misterbaekhyun asked:

Your top 3 baekyeol moments? :3

1. this is the most beautiful moment everrrrrrrrr ;; the way Chanyeol touches Baek’s nape, how close they are, the whispering, the way Baek pushes umm more like grabs Yeol’s boob, we can feel that someone is smiling and blushing sdfjkghskfjgksjd

2. i just never expected this to happen omgggggggg I’ve been staring for this gif for so long its just DAMMIT BAEK what was he thinking tho lol and the way Chanyeol lowers his head i- /SCREAMSSSSSSSSS/ it must be something SOMETHING

3. This is one of the cutest moment gahhhhhhh we hardly see Baekyeol sitting next to each other right but THIS T___T not just sitting there were some hitting and stuff they are so cute together I wish to see more of Baekyeol like this and exo first box is like heaven there were many of Baekyeol that I didnt think i could see ;;

I die with this ship

chanplanet asked:

top 5 chanyeol hairstyles ? c:

1. OMG this is my fav now coz its red ;; i really loved red hair and how he shaved the sides sdkfjhgklfsdjhgskjh IM IN LOVE MORE

2. When he has his hair pushed up i just- /criesssssssssss

3. Short-hair Chanyeol is always my fav ;; he looks just casually handsome basically i love casual Chanyeol the most

4. this madur fuqing hair OH MY FRICK U ME BED NOW

5. the nerdy one is never get old to me kekekeke

xquisitsara asked:

Top 5 chanyeol outfits? *0*

okay~ at the moment….

1. Chanyeol with plaid shirts fjhgsdklfjhgsjfhg

2. He looks damn cool in this one i really love him in oversized clothes like this i even have that denim shirt coz of him kekeke

3. something that make him look casual is always my fav keke


5. this one is always my fav

anonymous asked:

Hi! Channey's wife? Ok, I don't want 2 sound obscene, but don't you think it's puzzling how there's never a lump in between Chanyeol's legs? How can this be? The tallest guy, longest fingers, big shoe size, but always flat down there, it's like a girl's crotch. I've seen hundreds of his pics and there was never a hint of 'manhood' even though you can clearly see it with other band members.

ummm bb u meant u cant see this??

im pretty sure he has some beb

or …

this one too

maybe this one


This one would do too



babyeol asked:

#7 for chanyeol! maybe you can list out all his hair styles/colours according to from the ones you liked the most to the least? (if you want~~)

Favorite hair/hair-color on them

omo kk~ i’ll do hair colors then bb~

1. Red hair Yeori

2. Black hair Yeori

3. Brown hair Yeori

4. and Golden hair Yeori

anonymous asked:

top 5 pictures of chanyeol that you like best :3

omg T^T gonna be so hard

1. isnt he the cutest high school boy jfhkjdfah

2. he looks like a prince here T_T

3. this one had all my souuuuuuuuuul sdfjhgaskdjhflajhd

4. ahaha i love this one the most tbh

5. also this one I would always mention it i love his look here sooo much

fuckboys-over-flowers asked:

Hey girl hey!!! I have a question. Which hairstyle do you like best on Chanyeol?

I love every hair on him tbh but…

I like this hairstyle on boys tbh n Chanyeol looks so casually cool with this hair jkhfhfjh I love his normal hair like it doesnt need to be be perfectly done omg i love it so much

anonymous asked:

chanyeol is close friends with P.O? never knew it..how are they close? do you know?

ahhh they have been good friends for so long tho and i think they r still contacting each other n look how happy they were when they met at the airport T^T

anonymous asked:

Hiii! This might be a huge favor, so I totally understand if you can't get to it but when you have the time- do you mind linking me to some pictures of Chanyeol wearing his Adam Bomb snapback? Google only goes as far as providing stills from the History MV :P

no worry~ i’d love to find anything about him for u kkk but I couldnt find any more than these pics of him with this cap in my 2012 folders T^T so i chose one from each fansite folder