Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs, then pass this to 10 people.
One rule: no skipping.

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(Tbh, I’ve ever been tagged ‘bout this by some people but I never made it. Alright now, I play it)

  1. My Demon - Starset
  2. The Soldier - Plan Three
  3. Innocence - Halestorm
  4. Room to Breathe - You Me at Six
  5. Lips of An Angel - Hinder
  6. Thrown Away - Stealing Eden
  7. Once - Caleb Kane
  8. Mighty Long Fall - One OK Rock
  9. In Memory - Ed Sheran
  10. God In Fire - The Death March

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Gimme your songs, I’ll listen t’ it!!

I know I sometimes disappear without warning for days at a time so I just want you guys to know some other places I’ll be if I’m not rping.

  • My personal blog can be found here
  • My instagram can be found here
  • and my snapchat and skype are available upon request

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Name: Erin
Nicknames: Murray
Birthday: September 15th
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Height: About 164.6 cm

Favorite color: Green
Time and date at current moment: November 19th at 2:12 in the afternoon
Average hours of sleep: Usually 8 to 10 hours
Lucky Number: I don’t really have one.
Last thing I googled: … Something about onions. I don’t remember what.
First word that comes to mind: Food I’m kind of hungry atm
One place that makes me happy: Home To be more specific: the kitchen
How many blankets I sleep under: Depends on the weather. One or two if it’s hot, three or four if it’s cold.

Favorite Fictional Character: Aph France and Romano My precious little babies must be protected
Book: The Hobbit
Animation: You couldn’t feed me enough to make me decide. Yes, I take food over money
TV show: Oh, I don’t know! There’s too many to choose from!
Favorite Beverage: Sweet tea
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Dream Holiday: I just want to stay home
Dream Wedding: No. No marriage for me thank you.
Dream Job: Hmm… Author… Or councilor

  • Guys, I’m nearing 330 Followers and I am out of my mind with love for you crazy humans. I am so amazingly grateful for you guys, thank you for always being so amazing and taking such great care of me. I’m in love with each and every one of you, my dearies. I can’t list everyone, so I have different categories and I’ll attempt to remember who I can… message me if you believe I’ve forgotten you. Love, me. :)

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knowing more ‘bout your partner tag game
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  • name :: Andrea or Ratty
  • age :: 21
  • how old were you when you first started playing? ::  Like…11
  • height :: 5’4
  • OCs or canons? :: Oc’s~ Did canon in YGO for a bit though
  • females or males? :: Girls yo
  • least favorite face claim ::  Um…Idk??
  • worst rp experience ever :: Major Godmod who changed everything, assumed my female au was a guy and ugh
  • fluff, angst, or smut? :: All of it
  • worst character you’ve ever played :: Hm…I don’t know?
  • at what time of day is your writing the best? :: Afternoon
  • are you anything like your muse? :: Somewhat
  • worst thing about RP :: SHIPWARS
  • best thing about RP :: Getting to know your partners, expressing yourself, learning about things you never considered…

tag five or more awesome people to fulfill this application :: bloomingempress, waterfall-ragdoll, kisame-hoshi-gawddamn, jangnimbeauty, thatjashinmotherfucker—archive

anonymous asked:

Tell us about Mun, please :D

They’re nice, a bit nervous around people but that’s probably because they spend more time with their guitar and cello then with people, they should go outside more. They’re super bad with romance, and they usually take a long time to make decisions. I could say a lot more but that’s probably not necessary, you could always talk to them if you want, they like talking! 

The Mun!

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Birthday: May 30
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: Mostly straight
Height: 5’2” (and a half)
Favorite colour(s): Purple
Time and date it is here: 5 PM Dec 2nd
Average hours of sleep at night: Six-ish
Lucky number: Three
Last I googled was: legend of korra asami korra hug (I’m hoping to make a Korrasami edit for my secret santa project but no promises)
Most used phrase(s): “No worries,” “sorry!”, “Asperger’s!" (with jazz hands)
First word(s) that come to mind: king
“I’m not kicking you out…”
How many blankets I sleep under: At the moment, three and one duvet
Favorite fictional character(s):
Eska and Desna, Azula, Asami, Korra, The Rumor, Tahno, Elsa, Danaerys Targaryen, April and Andy, Princess Leia, Huan, Nico DiAngelo, The Séance, Ahsoka Tano, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Sherlock Holmes (BBC Sherlock), Lily (Modern Family),
Favorite drink: Arnold Palmers or sparkling cider
Favorite food: S’mores
Last movie: Big Hero 6
Dream holiday: …Disneyland Paris *blushes*
Dream wedding: Very pretty Victorian-style, maybe steampunk.
Dream job: TV or movie actress, or working at Disneyland as Elsa. Neither of those will happen, so I’d like to teach children’s drama classes.
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You can tell a lot about a person by what kind of music they listen to. Put your i-pod or however you play your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come on. Then post them so other people can see what your music choices say about you. Tag 10 people you would also like to learn more about through their taste in music.”

  1. Talk Dirty to Me - Poison
  2. Soldier Side - System of a Down
  3. Fucking Problems - ASAP Rocky
  4. Love 4 Fun - Enrique Iglesias
  5. Crazy Angel - Kill Hannah
  6. Party - K. Flay
  7. Your Sweet Six Six Six - HIM
  8. True Romance - Motion City Soundtrack
  9. Zombie - The Cranberries
  10. Bitches - Mindless Self Indulgence

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Once you’ve been tagged you’re supposed to write not with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person that tagged you.

