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Was tagged by the gorgeous nipbar to do the 6 selfie thing! (Stole the bottom right from christiannapolitano)

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Heather writes descriptions for series she hasn’t seen based on what she’s read on Tumblr

Steven Universe: A boy named Steven is being raised by his father Greg and a group of agender aliens who use she/her pronouns. Steven’s other parent was an agender alien named Rose, beautiful and pink, who died in order to produce him. He has a best friend named Connie. The aliens and Steven are able to merge bodies with each other/other people. They all live in a beach town and fight…someone. With swords?

Gravity Falls: Twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines spend time with a relative called Grunkle Stan during the summer, solving mysteries that get more and more elaborate as the series progresses. They have a clubhouse they call the Mystery Shack. Also, there’s a flying dorito named Bill Cipher who I assume is a Pan-like character. It sounds like there are some diaries that are the source of many mysteries, and these diaries were written…by Grunkle Stan’s brother! (This is apparently shocking)

Hetalia: There’s a character named for every country in the world, and I honestly have no idea if there is a plot or if it’s just about putting them in hilarious and cute shippy situations.

Hannibal: One man likes eating people (ew). Another man is tasked with stopping him. Obviously, they fall in love with each other. Also, there are some bitchy women, natch.

Daredevil: A fantastic show I should be ashamed of myself for not watching. Also, Matt Murdock may or may not be in love with his friend Foggy. There is a girl in it, I think?

Orange Is the New Black: A group of women in prison start a black market for used panties.

Parks and Recreation: Chris Pratt is a loveable doofus. Aubrey Plaza is tsundere. Together, their adorableness will destroy you. This is their love story.

Supernatural: Two brothers fight demons. One of them is in love with an angel. He also dies a lot. There’s angst. A girl was briefly in it, but she died.

Quick Question For People Who Headcanon Dave As Trans

I’ve seen a lot of really cute fanart of this headcanon, but something confuses me. In a lot of the art Dave’s wearing his god tier pajamas, which I guess means it’s meant to take place after he and Rose went off to destroy the green sun.

But shouldn’t he have male parts/not need to wear a binder after that point? The version of Dave that went on the suicide mission/ascended to god tier was his dreamself not his “earthself” (ie. the physical body that John sent to earth via meteor), and aren’t dreamselves meant to be more of a reflection of who you believe yourself to be deep down? Terezi’s dreamself was blind because deep down Terezi believed that being blind was right for her, but Vriska and Tavros’s dreamselves seemed perfectly able-bodied as far as I could tell (and Vriska continued to be after she godtiered). Jade’s dreamself was even able to grow extra arms in order to play her advanced guitar.

So if deep down (or not so deep down) Dave is a man, shouldn’t his dreamself have masculine parts, regardless of what his earthself has?

Just food for thought. I think this has potential for some really cute/heartwarming fics (imagine how wonderful it must be to wake up in the right body after living in the wrong one for years) but I haven’t found any that use it yet (if someone knows of one let me know).

Edit: Reread this because it seems I offended someone and I had to check to see where the problematic language was. “Believed” is a very bad word, because it implies it’s just what someone thinks they are, not what they truly are deep down. I’m terribly sorry for that, I was using the word to parallel how Terezi explained it, but I can see where it may have given a bad impression. I’ve fixed it now.

it’s easy to forget sometimes that nondisabled people aren’t disabled. i mean, to start comparing myself bc they just talk about their normal selves in a normal way and dont say things like “im NT and able bodied so xyz thing presents only these moderate-to-nonexistent challenges” and disability is normal to me and im like dang… i suck, im not trying hard enough… But then im like Hey Wait a sec

it is really easy for any able-bodied person (or any majority group) to be like “your anger about this problem makes me Uncomfortable, you should be more positive about things” and having that accompanied with messages of “you are hurting yourself but more importantly being a drag to those around you” doesn’t make it any better

esp when i’m fucking terrified of ruining the lives of the people who are nice enough to still stick around me lmao

I think Lydia can see dead people and can communicate with them as well.

That’s why Aiden appeared and I think others will as well. The dead probably told her that her friends were all going to die. Probably is why she’s in Eichen House.

It’s not that far off. She was able to know when people were going to die and earlier on, she was able to find dead bodies. She’s a banshee…the possibilities are endless.


From Indian Lakes | Electric Ballroom, London | 28.05.15

I love this band. Was so great to hear them live and shoot them as they opened for Circa Survive and RX Bandits. They made for great photos. If you haven’t heard of them, go check them out!

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Current situation in Karachi

They’re not being able to bury the bodies because there’s no water to wash them with and the hospital isn’t being able to take in bodies because there’s no space in the morgue. Families are having to keep the bodies in their homes and a lot of people don’t even have water or electricity

Don’t forget to make dua for Pakistan tonight!