PSA to all activists: 

Please stop using ableist slurs to combat oppression.

Here are some better words that describe oppressors without bringing down the disabled community: narrow-minded, naive, unsympathetic, ridiculous, disgusting, ignorant, irrational, pathetic, repugnant, thoughtless, unjust. (And of course: racist, misogynist, transphobic, homophobic.)


Kelli Stapleton appeared on Dr. Phil, and advocates have taken to twitter for Issy: Tell Doctor Phil and the Media that Issy Stapleton is the VICTIM

We’re using hashtags #JusticeforIssy, #OurLivesMatter, and #DisabilityisnotaCrime

Sign the Petition to give Kelli proper punishment

Read more at these links (warning- violence, ableism, murder, attempted murder, is discussed):,0

anonymous said:

when I first followed you years ago my impression was that you had a great body. now you are fat and gross. what happened. why did you let yourself gain so much weight? you were HOT

1) I still am hot. 

2) When I first made my blog, you’re right, I was much skinnier. However I was at that weight because of my chronic illness (Gastroparesis). At that point I had just started having symptoms. I wasn’t even properly diagnosed yet. I lost 40 pounds in under a month, and for the first two weeks all I could keep down were saltine crackers and liquids. Months following that I still couldn’t eat very much. Even drinking water or chewing gum made me nauseous. I was constantly dizzy, hungry, nauseous, bloated, fatigued.. the list goes on but I’ll let you research the symptoms yourself if you care to.

Over the past three years I have slowly began to eat more, which is amazing considering other people with this disability sometimes end up with feeding tubes and dangerous complications from malnutrition. 

I have been gaining weight for a variety of reasons: 

- The spectrum of foods I can eat are very limited. Going on diets is simply not an option. I need to eat what my body can handle, and if I force myself to eat things I can’t digest, then I will be sick. This is literally a tipping scale between whether I can keep down my meal or not. So even if it’s just a plate full of carbs, I am going to eat whatever my body accepts on that given day.

- There is a lot of pain, fatigue, dizziness, and nausea that comes with this illness, so I don’t get as much exercise as I should. Some days I can’t even get out of bed let alone leave the house. But I have to stay positive because I know there are some people with this who are living out of a hospital bed. The fact that I feel well enough to go out even half the time is a blessing. 

- Food sits in my stomach for much longer than a regular person. My metabolism is very, very low, and things don’t get processed the way they should. 

To sum this all up, gaining weight has been a part of recovery for me. It means I am able to keep my food down and eat a decent meal. It’s a celebration; things could be a lot worse. Things HAVE been a lot worse. I am getting better, and I will not let you turn that into a negative for me.

Peons bother me a lot. 

They’re presented as these mentally disabled/learning impaired adults that the Horde uses as essentially free manual labor. And the most common form of “discipline” used against them? Kicking, smacking, hitting with clubs. 

Like, if there’s something the Alliance fanboys could use to demonize the Horde, you’d figure they’d be all over that shit. 

even if you don’t have money signal boosting will help, any little bit will help. And there are prizes for as little as $10 donation because I haven’t had time to get my store back online but I have time to mail stuff and draw stuff AND THERE ARE Doctor Who PRIZE SUBSTITUTIONS EVEN AT THE $10 LEVEL!!! Or other fandoms… That’s just the one I’m most active in so that’s why it’s listed like that.

I’m lucky enough to be FB friends with lighttimegoddess who has agreed to post it (AND I AM TRYING NOT TO BE INTIMIDATED BY HER REFUSING MY OFFER OF A FREE COMMISSION AND HER SAYING SHE WANTS TO DO AN ART TRADE BECAUSE SHE LIKES MY ART BUT OH GAWD I AM NOT WORTHY O_O still who could refuse such an offer when she is so perfect) but each of you has different followers and even just a share really could help…

If we get enough for the trip we will have to wait until hurricane season is over but obviously I will post pictures and audio and show you all the good you have done because this poor kid is drinking and self harming because there’s not been a happy moment since March 2013 and all our money for his birthday has been spent on gas to have visitation and bring him back to Nashville because the Dcs worker is HATEFUL and put him in another city where he’s had to have staples put in his head from being shoved down the stairs by the other foster child! I think I accidentally deleted the photos of the staples but I can easily take another photo during our next visit if anyone needs proof… And he is still there… And his stares foster family has decided to suddenly be ‘inconvenienced’ by weekend visits so he does not even get to see her and neither does her grandfather… I could list hundreds of awful things but I didn’t want to depress every person who read that page as to the abuse we have been under so I kept it to a minimum but if you need more information I will give it to you.

The basic thing is that we are being mistreated for being disabled and I am judged for looking strange even though I’m intelligent and a good parent and I work despite being disabled… The south is UNBELIEVABLY prejudiced against us.

anonymous said:

Hey did you guys hear about what Kanye West did to disabled fans in Australia? Any thoughts?



If people are sitting at a concert, they probably have a good reason. I am upset that he expected everyone to stand up, and he only made an exception when he found out that those not standing were disabled. That is rude as shit. He had his body guard check to make sure they were disabled. So, if it was someone that worked a long day and couldn’t stand up because of exhaustion, he probably would have had them kicked out. I am unhappy because Kanye didn’t give these fans the benefit of the doubt, and then he basically assumed they were being rude because they weren’t standing and became overly offended at that prospect. I am not a fan of Kanye.

- Mod Helga

I'm Not "More" Autistic Than Anyone Else: Why Functioning Labels are Harmful

You can read this post on my new wordpress blog (specifically dedicated to my experiences as an autistic person) here at Alaina Marie’s Keys.

