCH. 


it’s like they’ve started making movies out of my wildest and most beautiful dreams.