:( Caramel’s little cheek abscess seems to have grown, and now there is another little one at the corner of his eye. We’re getting him on baytril once more, but we’d appreciate a kind thought about our little guy. The dwarfs are both 18mo now, and it’s hard to know how much time they have left. For now, Caramel is still pretty happy with his life, and we’re determined to make sure he stays that way!

Cranquis Mail: Nipple Piercings -- any future consequences to consider?

(name withheld) asked:

Dear Dr. Cranquis.
I have been following your blog for quite sometime now and I gotta tell ya! Its more interesting than most. Anyways. I have an inquiry for you. I have been contemplating getting nipple piercings for quite some time now but I am fearful of the consequences they may have in the future. Would you be able to enlighten me about the pros and cons of nipple piercings and if they will have some kind of negative effect in the future when I decide to have children? Btw I am only 21, so that won’t be occurring for a while. Thanks doc!

Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog!

So first, I have to admit a couple things:

  1. We don’t get much training re: “medical issues of body modification” in med school (unless we happen to have a particularly awesome OB-GYN or surgery rotation with a particularly open-minded attending)
  2. I don’t have any piercings, and I don’t know many people who have nipple piercings (at least, not that they’ve shown me), besides a couple patients over the years.

So my reply will be mainly conjecture and anecdotal, based on my knowledge of human anatomy & physiology plus some quick online reading-up. (I can’t link you to the actual UptoDate articles about this, but I’ve found some free links that provide good info).

PROS: It’s really not my place to speak to the “pros” of nipple piercing… since my own nips tend to shrink back and quail in fear at the thought.


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The Angry Boob

WhatIWore: Last week was, by far, the worst week of my life. I had a severe infection that ended up in surgery and five days of hospitalization. I don’t want to write this post as a pity party, but because my symptoms were abnormal and when I googled the living hell out of what I was going through and found nothing, I wanted to share in hopes that no other woman will ever go through what I did. I won’t spare the gory details, so if that’s not your thing, (or you’re my dad or a future employer!), scroll on down to an outfit post.

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hello everyone!! this is Bilbo!
((im so sorry i hate doing these things but i have no other options))
I moved into my house a little over a year ago, and the previous owner had left him here. I couldn’t bring him inside too often because my two cats that I already owned hated him and they got into fights, so he is our outside cat now. :)

Lately another stray has moved into the neighborhood and has been attacking him (they both still have their scallywags.)

Recently the attacks have gotten worse and he tore off a part of Bilbos face. That wound festered overnight and turned into a cat abscess
It is HUGE, its gaping, its bleeding, its pussing, and he is in a lot of pain.
I don’t want to post pictures, it’s very grotesque and he looks very ill. This wound is getting worse by the day and he’s developing a small fever.

It might cost 100-200$+ depending on what they have to help him with. I can barely afford to keep my own pets healthy (which they are), and I still struggle to pay my rent, I don’t have the money to help him and my husband and I are at a loss of what to do.

PLEASE consider helping Bilbo, he’s one of my best friends and the sweetest, kindest cat I have ever met. He does that little clicking meow thing instead of meowing :’(

Please donate to my paypal ( cpstraus @ gmail.com ) or click the button on my blog, so I can get him to the vet asap.

If you are not in the financial situation to help right now, please consider signal boosting. Thank you so so much.

Cranqsgiving, Day 9

This Cranqsgiving, I’m cranqful for –

Consultants who view me as their psychotherapist (or administrative assistant).

Cranquis: …your colleague was in the building, so we had her peek at the abscess. She says it appears to tunnel quite deeply into the buttock and possibly into the thigh, so she agreed that he needs surgical consult in the ER. We’re keeping him NPO since he’ll probably need to go to OR and–

General Surgeon on call: WHAT THE ^#$! How come SHE didn’t want to handle it?

Cranquis: Um… because you’re the surgeon on call? And she’s in clinic all day, and you’re at the hospital, so she was just doing us a favor of eye-balling the patient, plus he was reluctant to even come in, so she helped us convince him to–

GS: That is a load of BS, if this was an appy she would have just snatched that one up and admitted it herself, she’s always doing this to me, she’s been backstabbing me since day one, and if she thinks I’m going to just keep on putting up with this, she has another thing coming!


GS: So you better call her and let her know that I’m pissed off about this! *hangs up*


Maybe it’s just me, but if I did appendectomies and cholecystectomies all night long, I’d be kind of excited to work on a nice tunneling abscess for a change. But hey, I’m not a surgeon…


Wounded World July 8

Are you guys ready to face the disgusting creatures of Abscess?


All About Abscesses! Here is my latest Equine Daily video!


Draining a Peri Tracheal Abscess: This is when knowing your anatomy is helpful, there are some things in there you don’t want to cut.