One day, you’re gonna miss the way I looked at you. You’re gonna miss the fact that I would have done absolutely anything for you & you’re gonna miss me, but I won’t be hung up on you anymore. I’m gonna be moved on one day & that day might be soon or it might be awhile, but I will get over you. You’ll miss me

like i basically have absolutely no motivation for anything anymore and it’s entirely ruining my work ethic. i don’t want to call myself lazy because i’m really not, i don’t think!! i just, don’t look forward to doing anything and i have no drive or desire to succeed anymore

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Is it okay to just random write a piece for the DILF!Eren trope? Or is there a storyline everyone has to acknowlege? I love this trope. I want to sell my soul to it!

I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED!!  Ok, calm down KK….

*deep breaths* Absolutely!  PLEASE PLEASE contribute anything you’d like to DILF Eren - a drabble, a piece of art, a confession, FUCK you could just write a post stating how much you love it, and I think all of us would be THRILLED.

PLEASE everyone - feel free to contribute!  There isn’t a storyline, there are variations (PINING! Levi, daddy kink) Just use the tag so that we can find it and rave about it and rub it against our slowly darkening souls in hellish glee.


The Second Annual Bade Prompts Competition

run by:

Britt (@lizmcgillz on Twitter, elizabethsjogia on Tumblr, eegillz on FF)

Mad (@madisvictorious on Twitter, hashtagmadeline on Tumblr, chasingafterstarlight on FF)

Laura (@wowlaury on Twitter, bademance on Tumblr, lowlaury on FF)

How to Join:

Send an ask to bademance with your name, fanfiction name, and 3 numbers between 1-26 along with anything you absolutely CANNOT write (smut, etc). Make sure your ask is open so we can respond accordingly.

Bade Prompts Rules:

1. You may choose three numbers between 1-26, and we will assign you one of the three to write. This is a challenge, so we expect you to try to push yourself outside your limits, but if you absolutely cannot write the prompt we have assigned, you may have one re-assignment in which we give you another prompt to write instead.

2. Regardless of sign up time, the deadline for the competition aspect of the prompts is May 30, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST.

3. The minimum word count for fics is 1000 words. There is no maximum, but if a fic is multi-chaptered, the fic must be completed by May 30, 2015.

4. No fics written in chat style, unless the fic is written through texting, emails etc and makes sense with the plot of the story.

5. Any rating (K, K+, T, M) is fine.

6. Although all platforms with valid review systems are acceptable (FFN, AO3, etc) we would prefer fanfiction.net simply because all of us have accounts there already.

7. Please do not write like this fic (however amusing it may be).

Prompt Rewards

First Prize will get their choice of a fic written by Mad, a drawing by Laura, or a gifset by Britt along with having their fic featured on bademance.

Second Prize will get their choice of the two that are left over.

Third Prize will get whichever is left over.

All fics will be reviewed by Britt, Mad, and Laura.

Judging Rubric

__/10 for Writing Style (organization, clarity, how it is written, word choice, etc).

__/10 for Plot (how easy the plot is to follow, how interesting the story was to read, did the plot make sense, etc).

__/10 for Characterization (how IC Beck and Jade are, character development throughout).

__/10 for Grammar (spelling, punctuation, what have you).

__/10 for Originality (how you put your own spin on the plot assigned and incorporated your own ideas).

Once you are done, simply send us a link via Tumblr or Twitter and we will check it out, review, and judge it! Thanks in advance for your participation and please help us to promote this competition so we can get as many amazing Bade fics as possible!

I miss having that one friend you can talk to about absolutely anything. Sexual, weird, creepy, embarrassing, personal or just family bullshit. No matter what you tell them they don’t judge you and they’re so supportive. I no longer have that best friend I can text weird pictures and captions too at 2 AM or tell them about funny sex stories or just whatever’s on my mind.

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If I ever win the lottery I would love to hire you to make amazing sandwiches for me, you and who ever else we feel deserves such greatness. But anyways what are your favorite cheeses?

What an excellent question. Right now I’m playing around with some Brie I got last week, and finding it goes super with a little turkey and pesto on a panini. I absolutely love feta and anything with a little stink to it. And, of course, sharp sharp sharp cheddar.

And re: hiring me to make you sandwiches… If you’re within an hour of nyc by mass transit, I’d do it. If you’re not, I’ve got something I’m cooking up. Stay tuned.

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Is there a possibility that A is still a girl?

Yes absolutely. With this show anything is possible.

Mona was main a (Alis A)
Charlies is big A (plays with body parts, took over Monas game)
After charles reveal there will be an Uber A who i think is a girl. The kisses -A… maybe Monad initial boss in all of this

The remaining members of Monty Python are teaming up to make a new film, a sci-fi comedy entitled Absolutely Anything. It includes Robin Williams playing a talking dog.

And in the lead role is going to be none other than BENEDICT MOTHERFUCKING CUMBERBATCH. 


it’s like they’ve started making movies out of my wildest and most beautiful dreams.


She stood up for you in Crawford when Kenny wanted you gone, don’t you think you owe it to her to stand up for her now?