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To you and everyone else concerned about their body image. I have been battling eating disorders since the fourth grade and I graduate next spring. The best thing that I know has helped me and others is to stop weighing yourself. I haven't looked at the number on the scale since grade seven. To be honest that was the first step I took that helped me get to where I am now, at a healthy point in my life. After you stop obsessing over weighing youself everything comes easier.

abitmischievous replied to your post: i honestly don’t think liam’s tattoo is a ‘D’….idk…

I keep hearing about his tattoo but I can’t find any pictures :|

i just saw a picture of it on twitter but i didn’t save it :(( i’m sorry!! 

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i think it’s a horseshoe

it does kind of look one lol 

 mrshoryne replied to your posti honestly don’t think liam’s tattoo is a ‘D’….idk…

where are these pictures gwidegugbasdc

i saw a pic on twitter but i didn’t save it :( i’m sorry!! 

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I have to go in to see a specialist on Thursday because my breasts are so large and I'm not even 18. I understand why girls want bigger boobs, especially if they're in the AA-BarelyB range but seriously, I'd much rather be a AA than what I am right now. Anything over a C is just plain miserable in my opinion. I was a C in the 6th grade and was known as the school slut because I 'stuffed my bra" :/

holy crap i’m so sorry about that last statement. 

but i completely know how you feel; people say those things to me all the time and its like, you have no idea what its like to have massive boobs.

if you get a reduction, best of luck. i respect you so much, you have no idea. 

you’re beautiful, brave, and probably have endured more than most of us think. 

tell me about your problems on or off anon and i’ll talk to youu

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Okay, I'm sorry, but I was just having this conversation with a tumblr friend, do you realize if that really is a nude picture of Harry that he is undERAGE. That's child pornography my dear!

He’s 18, that’s not underage here in America haha

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Followed - can I get an honest opinion? xoxo

i like the theme, but the colors are too light and i cant see what your links aree.

whoever follows me on twitter (brooke_james10) can get one of these.
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-honest opinion

-ill check out your blog

weeeeeee please do it(: