• pro-lifer:you have no heart, or maybe it's just empty :(
  • pro-lifer:*gladly uses the corpses of pregnant people as incubators against their personal wishes AND their family's wishes*
  • pro-lifer:*would gladly incarcerate everyone ever related to abortion*
  • pro-lifer:*doesn't even care about pregnant people dying because of lack of access to abortion*
  • pro-lifer:at least we have COMPASSION! uwu


Dear People of the World,

You may think that feminists are angry at everything, and you’re absolutely right in that. We are angry, we yell, we start crying and we can be very melodramatic. We are angry because we care. We are angry because there is so much wrong in the world that no one seems to be bothered about.

And you sit there with that condescending smirk and you tell us, “Woah, calm down!!!” But you know what? Your composure does not make you sophisticated or cool. It makes you selfish. Because the plight of millions of women does not make any difference to you, as long as you can go on with your pathetic life. You are not better that us just because you can stay calm.

Kindly don’t try to cover up your indifference by saying,”It’s just my opinion.” Because opinions can be racist, opinions can be sexist, opinions can be homophobic and your opinions can make you a terrible person. Your opinions and how you act on them literally define who you are and I am fully correct in saying that you are a fucking hypocrite.


A Girl who has had Enough of People Telling Her to “Calm down.”

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What like we don't have a plan on how to end abortion?? HA! 1. Close all clinics (obviously) 2. Make abortion illegal 3. Arrest and charge doctors caught killing babies and put them in jail 4. Women caught seeking an abortion are to be observed by law enforcement or arrested until the baby is born and removed from her custody 5. Women who've had an abortion must give up the guilty doctor or go to prison for a predetermined number of years 6. Make adoption more affordable and accessible. Done.

I’m just going to let everyone else pick this horrifying scenario apart.



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I was with a man who wanted children and he 'loved' me so much that when I mentioned my period was late, he smiled and confessed to sabotaging the birth control. He thought that by getting me pregnant I'd realise that I did want to be a mother.1/2

2/2 Now Rick Brattin would say I wasn’t raped legitimately, I’d consented to sex, but only cuz I thought we were using satisfactory (un-tampered with) protection. The man I was with would never have signed and today I would have a five year old.

Reproductive coercion is a terrible thing. I’m so glad that you were able to have an abortion and get away from that man. What he did was disgusting and so wrong. 

Thank you for sharing your story.



I really wanted to like talk about this.

Like, about pro-choice/life.

I’ve always been against abortion, but lately I’ve been trying to look at stuff in a different way.

I already know and understand women’s rights. I already know and understand how awful it must feel to have to give up the baby’s life. I know that many, many of the people who abort know the value of life and the value of a kid.

I feel awful to think that so many women are put under additional duress and horrible situations in order to maintain a life that will only further the situation.

I already know why so many women choose to abort, but I just can’t get over one thing.

The baby’s life. I just can’t agree with taking away a baby’s life or taking away someone’s life in general.

Even if the baby grows to be a criminal or something, at least it had a chance to be happy and make others happy. I know it’s such a horrible situation but I can’t forget about that. Like the baby’s future is just cut away, even if it is reluctantly done so. Even if it is a fetus, it still has a chance to live.

But what if accepting that life only worsens your own?

I’m so confused.

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When asked how much I made a month, Planned Parenthood estimated that my $300 a month would be a $600 abortion plus all the lab fees (without insurance because mine didn't cover it). After I started crying on the phone when the lady told me the numbers, she said I could apply for a different insurance, but when I did, it would've taken 100+ days to get the application looked at/kick in. So now I'm a scared shitless, 3 month pregnant broke college student w a baby that I never asked to conceive.

I’m so sorry this is happening to you, anon. I’ve never been in that situation myself so I don’t have any solid advice off the top of my head. 

Does your state have a health exchange system? I know here in Washington, I was able to sign up online and in just a short while I got confirmation of insurance- it might take longer than that to kick in if PP requires a physical insurance card. 

Have you considered setting up a donation fund? I know there are people here who would help you if you set up a gofundme or something similar- I know I would.

I wish you all the best, anon. If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me off anon and we can talk privately. I’m always here if you need an ear.

Followers? Any advice?

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When you are looking after a born infant, do you know what you can do if you get tired, or stressed, or your health is suffering? You can put the baby down in its crib. You can hand it over to someone else to look after for awhile. You can hand it over to adoption services and never have to look after it again. You can't do that when it is INSIDE you, living off your blood. Even a single parent looking after a newborn isn't holding the baby 24/7 like a pregnant person is.

Or if your finances are tight, or your mental health is suffering, or if your job is on the line. You know, the same reasons as people choose to abort. A born child can be cared for by anyone else if the parent can not take care of them. A fetus? Not so much.


