Liam fans know he is the only member of the band actually physically capable of carrying you over fire and water, as sung in ‘Through the Dark.’ Liam fans also know Liam’s strong jawline and broad shoulders. A Liam fan fantasizes about watching Liam build a cabin upstate, where they will spend long weekends with their rosy-cheeked children and golden retriever. It will be on a pond, and in the summer Liam will patiently stand in the water, teaching your child how to swim. He will carefully check the area for snakes first.

What Your One Direction Crush Says About You 


[Depp] has almost a burning desire to make ugly choices. He comes with a physical beauty that’s just astonishing, and at the same time he has no interest in being that… When I met him, he had this really long hair. He showed up at the meeting, very quiet, really shy, and was teaching us magic tricks. I thought, ‘I suppose he could be Gilbert…’
—  Peter Hedges (author of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) on casting Johnny Depp as Gilbert

From this day forward, stop looking at your inabilities. Do not allow yourself to be stuck in the idea that you are not able, or worthy, of doing amazing things. Have you ever thought that maybe, JUST maybe, you are a world of possibilities and the only thing that holds you back is yourself? YOU are the only one standing in your way. Today, God wants you to know that He does not care about the past. He does not dwell on your mistakes like you do. He does not focus on your flaws and think that you’re a lost cause. Have you failed before? Good. You are human. God knows that and wants you to move forward. He believes you are able to achieve greatness. Why? Because HE CREATED YOU! God does not create worthless things. And you are greater than just a “thing.” You are HIS!