For a beautiful person - abreact0in

Sweetie, you don’t have to be alone in the world. I know it’s difficult, trusting people who you don’t know, and I know what it’s like when you can’t tell anyone how you feel or how you’re not coping.

But I know that there is a small group of people who really love you. I am a big part of that group.

I see that you post depressing pictures mainly about killing yourself and self-harm, and I hate that you feel so vulnerable.

But believe me, you’re not alone.

You’re so loved by all of us.

Especially me.

You don’t even know me and I completely adore you. Your life is so precious to everybody, and I want people to know who you are for the better.

So thank you for being a beautiful misfit.

Because frankly sweetie, that’s all we all are in the end.

~Alice xxxx