So apparently dealing with liberals in real life gives me just as big of a headache as dealing with them on the internet.

I’ve mentioned before that the people I babysit for are extreme liberals. The dad is running for county commissioner, and although he has no chance of winning against the Republican incumbent he held a get together for donations and a meet and greet tonight. For some reason thought, he wanted me and my sister to take his two younger and more unruly kids, while he left the older one to meet with the voters. 

Anyway, I brought the kids back while the meet was dying down. I went to say goodbye, but ended up getting wrangled into talking to this older lady who was wearing multiple “Real Women Vote Democrat” pins. My sister abandoned me in time of need.

After asking about me, name, age, school, etc, she asked it I was interested in politics and of course I said yes. Then she said, “As long as you don’t ever vote Republican”. 

That broke me. According to her, Republican white men have nothing better to do than restricting the rights of a woman’s body. He one example, to which I was actually surprised because I was expecting Hobby Lobby, was the new Florida Hit and Run Law. This pretty much states that if you were to accidentally kill a pregnant woman in a car accident, then you can be charged for the death of the child. So apparently that’s a bad thing now. But of course this brought up the topic of abortion. Fetuses don’t have don’t have hearts until far past the 3 months, according to her. Which is not true. It’s more like around two months. That went on for a bit.

Then she brought up the crisis in Israel. According to her, the Palestinian, who had their own sovereign nation during World War two, were nice enough to allow the Americans to steal their land and give it to the Jews. Now the they want their land back so it’s completely okay to be bombing Israel day and night.

Then, she continued to be very disrespectful towards my family once she learned I was raised in a single parent household.

When she learned that my top college choices were pretty liberal schools, she had the nerve to say, “When you go to college as least you’ll be able to get away from your parents and finally form your own opinions”. Since my mom is much much less conservative than I am, and because I have the brains to form my own educated opinions I was extremely offended.  

Luckily, at that moment my sister appeared and I took the chance to leave. 

It would have been less frustrating if she wouldn’t have kept telling me how “well read” and “educated” she was on all of these subjects, and how I had just been “brainwashed”.

I wore my "All American, Conservative Woman" shirt today and this is how one girl responded...
  • Girl:Really?
  • Me:What?
  • Girl:Your shirt!
  • Me:What about it?
  • Girl:I just think it's funny that you're a Republican considering they stand again everything you are.
  • Me:What are you talking about?
  • Girl:Well, you're a woman, you're not a Christian, you aren't rich, and you come from a single parent family. They must all hate you.
  • Me:....

The only good part of the night was when I made a joke that no one else found funny. 

The boy I was babysitting, who is 7, was playing on his Kindle. One of the apps was a gun app that made shooting noises like a machine gun.

I said, “Justin, we’re at a Democratic party, guns are illegal here so you;re not going to be able to play with that.”

No one else laughed. 

I’ve mentioned before that the people I baby sit for are extremely liberal. Well, mostly the husband.

The wife recently started attending church again, but he won’t go with her.


Because there are too many Republicans at the church.

That’s completely mature.

My sister and her best friend went and bought 40 of these things for 20 cents a piece. 


They’re all different colors and sizes, and all of them are creepy.

Since my sister is a mature adult, she decided to hide them around my aunt’s house while she was at work and wait to see how long it takes for her to notice.