Thank you: spiritxsnix

What was your…

Last beverage - orange juice

Last text - Rufus

Last phone call - my dad

Last song you listened to - Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

Last time you cried - uh… idk like 8 days ago

Have you ever…

Dated someone twice - Nope

Been cheated on - sort of but not at the same time

Kissed someone and regretted it - Nope

Lost someone special - too many times

Been depressed - always am

Been drunk and threw up - too straight edge for that shit

List 3 favourite colours…

- Pastel green

- Teal

- Black

Last year, have you…

Made new friends - yes

Fallen out of love - yes

Laughed until you cried - probably

Found out who your true friends are - yes

Found out someone was talking about you - all of the time


How many people on your Facebook friends list do you know in real life? - Around 50?


First surgery - none

First piercing - none

First best friends - Alicia

First sport club you joined - netball

First vacation - Overy cancer jab

First trainers - pink ones with flashing lights in the heels

Right now…

Eating - skittles

Drinking - orange juice

I’m about to - watch my strange addiction

Waiting for - something good enough to give me motivation to do shit

Your future…

Want kids - yeah but never gonna happen

Get married - yeah but also never gonna happen

Career - probably an ict teacher

Which is better…

Lips or eyes - either, depends on the person

Hugs or kisses - eh… hugs from teddies no other contact

Shorter or taller - not bothered

Older or younger - again not bothered but probably the same age

Romantic or spontaneous - romantic

Nice stomach or nice arms - as long as they’re happy with their body I am

Sensitive or loud - I hate noise…

Hookup or relationship - relationship but never gonna happen

Trouble maker or hesitant - hesitant

Have you ever…

Kissed a stranger - Nope

Drank hard liquor - Nope

Lost glasses/ contacts - Nope

Sex on first date - Nope

Broke someone’s heart - I don’t think so

Arrested - Nope

Turned someone down - unfortunately but that was like a year ago

Cried when someone died - yes

Fallen for a friend - many of times but I prefer friendships, relationships ruin everything

Do you believe in…

Yourself - ha! Next joke

Miracles - no

Love at first sight - yeah, just not in my case

Heaven - I want to but I believe in egg theory

Santa clause - Nope

Kiss on the first date - eh..

Angles - once again egg theory

I tag - its-butters-stotch aoba-seragaki-rp mynamesnotfatass stopthinkingwithyourdick shay-b- yeah I don’t have 25 followers so there

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Name: Ryu
Nicknames: Uhhhhh… Ryu? Ryu-mod, Ryu-mun.
Birthday: May 18th!
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Favorite color: RED!
Time and date at the current moment: 5:13 PM EST on 1/29 (OH CRAP IT’S MY SISTER’S BIRTHDAY I NEED TO CALL!!!!!)
Average hours of sleep: 5-7
Last thing I Googled: Hot Pantz a diy guide to gynecology (check it out, it’s useful!)
First word that comes to mind: Stomach aches
One place that makes me happy: Providence, RI
How many blankets I sleep under: 2
Favourite fictional character: UM. UM. QUEEN CHRYSALIS!
Fave TV Show: Steven Universe
Favorite beverage: Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
Favorite food: Pepperonni Pizza
Last movie I saw in the cinema: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

I will tag: shiningsilverarmor depraved-lord and anyone else who feels like doing this!

knowing more ‘bout your partner tag game
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  • name :: Bird
  • age :: 21
  • how old were you when you first started playing? ::  Fucking 13.
  • height :: 5”1
  • OCs or canons? :: Both
  • females or males? :: All genders
  • least favorite face claim ::  Eh?????
  • worst rp experience ever :: Probably would be when I first started out..I had no idea what I was doing.
  • fluff, angst, or smut? :: Any of it would be fun, but it still needs build up to it..especially smut.
  • worst character you’ve ever played :: UH…I don’t know?
  • at what time of day is your writing the best? :: Whenever I feel like it /CRY.
  • are you anything like your muse? :: some things are
  • worst thing about RP :: Have too many ideas but so little time.
  • best thing about RP :: I have a lot of fun seeing muses/characters interact.

tag five or more awesome people to fulfill this application :: 
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Grad photos turned out bad and it kind of upsets me but since I got dolled up today I figured it would be a good time than ever to show the mun’s face cause who knows when I’ll care to put on makeup again 👀

So yeah, me ft. my cat

Guys, I'm afraid the time has come.

If anyone that’s been following me remembers, things haven’t been all that great lately. I’ve tried my best to keep from blabbering on about it, but now is when I need to bring it back up.

After today/tonight, I’ll be living with my aunt for awhile. I don’t know how long, and what makes this difficult is the fact that well, she has no internet. On top of that, my phone is now disconnected from lack of money.

Oh, and insurance was cancelled too. So that means no medications, etc.

I’m actually tearing up while typing this because of how much I, Taylor, appreciate every single one of you. I truly mean it.

I’ve befriended some amazing individuals here, like I can’t put into words how much they’ve helped me through this rough time.

These people listed, in no particular order, are people that really mean a lot to me, and you should follow them:

cobaltcockiness parallelfugitive skilledstrategist psychoticcreation kxntobor chaoticaphotic shadw0w shadzter sayonxra gentlepatient bejeweledenchantress galaxysonic sonikkii shinigamixfire metal-overlxrd the-black-blur jewelhuntress eclipseddarkling soundbreakinghope

I don’t mean to leave anyone out, but if I did do NOT take it personally, please.

I will be returning, and this isn’t goodbye forever, but I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t feel that way. Writing and conversing with you all is my outlet, and without this, I’m honestly going to be lost. I have my current roleplays saved in drafts.

I love you all, and take care while I’m gone.