Carol Corps, I am asking for your help. My province is under severe flooding. South Alberta has been in a state of emergency since Thursday, June 20th. People have lost EVERYTHING, and there is a possibility that the rivers will all rise again.

Can I ask for even a TENTH of the support you gave for Boston? It would mean so much to me.

You can make a donation here http://www.redcross.ca/donate/donate-online/donate-to-the-alberta-floods

and where it says donate corporate, we can enter in Carol Corps. Every little bit helps ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you.


Okay so basically this is down the road from me. This creek is usually about three feet high and about five feet across and here it’s about…. 50ft from where it should be and bout 4ft deep.

All of Southern Alberta is currently underwater and the rain doesn’t really show signs of stopping any time soon. So far my town has been cut off from the highway on either end and on the south side there’s massive flooding onto the Trans-Canada, with houses being torn up. Bragg Creek is apparently even worse and Calgary is also being heavily affected. So, yeah, pretty much the whole of the lower half of AB is swimming. 

At the time being power is fine and there hasn’t been any flooding in my neck of the woods, but I can only assume that the Bow River is reaching capacity as well and it’s not too far off. Mostly I’m concerned for people actually having to deal with flooding, erosion, an landslides. 

As hard as it may be, hope everyone stays safe and dry.

Hey guys. Made it to Phoenix safe and sound. I have my queue up and if I do any blogging it’ll probably be in relation to the flooding.

I hope everyone is safe and sound and that the night bring a lessening of the rain and some better news in the morning

anonymous asked:

So is there like no way out or????????

Nope. The transcanada is literally gone. There’s some side roads in town but I doubt they’re open right now. Like the valley could potentially be destroyed if this water flow continues due to dams breaking.


hurricanespaghetti asked:

sorry to bother you with this question, but i was just wondering like, did something cause the massive flooding? or is it just the result of lots and lots and lots of rain? ive only seen a little about it on my dash i thought i'd just ask

Mmm basically where I’m from it’s a combination of two things. First of all is unexpected rain levels. Normally, the town gets a lot of water during the summer when the snow/ice in the mountains melts so

Snow/ice melt + rain = too much water. Now all the water from our town flows into the Bow River which heads straight to Calgary so Calgary is

Extra water in Bow River + rain = flooding

and that’s what’s up as far as I know.

We’ve never had rain like this, it’s eerie.