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Can a person truly enjoy an artists work (regardless of medium, i.e. paint, music, writing, dance) without enjoying or liking the artist themselves? Should an artists work be judged independently from the artist? Or does what the artists says, supports, or otherwise does in their personal life have to negatively (or positively) impact how people view their work regardless of how much they liked their work beforehand?

This is a perplexing question I’ve found myself grappling with a lot more recently, and the answer for me is a resounding “I’m not sure”.

I think you absolutely CAN enjoy a work or body of work by an artist whose personal life and politics are problematic, but it sure makes it difficult sometimes.

Earthworm Jim is a cool videogame, but Doug Tennapel despises gay and trans people. H.P. Lovecraft writes some classic horror and was an abhorrent racist. The list goes on. Usually, if personal politics don’t taint the work it’s easier to enjoy it divorced from the creator - but other times you don’t have that choice. In the case of someone like Dave Sim, whose work eventually became lengthy diatribes against women the work itself is problematic BECAUSE of the creator’s input.

But even when the work doesn’t reflect the creator’s personal views, partaking of it raises the question of whether it’s acceptable to support such awful people through consumption of their work. But on the flipside you don’t want to deny yourself something interesting just because the person who made it was an asshole.

So yeah, I don’t actually know. I take it as it comes.

I went to ann arbor ( I used to absolutely love that place)today for the first time in almost two years.  I felt very strong feeling of disgust toward me for walking around pregnant with my 4 year old.  Out of the hundreds of people there, I saw literally one baby and no children at all.  Maybe it was my timing, but I do feel a general abhorrence towards families there.

And seriously there was a family planning clinic in the downstairs of starbucks for christ sake.

If you encounter someone who honestly, truly believes that

  • women are not discriminated against
  • Black people are not discriminated against
  • that the Republican party in its current form is right
  • men “have it worse” than women
  • that rape is anything other than fucking vile and abhorrent and deadly
  • that women, as a blanket group, are inherently bad at certain things

tell them to fuck off, kick them where it hurts, and tell them never to speak to you again.


Titles, and the subsequent language in the article, like this remind me of some of the discussion in Asad’s On Suicide Bombings. Murder is a violent act in all its forms. But what, specifically, invokes emotions such as “abhorrence”, “barbaric” and “depraved” at the killing of one person versus, let’s say, the use of state-sanctioned weapons that destroy communities and cities (e.g. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Iraq, Palestine, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Balkans, Ukraine, etc.) 

What makes a single life’s violent death invoke such visceral emotions that the violent and sudden death of hundreds and thousands do not? Is a beheading inherently more repugnant to N. Atlantic feelings than carpet bombings? Is the person behind a guillotine less conscionable than the person commanding a drone?

Will politicians use the same type of language for how Michael Brown رحمه الله died? Why does this North Atlantic reaction of horror and disgust apply in some circumstances of violent death, but not others? It has to be more than state power, right?



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Dear Black friends in the US, what is being done to you by the police is abhorrent. From my view in Europe it seems surreal, like a dystopian novel but I know you’re living a nightmare, particularly those of you in Ferguson right now. Distance and poor personal economy restricts me from helping much, but I will keep reblogging information and resources on my personal, and for now I can put together a few things here, both for you and your allies:


  • Do not reblog early versions of the “what the fuck is happening in Ferguson” ask post; it contains links to images of Michael Brown’s body and his family has asked not to spread those. Make sure there is an “EDIT” near the end of the second paragraph if you see it & want to reblog it.
  • Keep spreading info, links, pictures from the protests. Do not let this die down. Do not let the police get away with this. 
  • If you are white, this is not about us. We need to be supportive of the people targeted and spread information because our privilege allows us to be seen as compassionate rather than be stereotyped as “angry and oversensitive”.
  • Do not use the term PoC when talking about this - this is anti Black racism; it is Black people being targeted, not people of colour in general.

Stay brave & strong out there, Ferguson. 

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