Maybe this decision will bite me in the ass someday but I’m going to go out more.

So I’ve acknowledged that I’m an introvert and going out requires a lot of effort for me, but part of it was due to my health issues. I’m recovering from that and maybe it’s time to push myself a little.

Staying in was comforting when I had difficulties gathering energy for surviving a day. Now it’s just bothering me more.

In case that leap proves to be a little too much for me, I won’t be telling my friends just yet. I don’t want them to expect social wonders from me. I don’t want to break any promises, like I did when all of this begun.

For now, I just want to live a little more and I finally have the energy to do so.

anonymous asked:

Are your guides valid eveywhere or are there different things to do for for example job interviews? I'm not sure whether I should trust them 100% because I live in Germany and things might be difderent here.

We make absolutely no promises about anything outside of the US, or even sometimes within the US. We are strangers on the internet, no one should consider us the end-all-be-all.

I’ve come to believe that some people just aren’t capable of changing into a better version of themselves. they’ll continue to lie their way into people’s lives, continue to manipulate others, to be disloyal to people who would do absolutely anything for them to be happy. but I don’t get it. if you have someone who would do anything for you, who hurts when you hurt, who knows you like the back of their hand, who understands you, who loves you, mistakes & all. why would you do anything to risk losing that?

The remaining members of Monty Python are teaming up to make a new film, a sci-fi comedy entitled Absolutely Anything. It includes Robin Williams playing a talking dog.

And in the lead role is going to be none other than BENEDICT MOTHERFUCKING CUMBERBATCH. 


it’s like they’ve started making movies out of my wildest and most beautiful dreams.