…Part 3 of our Bacolod food trip: the search for seafood.

We had a choice between Aboy’s and 18th St. Pala Pala, both highly recommended by friends and blogs.  But Aboy’s won. 

I was actually unsure if I still had room to eat some more, since we had just finished our late afternoon snack/early dinner at Manokan Country.  But upon entering Aboy’s, I knew that I would definitely find some space in my overstuffed tummy for more food!  

Top: Grilled stuffed squid and Scallops.  I LOOOOVVEDD the scallops! It was grilled to perfection and had the perfect garlicky butter combination to it.

Bottom:  Something I’ve never had before, adobong squid fat.  Apparently, the fat of the squid is that whitish thing you remove from the inside of the squid.  I learned something new that night.  I didn’t know you can cook it. ;D

I paired all of this with garlic rice, again topped with the orange-y oil of inasal. :)

From: Aboy’s Restaurant (Goldenfield Commercial Complex, Bacolod City)
Price: Php 135.00 (does not include rice) 

Until these greasy hands grab hold of a nice(r) camera, blurred images of perfection will have to do. There’s a saying like that, right? Something that goes the only things that can never be in a clear photograph are the ugliest things and the most beautiful things? (I just made that up). Let’s not digress.

I will not be the first person to say that Aboy’s Restaurant is one of, if not, the best restaurants in the city. It has the trifecta of what makes a good place to eat in my books—ambiance, good tasting food, and affordability. And they have a wide array of dishes to choose from which makes the place a supernova of quality. But is the sisig any good? YES. The blend of chili, pork, and sorcery is phenomenal. If my tongue could orgasm it would have. And that’s not the best part.

It’s not even the best dish in the restaurant.

The sisig gets five coronary infarctions out of a possible five. Aboy’s gets an epidemic of cardiac arrests due to arteries clogged with bliss