While growing up, Amy had a very hard time socializing and was often nonverbal and catatonic. Amy would sit in one place in the same position for hours, maybe only changing it up to rock back and forth. Amy forgot to eat until she was starving. She forgot to drink water and became dehydrated. She was terrible at regulating her own body’s needs and would forget to pee until she was basically peeing herself, and always had trouble sleeping. Amy’s now an adult. She has a hard time expressing her own needs sometimes and doesn’t know how to ask for help, like if she can’t find something in a store. It takes all of her energy to do things that require a lot of senses at once, like shopping. If she is going shopping, she has to take a list and another person she trusts with her, because it is too hard to remember to purchase everything she needs and how to navigate the store and where her car is parked all at the same time. Amy experiences meltdowns if she has too many sensory things to process at one time, and during a meltdown she will scream, cry and be unable to move from the spot until she regulates. Amy frequently experiences burnout when she’s over-exerted herself and sometimes forgets where she is, feels hazy and confused and works basically on autopilot for days or weeks at a time.

While growing up, it was clear that Sarah had a knack for patterns. She could read a story and then create a story of a similar structure even though she had difficulty learning the formal processes of English in class. Sarah could remember endless facts and would recite them ad nauseam to her family and peers. Sarah created elaborate worlds from her own perspective, complete with characters, plots and fantasy elements and she would make drawings and 3 dimensional models to go with the stories. Sarah is now an adult. She’s in the Honors program at her college and is working on an honors thesis, where she essentially creates her own class for 6 credits and works with a professor one-on-one. Sarah is taking 6 classes this semester and has 3 part-time jobs and a 2-hour-per-week internship. Sarah tutors at the advanced level in several places on her campus. Sarah regulates a lot of her sensory issues well, and has turned a lot of her Sensory Processing issues into a running joke with her friends so she no longer feels self conscious about them. She has a lot of friends at school and a lot of people use the compliment, “You don’t seem like you have autism.”

Which person do you think is high functioning autistic and which is low functioning?

Read More

anonymous said:

Am I ableist if I wish there was a cure for autism? I don't want it. I'm so tired of it. But at the same time, how do I know what's me and what's the syndrome? How would I change if it went away?

No, you’re not. I also wish I could get rid of my autism due to how it affects my life, as well as several other things. You are not ableist for wanting to remove a disability that is genuinely hurting and impairing you.

I really can’t comprehend why people would try to glamorize autism and similar disabilities. I’ve seen people say that it’s a coping method to adopt it as a trait and not a flaw, but I’ve seen people use it as an excuse to act like an elitist asshole and act like it’s the only disability that matters. That’s just wrong.

Yet I digress.

Unlike what certain people would have you believe, autism is NOT a personality trait or part of your personality. It affected the growth of your personality, yes, but is not strictly a part of it, so removing the autism would not drastically change who you are, only restore what was once missing. The important part is the humility we learn from having lost something precious.

Higher-functioning autistics often manage to adapt to society and entirely lose their surface autistic traits, and plenty of autistic people are otherwise simply people underneath the symptoms.

If anything, you would still simply be you, but without the flaws, and keep the learning experience. It would not change your personality at all, just give you the ability that autism had previously restrained.

In the end, it’s up to you if you want to cure it or not. c: Just make sure it’s a genuine cure, not something risky or potentially harmful. Wouldn’t want to make your problems worse…


anonymous said:

hi I'm sorry and I'm not sure if you guys will answer this cause it's not about rape but I have borderline personality disorder and major depression and some people in my school just found out that i attempted suicide last year before i moves to the school and now they're all drawing red lines on their wrists and telling me to do it properly next time and I cant tell the teachers i"/ scared i don't know what to do

I can’t give you very concrete advice. I can’t define what you do, this is your decision because it’s you that will be affected by it, but I can give you a few options and ideas.

If you have close friends at school, try explaining to them how this is effecting you. They can help provide a barrier between you and those harassing you and defend you at times- that can help your emotional state a lot.

Otherwise, possibly speaking to your parents, or someone else you feel can safely represent you, and have them help approach the school for you. This can even be a school counsellor or a friend of some sort. Often approaching people at higher levels in the school, rather than teachers, can make things easier.

Ultimately, you are better than this harassment, you deserve better. I’m not going to tell you to just “not let it get under your skin” or whatever- there’s nothing helpful about telling people to lie down and accept abuse. It doesn’t stop the emotional impact. But I will assure you that this doesn’t indicate ANYTHING about you, only them. Your history doesn’t make you a bad person in any way, but I know that when it continues for a while, you can feel like you’re the problem. I promise you’re not. You have our love and support.

Do any of our followers have any other suggestions on how to help prevent the bullying and harassment?

- ifiwakeinthemorning

You know, I don’t understand why people think my difficulties because of my disability (or anyone else with a disability) are so uniquely awful they must need to be “cured”.

EVERYONE has difficulties. Abled and disabled people alike. The disabled people’s difficulties are just not considered the normative ones by society, so they are automatically so much worse and must be uniquely eradicated, rather than accepted, worked on in regular human growth and accommodated like abled people’s difficulties.

It’s so weird. Ableism is so weird.

You should be glad that I exist.

Thanks to me, you have someone to blame for your problems. When the wages go down, services are cut and taxes go up, when the powers that be are corrupted and you feel helpless, I’m here for you to blame. Looking at me lets you target your anger.

Thanks to me, when you feel down, when you’re tired of your boring life as a cog in the machinery of capitalism, when you’re envious of those who you think are better off than you, I’m here for you to pity. Looking at me lets you feel lucky you aren’t me.

(Click the above link to read elmindreda’s entire article written because of Ashley X.)