PSA to all activists: 

Please stop using ableist slurs to combat oppression.

Here are some better words that describe oppressors without bringing down the disabled community: narrow-minded, naive, unsympathetic, ridiculous, disgusting, ignorant, irrational, pathetic, repugnant, thoughtless, unjust. (And of course: racist, misogynist, transphobic, homophobic.)

  • autistic people:autism speaks literally supports the murder and abuse of autistic people dont support them
  • allistics:ok but im just trying to help?? whats the big deal. im trying to help for autism why dont you appreciate this
Disabled people are around a fifth of the world’s population. The onus is not on us to prove that we are disabled. Nor is it on us to justify why we are not behaving as if we are able-bodied. It is on able-bodied people to accept that we exist, and that we have the right to go out in public without being interrogated.

Kanye West’s […] attitude to disability is symptomatic of a bigger problem

With regard to the notorious Kanye West events this weekend. Also note that I took out an ableist slur in the headline and am baffled as to why a disability organization would use a slur like that. 


This can be found under a discussion on Cracked’s FB page about an article that interprets a scene in Blade Runner as rape. In the comments: rape apologists, anti-feminists, etc pp. Is it just me or do “anti-feminists” sooner or later spout ALL kinds of slurs? It’s like they’re often overall shitty human beings, or somesuch.


And people say rape culture is a myth. 

while i’m on the topic, i’d like to post this in the #self diagnosis tag.

i talked to a psychologist on saturday, and she flat out told me that unless you NEED resources and will only be able to get them with a professional diagnosis, then there is no point in getting professionally diagnosed w autism as an adult, and that self diagnosis is perfectly fine.

even so i’m going to try to get a professional diagnosis, though they’re not covered by most insurances and are said to be costly, and it’s apparently fairly difficult considering that there aren’t many adult autism specialists, but that’s for personal reassurance and my own personal issues.

but i’ve talked to my family. i’ve given them resources about autism to look at and read. they agree with me that i’m autistic, even though it’s not something they want to believe.


psychology is a baby science anyway. it hasn’t been around for that long and a lot of it is guess work. so calm the fuck down and leave self diagnosed autistics alone.

—passionate psychology major 


Kelli Stapleton appeared on Dr. Phil, and advocates have taken to twitter for Issy: Tell Doctor Phil and the Media that Issy Stapleton is the VICTIM

We’re using hashtags #JusticeforIssy, #OurLivesMatter, and #DisabilityisnotaCrime

Sign the Petition to give Kelli proper punishment

Read more at these links (warning- violence, ableism, murder, attempted murder, is discussed):,0

i’d recommend blocking “disable-the-ableism”. they believe and spew a lot of nasty shit, including that  everyone can successfully and safely just report ableist abuse “if they just keep trying” and talking about it on the internet is “just sitting around complaining about it”

they believe autistic children are not murdered because they are autistic and believes it’s “just bad parents” who would murder “any difficult children”. they also stated that accidental child deths is the about same thing as mercy killing autistic children (“The “mercy-killing” is a rather rare case, and is more due to severely incompetent parents that would most likely still have abused or murdered their child even if it wasn’t autistic”)

+ they defend user noyka who harasses other autistic bloggers, mostly those who do not function the same way they do, who told me i “made autistic people look whiny” by talking about how i’m afraid of my abusive family possibly killing me

so uh yeah! block “disable-the-ableism”. and also block “noyka” if you haven’t.

yeah, the autistic community on tumblr welcomed me and made me feel validated, accepted me from the beginning and fought for my rights as a neurodivergent, they never questioned the validity of my experiences or needs, it’s the allistic people who invalidated me, disregarded what i told them, and told me i wasn’t autistic

On Kanye West

I condemn Kanye and all those who took part in the degrading and ableist situation that transpired at the concert. I do not, however agree with all the commentary going around about his general narcissism. It seems as if certain individuals are using this as an opportunity to bash a confident black man and rap music as a whole. Many of the most outspoken critics of Kanye’s behavior could care less about our culture’s toxic treatment of disabled people.

"I wanted to help her! There was no other way to fix it!"

"Fix it"

Fucking “fix” it

Aka let’s fix autism by killing autistic people

Yep, totally “understand”

Oh and:

"I think I had a normal reaction to a horrific situation"

Everything about this is so fucked completely

Throw something at someone

anonymous said:

I just need to thank you again for we are who we are, I've commented before but I just realised that unlike some deaf Au fics I have read you didn't fix peter because he didn't have to be fixed and I cannot thank you enough for that because someone upset me saying that deaf kids can be fixed now but they know nothing about the deaf community and sign language just thank you for not 'fixing' Peter or Sam just remember what value your writing can bring

Oh wow thank you so much. It means a lot to me that one of my fics could touch you so much and make such a good impression. On the other hand I’m so sorry that someone would say that to you also, that’s really awful :(

If I manage to get back my writing groove I can tell you there will definitely be more fics coming where Peter is deaf, possibly even from the same universe as We Are Who We Are since Sam being trans and ace is really important to me too. Thank you again for this message, I appreciate it so much and I’m very glad that you enjoyed my story! <333

Ableism and Fetishes

I think this is one of the least talked about subjects cause many people think in the Sj community seem to think they are the only ones that have a market for being fetishized. With one of my high school experiences, I remember my ex was so obsessed with my stutter and she even told me how much it turned her on. Later on the year we broke up for obvious reasons, then not only after a month. I had to deal with her bullying for 3 months straight of saying ableist slurs at me but of course back then I wasn’t able to say anything back so I just stood there and watched. Of course they responded to that too but anyways I am going off topic. I even had people calling it cute and adorable which in my opinion is another way to put a fetish on my disability. I can imagine with the more visual ones, there can be a great huger problem in the grand scheme such as dwarfism, or people that need a wheelchair/walking stick for better mobility. I even see a few…graphic photos of this one girl with it appears as it was described on them, “of penetrating a girl with very slow autism.” Sadly this was on 4chan and there wasn’t much to do back then for me. As to lay down the final verdict of this entire thing. I feel like this is important to bring up in the sj community. People like me have been fetishized and they themselves think it’s a compliment.        

Thank you for the submission! Such a great point to bring up!

wlsterla said:

"you're in an abusive situation? just report your abusers :)! it is always always possible to do that! it's not like it's hard for many people to speak out and take action because of threats of violence and death! you're playing victim and you're a militant autistic :)!" im fucking angry. im so fucking angry