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The #portlandbuttonworks table at #ABQzinefest #zined (at The Tannex)




 ((((((((WORKSHOP DAY,  OCTOBER 1st)))))))))

Interested in sharing your zine skills in the form of a workshop? We are looking for workshops that have to do primarily with zines, self-publishing, D.I.Y. and youth/kid-friendly. If you’re interested, please email Please answer the following questions:

+ Who will be teaching this workshop? Please give us your name, number and email address.

+ What’s the name of your workshop?

+ How long is your workshop?

+ What kind of workshop are you facilitating?

+ What’s the maximum number of people you want to take your workshop?

+ Is there a time slot you’d prefer to teach your workshop

+ What do you need to have a great workshop? (i.e. electricity, table, chairs, paper, sharpees?)

+ Anything else??

+ Got Questions? Please feel free to shoot us an email:

ABQ Zine Fest :: September 30, October 1 & 2 :: Cellar Door :: Harwood Art Center :: Winning


Yes. Your Kickstarter pledges will help fuel and fund the first ABQ Zine Olympics, dreamt up by the one and only Billy McCall, Chicago transplant and Renaissance (Zinester) Man. This guy can do anything. Change his own transmission, deal Black Jack and write a zine that will break your heart. Invest in the fest and help realize Billy’s dream of the first-ever Zine Olympic Games, complete with gold, silver and bronze medals (spray painted staplers)! 

We know … people have been speed stapling for … a while. But it’s precision that matters in these games. ABQ Zine Olympics elevates stapling to an art. Check out the video.


ABQ Zine Fest & Cellar Door Gifts & Gallery present
(((((Moveable Type: Cross-country Adventures in Printing)))) Kyle Durrie, proprietor of Power and Light Press, a letterpress studio based in Portland, 
Oregon makes her first visit to Albuquerque in her mobile letterpress print studio, MOVEABLE TYPE!!!

Moveable Type is a mobile print shop built into the back of an old delivery truck! Experience printing the old fashion way!

Come to Cellar Door Gifts & Gallery on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22 @ 5PM for an evening of ghoulish holiday shopping, letterpress madness with Moveable Type and good, grinch-inspired fun!

Zombie Caroling, anyone?

Another great, FREE event brought to YOU by ABQ Zine Fest.
(Donations gratefully accepted!)