Rose Wilson had been in one of Starling City’s collages practice for a fencing tournament when a familiar face had come to watch with his friends. She hadn’t been wearing a helmet because someone of her skill level didn’t need one and it merely was for formality sake when she had real matches. Although she had been staring at her crush for quite a while now and realized that her opponent’s sword tip had scratched her nose. The fencing coach blew the whistle and she stood there blankly realizing that she had gotten distracted. The coach handed her an ice pack and she placed it on her nose.

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The angel sat in his cell, aching from the chains and cramps of the small cage they had put him in. People like him weren’t treated well. He had scars all over his body and he doubted if his raven wings even would lift him off the ground anymore. They had clear chain marks from where a chain had previously been and was over tightened on the sensitive skin. It was clear he was an abused creature.

He sat with his hands folded in front of him, tattered clothes and a dirty face as he heard a door open. Someone’s getting out of the pound. Lucky. He groaned a little in pain and closed his eyes and began to cry softly as he longed for freedom and to get away from this horrible place. He was a living breathing being and they treated him like an animal when all he wanted was to be loved




Abowe literally means brother while Abayo means sister. However don’t get confused when you hear married couples saying this. Although they mean brother and sister these words are not limited to siblings. It’s sort of like a sign of endearment or closeness to somebody. You can use these two words with your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends or even when your flirting! It can be used instead of a name or either in front of or behind a name. I.e. Abowe Abdullahi or Abdullahi abowe or for a girl Abayo Hawo or Hawo abayo


Rose had rolled on her bed and ended up feeling herself being licked. She picked up Krypto and placed him on top of Conner but the dog kept licking her instead.  ’I hate this dog,” she growled before gently punching Conner to wake up.

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She rolled her eyes. “Such a gentleman. ” she said sarcasticly and stood up. “Common.” She said and bent down to help n him off. “Let’s get you home.” She said gently.

He tried getting up but his legs wouldn’t work. “Fuck me…” He hissed. It took all his strength to stand up but he had to hold her for support


"Wow you’re really hot, Connor never told me there was a hot blonde apart of his team," Wally blinked and looked at Artemis. He sped close to her and grinned, "I’m Wally West!’ he said offering out his hand.

Walal is the Somali term for Sibling depending on where your from you might say Walalo. This a term mainly used by Somali’s that come from the North. The term Walla or Walalo can be used for both males and females. However if you want to get specific you would say ‘walashey’ which means my sister or ‘walalkey’ which means my brother.

*Note like Abayo and Abowe this Word is not limited to siblings. Although siblings is the literally meaning of it. It can be used to show that your related in even a small way or that your close to each other.


"So I heard there’s some sort of new assassin in Central City," Cooper was flipping though the paper. "Looks kind of dangerous," he murmured tossing Artemis the paper. The front page had a picture of Deadshot. Cooper took a sip of coffee.