Oh Leopard Sneakers How I Love You So...

Oh Leopard Sneakers How I Love You So…

Typical me…. I’m at Target with my hubby last week, and shopping for toilet paper and such… (I always wander off to the clothing + shoe sections)…. AND, that’s when I stumble on these puppies. I’ve been yearning for leopard shoes. It’s the one part of my closet that has felt really empty. I needed some sort of animal print shoe. And here’s where I take the “Man Repeller” stance… When I think of…

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Beanie Chick

In case y’ didn’t know… it’s August… and naturally, it’s around this time of the summer that my mind goes into fall fashion mode. Gahhh — Im really trying to not be SO negative about the summer being over, but it’s QUITE difficult. Dear summer, I love you, and please never leave. 

One thing that I’d like to put emphasis on in my personal style this fall, is being more open to wearing hats. I have…

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