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If men have a say in what a woman can do such as get an abortion and they vote "no women can't get abortions" then Men should not be able to rape, Women mostly go to abortion clinics BECAUSE they have been raped. So taking away abortion is like ruining a life. Not every woman wants children, it's her body ,it's her life ,it's her choice, if a man wants a child he can adopt or wait until he finds someone who does. Simple as that.

Men are legally not able to rape. It’s illegal. And you claim that most abortions involve rape victims seems spurious. Care to back it up? Either way, (as a man) I’d vote for women to have legal access to abortion.

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How can you call yourself a Harry pOtter fan when you're pro abortion? What if Lily had had one what then?

Okay first of all, you are displaying a fundamental lack of understanding of how the books worked in the first place, because Harry Potter was not born as the Chosen One. He was not chosen by fate, he was chosen by Voldemort. Here’s the actual Prophecy that references him:

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…

So Harry was not actually born special. Not only could Neville Longbottom have just as easily been the one meant by the Prophecy, if Voldemort had chosen to go to his house first and somehow failed to kill Neville as he did Harry, but the Prophecy itself was just that: a prophecy. As we learn in the Department of Mysteries, most prophecies come to nothing. Because predicting the future is inexact. Divination itself is inexact, and the future is made up of constantly changing events and decisions. People are not, in the Potter books, automatons of fate and destiny going through the motions of their lives without any say in the matter. They are characters with free will, something that admittedly you seem to be unfamiliar with, and Harry isn’t some kind of Jesus analogy either, a “savior born” or whatever.

I will say again, Harry did not have any special powers when he was born! All of those, he received from Voldemort. He was not some great savior mystically imbued with purpose and powers when he was born; he was someone who might be the person that a half-mad woman predicted a possible thing about. It was not until Voldemort himself got involved that the Prophecy came to fruition; if he had stayed away from the Potters, if he had never met Harry, that Prophecy would have fizzled out like so many others. It’s a classic case of “knowing the future inspires someone to try and prevent it and, in trying to prevent it, they ensure it.” Furthermore that Prophecy only says he has the power, and one of them must die; Harry wasn’t fated to kill Voldemort. He was predicted to be someone who might receive the powers that could grant him a chance to vanquish Voldemort, and then only if Voldemort himself gave him that power! Try and move beyond your cliche understanding of the phrase “Chosen One” and actually give some thought to how these books approach the matter, okay? That will help you.

Secondly Lily Potter was a happily married woman with a great support network of friends who, whether Harry was planned or a surprise, chose to have a baby. Although if she had chosen to have an abortion, given that she was in the middle of a war, and especially given that her blood-status as a Muggle-born and her husband’s as a pure-blood would have put their half-blood child in great danger (even aside from the Prophecy), because he would have been evidence of the “tainting” of the formerly-pure Potter lineage, and as such she would be painting a target on her child’s head for the duration of the war, and thus might well choose to wait until after the fighting was over and her side was (hopefully) victorious before she had a baby…well, I wouldn’t be able to blame her for that decision, so maybe that’s how. Because I think people should be allowed to make their own choices, whether that be to have a baby or to abort it.

Thirdly, Harry Potter is in fact a series of fictional books and is not, actually, about real people. Lots of things happen in those books that could not and should not happen in real life. For example, I love Hogwarts as a fictional magical school, but if it was a real place, I would have several issues with its curriculum, for starters…

So in summation, you don’t understand the books you’re talking about or how the real world and fiction differ, apparently. And that’s how I can be a fan of Harry Potter and someone who supports the rights of people to have abortions: because I do.


Speaking with my father about his premeditated bribery to have me murdered as a fetus, reminds me of the conversations I have with white women about the intricacies of white patriarchy embedded in globalization,
and the inevitable matricide of our planet.

Divergent kinship occurs within the psyche of those
who have been disclaimed all their lives.

My father attributed his neglect towards my life to supposed poverty; and the white women have fumbled with their words, but their eyes sparkle with indifference.

The human race leaves me aflutter.

I am the lovechild of the Moon and the Sun.
My mother—Earth—will not be shun.
Without her, we’re as good as done.

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Still you can't just quit caring for a baby and let it die, that's the point.

Did. You. Not. Fucking. Read. The. Answer. Do you know another way for a pregnancy to be deliberately terminated that doesn’t involve abortion or 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth? Cause that’d be sweet, but it doesn’t exist yet.

The thing that’s different about dependance in pregnancy and afterwards is that while pregnant, no one else can take over that pregnancy for you and the fetus is solely depending on your body. After birth, the child can be given up for adoption, cared for by others, etc. Your whole argument is incredibly ridiculous I’m afraid.

- Emily