Line: Abioye

Location: The Netherlands

How long have you been locd?
3 and a half years

What made you decide to loc your hair?

I decided to loc my hair because I live in the Netherlands and I saw all the statues around the country of historical political people, slave traders like Alexander The Great etc who have been murdering and cheating people for ages, people in this country look up to them. From that moment on I decided to grow my locs to be a living statue for my own people showing them how to do good live humble and righteous instead of doing bad. Also people like Bob Marley and friends of mine inspired me to grow my locs too.

Tell me about your clothing line?

Its called Abioye. The name comes from the yoruba tribe in africa and literally means “born into royalty” What i want to tell the people that every body is a king or queen !! A special being of this universe and that its not a coincidence that you are here on this planet : god chose you to be here so live like it !

At the moment i sell tshirts and sweaters with the logo on it. On the logo you see the name abioye and you find 3 adinkra symbols which stand for unity life and battleship in a short time custom designs will come out as well combined with royal cloths like kente.

The people can purchase abioye in various stores in rotterdam (the netherlands) like the gorilli concepts store sober concept store and urban unit. Right now I’m working on the website/webshop when this is ready you can find us on We will also place weekly video items, interviews, and documentaries on the website. Like last week abioye did the first interview with sista Erykah Badu who was here to perform and represent abioye many other kings and queens like her will follow!

Name: Abioye
Nicknames: Abs, Abi, Onee (Only used by Su-mi
Age: 17
Species of monster/mythical creature: Nandi Bear
Eye Color:
Glasses or contacts? No but he actually should be.
Hair color length and style: Short and wiry/curly. A one long section with beads in it.
Weight and height: 6’0” 198 lbs
Type of body (build): He is very large with broad shoulder, long arms, slim waist and shorter legs. He has large muscles and very very strong. Abioye has many features resembling a bear, such as his ears, forearms, hands, and he even has a short tail.
Skin tone and type (i.e., hairy, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily): Dark and hairy
Shape of face: He has a squarish face, square jaw and chin. Also with thick and defined neck.
Distinguishing marks (dimples, moles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): He actually has a tattoo on his right shoulder, with many different tribal signs meaning strength
Predominant feature: His large forearms that are in the form of a bears along with his tattoo

Greatest Strength: His strength 
Greatest Weakness: he is not really fast and lumbers around.
Soft spot: Cute soft things, he really does like stuffed animals.
Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: Not really because he tries to contain those emotions if around others.
Biggest Vulnerability: He is slow, and not very quick on his feet and can easily be caught off guard
Most at ease when: When he is outside in the sun with close friend.
Most ill at ease when: Being contained in a small place  like a cage.
Priorities: Be the ‘good guy’ protecting smaller creatures from being bullied or harmed by larger ones.
Past failure they would be embarrassed to admit: He once was actually captured and tranquilized by hunters, he only remembers that it ended badly for the hunters.
Optimist or pessimist? Why? In between because he keeps an open mind to everything.
Introvert or extrovert? Why? Bit of an introvert, he likes it better with small groups of people

Mother: Tuma
Father: Oni
Siblings: He has two younger brothers, Rashidi and Jabari
Crush: None yet
Friends: Su-mi(He also considers her to be a younger sister)
Enemies: None really except those who abuse others.

Dorm: (The one without elemental abilities, I forgot what it was called)
Roommate: None yet
Night/Day classes?: Day
Most liked subject: Controlling you inner monster
Most hated subject: Elemental classes.
Grade average (A+ - F-): B student just enough to keep him in sports.

Abioye Clothing spent two inspiring days with the lovely, incomparable Ms. Erykah Badu while she visited Amsterdam.  Our staff, Patrick Marcelino (co-founder), Brantley MacDonald, Bouba Dola, and Esperanzah Denswil interviewed her for our upcoming website.  Details on the website and interview coming soon!  

Pictured above:  Ms. Badu, Patrick Marcelino, and Brantley MacDonald

Abioye…born into royalty.